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by Sheila Ortiz Taylor

Witty novel about a lesbian mother with six children, three hundred rabbits, and a relaxed attitude.

Fauna and Family: More Durrell Family Adventures on Corfu

by Gerald Durrell

Fauna and Family, also known as The Garden of the Gods, is the third in Durrell's Corfu trilogy that begins with his beloved classic, My Family and Other Animals and continues with Birds, Beasts and Relatives. In his foreword to Fauna and Family, Durrell confessed that in the first two books, "I had left out a number of incidents and characters that I would have liked to have described, and I have attempted to repair this omission in this book . . . I hope that it might give the same pleasure to its readers as apparently its predecessors have done, as for me it portrays a very important part of my life . . . which is a truly happy and sunlit childhood."


by Johann Wolfgang Goethe W. Daniel Wilson Martin Greenberg

A classic of world literature, Goethe's Faust is a philosophical and poetic drama full of satire, irony, humor, and tragedy. Martin Greenberg re-creates not only the text's varied meter and rhyme but also its diverse tones and styles--dramatic and lyrical, reflective and farcical, pathetic and coarse, colloquial and soaring. His rendition of Faust is the first faithful, readable, and elegantly written translation of Goethe's masterpiece available in English. At last, the Greenberg Faust is available in a single volume, together with a thoroughly updated translation, preface, and notes. "Greenberg has accomplished a magnificent literary feat. He has taken a great German work, until now all but inaccessible to English readers, and made it into a sparkling English poem, full of verve and wit. Greenberg's translation lives; it is done in a modern idiom but with respect for the original text; I found it a joy to read."--Irving Howe (on the earlier edition)

Faust Among Equals

by Tom Holt

The management buy-out of Hell wasn't going quite as well as had been hoped. For a start, there had been that nasty business with the perjurors, and then came the news that the Most Wanted Man in History had escaped, and all just as the plans for the new theme park, EuroBosch, were underway.

Faust I & II

by David E. Wellbery Stuart Atkins Johann Wolfgang Goethe

One of the great classics of European literature, Faust is Goethe's most complex and profound work. To tell the dramatic and tragic story of one man's pact with the Devil in exchange for knowledge and power, Goethe drew from an immense variety of cultural and historical material, and a wealth of poetic and theatrical traditions. What results is a tour de force illustrating Goethe's own moral and artistic development, and a symbolic, cautionary tale of Western humanity striving restlessly and ruthlessly for progress. Capturing the sense, poetic variety, and tonal range of the German original in present-day English, Stuart Atkins's translation presents the formal and rhythmic dexterity of Faust in all its richness and beauty, without recourse to archaisms or interpretive elaborations. Featuring a new introduction by David Wellbery, this Princeton Classics edition of Faust is the definitive English version of a timeless masterpiece.

Faux Taxidermy Knits

by Louise Walker

Faux Taxidermy Knits offers you 15 fabulously quirky and fun knitting patterns that tap into the massive trend for taxidermy inspired craft projects with an ironic twist! Split into two sections, wearables and habitat, this unique book includes knitting patterns from moose and badger wall hangings and tiger rugs, to fox stoles and claw mittens for the modern, young knitter looking for something very different and new to create. The style of the book is very contemporary and fun with modern-retro photography to compliment the quirky nature of the projects. Lousie Walker is a young up and coming UK designer, professional knitter and blogger at

Favaloro. Con el corazón en las manos

by Fernando Boullon

Cualquier biografía sobre René Favaloro es incompleta si, además de susincuestionables aportes médicos, que revolucionaron la cirugíacardiovascular, no se aprecian sus múltiples facetas. Porque el hombredetrás del barbijo y la mesa de cirugía, sus gestos, su actitud con lospacientes, los colegas, los discípulos, incluso sus relacionespersonales, no son menos importantes que su tarea científica.Fernando Boullon nos revela al genio en su mundo, el quirófano, para quepodamos entrar en él y sentirnos un poco parte de ese cosmos tansingular y hasta misterioso.Favaloro. El corazón en las manos nos presenta al cirujano, alinvestigador, al maestro, al hombre comprometido con su sociedad, alluchador incansable, al visionario, y a esa persona que nos mostrósiempre su humor, su simpleza, su humildad, sus miedos y también elenojo y la bronca, cuando eran necesarios.Como sintetiza Guillermo Jaim Etcheverry en su prólogo, el autor "invitaa las nuevas generaciones a descubrir la intimidad de una de las figurasmás destacadas de la medicina y de la sociedad del siglo XX en nuestropaís".

The Favor

by Megan Hart

With characteristic compassion and searing honesty, MEGAN HART weaves a shattering small-town story about what can turn brother against brother, and the kinds of secrets that cannot remain untold.Janelle Decker has happy childhood memories of her grandma's house, and even lived there through high school. Now she's back with her twelve-year-old son to look after her ailing Nan, and hardly anything seems to have changed, not even the Tierney boys next door.Gabriel Tierney, local bad boy. The twins, Michael and Andrew. After everything that happened between the four of them, Janelle is shocked that Gabe still lives in St. Mary's. And he isn't trying very hard to convince Janelle he's changed from the moody teenage boy she once knew. If anything, he seems bent on making sure she has no intentions of rekindling their past.To this day, though there might've been a lot of speculation about her relationship with Gabe, nobody else knows she was there in the woods that day...the day a devastating accident tore the Tierney brothers apart and drove Janelle away. But there are things that even Janelle doesn't know, and as she and Gabe revisit their interrupted romance, she begins to uncover the truth denied to her when she ran away all those years ago.

Favor (Stanley Hastings Mystery #3)

by Parnell Hall

When Sergeant MacAullif of the NYPD asks Stanley Hastings a favor to investigate his son-in-law, Harold Dunleavy in Atlantic City, Stanley reluctantly takes on the case. While investigating, he gets himself into trouble, being indicted for grand larceny and being the prime suspect of two murders.

The Favored Child (Wideacre #2)

by Philippa Gregory

From #1 New York Times bestselling author and "queen of royal fiction" (USA TODAY) Philippa Gregory comes the thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller Wideacre as the once-great Lacey estate is restored to its former grandeur--though not without cost.The Wideacre estate is bankrupt. The villagers are living in poverty and formerly stunning hall is a smoke-blackened ruin. But, in the Dower House nearby, two children are being raised in protected innocence. Equal claimants to the estate, rivals for the love of the village, they are tied by a secret childhood betrothal but forbidden to marry. Only one can be the favored child--only one can inherit the magical understanding between the land and the Lacey family that can make the Sussex village grow green again. Only one can be Beatrice Lacey's true heir. Sensual, gripping, and mystical, The Favored Child irresistibly sweeps the reader into a world of secrets, betrayals, and power in this revolutionary period of English history.

Favorite Brand Name Low-Carb Recipes

by Publications International Ltd.

This cookbook features easy recipes using common ingredients. Great salads, delicious soups, scrumptious desserts and more. ( Nutritional information is included. This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy.

Favorite Celtic Fairy Tales

by Joseph Jacobs

Experience the whimsy, charm and magic of the Celtic imagination in this captivating collection of timeless stories that have enchanted generations of youngsters and adults.Among the eight popular tales included here are "The Fate of the Children of Lir," a haunting narrative of four children turned into swans by a wicked stepmother; "The Shepherd of Myddvai," in which a beautiful woman, risen from the sea, orders her husband-to-be to observe certain rules; and "Beth Gellert," a touching tale of a brave dog that dies after saving a child's life. Five additional stories include "The Tale of Ivan," "Morraha," "The Story of Deirdre," "The Llanfabon Changeling," and "The Sea-Maiden."Reset in large, easy-to-read type, these engaging stories are enhanced by six new illustrations.

Favorite Children's Stories from China & Tibet

by Lotta Carswell-Hume Koon-Chiu Lo

Here is a world where humans and animals switch places, a captivating world where magic can be both good and evil. This is the world of Favorite Children's stories from China and Tibet. These unique stories are fresh and charming, filled with humorous insights into Chinese life and culture, including the power and influence of the moon and the importance of festivals. Some tales, such as "Chinese Cinderella," touch on themes we already know, while all of them sparkle with wit and fantasy.

Favorite Family Meals

by Annabel Karmel

Do you find you are serving the same meals week in and week out? Do you catch yourself staring at the contents of your fridge hoping for inspiration? Do you long for some original ideas to help you cook quick, healthy, and tasty meals for the whole family? Give your family a food makeover: No more picky eaters! No more recipe ruts! Internationally bestselling author and leading authority on feeding children Annabel Karmel offers realistic ways to improve your whole family's diet with her signature fresh, creative, and simple cooking style. Favorite Family Meals is packed with more than 150 mouthwatering and nutritious recipes that are fun to eat--and to make--plus practical tips for saving time and planning ahead. Inside Favorite Family Meals, you'll find: * Shopping lists for the staple ingredients that will help you whip up healthy, delicious meals in no time * Practical advice for making homemade frozen dinners so you don't have to cook every day * Easy-to-follow recipes that you and your kids will want to make together * Tasty and original ways to spruce up school lunch boxes * Irresistible ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that will make you excited to hear your kids say, "I'm hungry!"

Favorite Father Brown Stories

by G. K. Chesterton

Six well-plotted and suspenseful tales by the noted British critic, author and debunker extraordinaire feature the "Little Cleric from Essex" in "The Blue Cross," "The Sins of Prince Saradine," "The Sign of the Broken Sword," "The Man in the Passage," "The Perishing of the Pendragons" and "The Salad of Colonel Cray. "

Favorite Folktales from Around the World

by Jane Yolen

This is a one-volume collection of 160 tales from over 40 cultures and traditions, containing both classics and lesser known tales.

Favorite Norse Myths

by Mary Pope Osborne

A collection of rarely retold tales from the "Elder Edda" and the "Younger Edda", two six-hundred-year-old Norse manuscripts.

Favorite Piano Classics

by Ronald Herder

Pianists at all levels will enjoy having this treasury of the world's best-loved piano pieces in one handy, inexpensive volume. Included are 83 all-time favorites by 40 composers -- from Albéniz to Tchaikovsky -- ready for you to play:Albéniz: Tango in D MajorBeethoven: "Für Elise"; "Moonlight" Sonata (1st movement)Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5Chopin: "Minute" Waltz; Polonaise MilitaireDebussy: Clair de Lune; Golliwogg's Cake WalkDvořák: Humoresque in G-flat MajorJoplin: The Entertainer; Maple Leaf RagLiszt: Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat MajorMacDowell: To a Wild RoseMendelssohn: Spinning SongMozart: Turkish Rondo; Sonata in C MajorRachmaninoff: Prelude in C-sharp MinorRavel: Pavane for a Dead PrincessSaint-Saëns: The SwanSatie: First GymnopédieSchubert: Marche Militaire; SerenadeSchumann: TräumereiStrauss: "On the Beautiful Blue Danube"Tchaikovsky: Chanson Triste... and many, many more.Most of these pieces are brief and well within the technical range of intermediate players. Reproduced from authoritative editions, they offer a wonderful opportunity for pianists to study, practice, and play the world's most beautiful and time-honored compositions.

Favorite Pickles And Relishes

by Andrea Chesman

Basic information on preparing, canning, and freezing pickles and relishes. Contains about 40 recipes.

Favorite Poems of Childhood

by Philip Smith

"This charming volume contains a rich selection of familiar, time-honored poems that have delighted generations of young readers. Culled from the works of a roster of renowned poets, they include such favorites as Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter," Edward Lear's "The Owl and the Pussy-cat," Eugene Field's "Dutch Lullaby" ("Wynken, Blynken, and Nod"), Emily Dickinson's "I'm Nobody! Who are you?," William Blake's "The Tyger," Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Swing" and many more. these works comprise a rich heritage of poetic enjoyment that today's children will delight in discovering and adults will recall with pleasure." This marvelous collection includes: Antigonish Armies in the Fire August Aunt Eliza Barbershop Butter Betty Bought, The Cat of Cats, The Children's Hour, The Cow, The Dinkey-Bird, The Ducks' Ditty Duel, The Dutch Lullaby Eagle, The Eldorado Elf and the Dormouse, The Extremes Fairies, The Field Mouse, The Fisherman, The Flea and a Fly in a Flue, A Frisky Lamb, A Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore Great Fleas Have Little Fleas Holding Hands Hurt No Living Thing I Love Little Pussy I'm Nobody! Who Are You? In the Night Judging by Appearances Land of Nod, The Little Boy Blue Little Elf, The Little Orphant Annie Magician, A Man in the Wilderness, The Mary's Lamb Mayor of Scuttleton, The Minnie and Winnie Moon's the North Wind's Cooky, The Mr. Coggs, Watchmaker Mr. Finney's Turnip Mr. Moon My Shadow November Night Nurse's Song October Only One Mother O Sailor, Come Ashore Owl and the Pussy-cat, The Pantry Ghosts, The Peppery Man, The Purple Cow, The Quangle-Wangle's Hat, The Rhyme of Dorothy Rose, The Sea-Song from the Shore, A Star, The Swing, The Tender-Heartedness Thanksgiving Day There Was a Little Girl There Were Two Ghostesses Three Little Kittens, The Tomorrow's the Fair Tragedy, A Trees (Coleridge) Trees (Kilmer) Tyger, The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Wee Little Worm, A Whango Tree, The What Do We Plant? What Is Pink? Who Has Seen the Wind? Windy Nights Young Lady of Niger, The. "I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. ... Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree" .

Favorite Poems of Childhood

by Philip Smith

Superb treasury of time-honored poetic gems includes Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter," Edward Lear's "The Owl and the Pussy-Cat," Eugene Field's "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," Emily Dickinson's "I'm Nobody! Who are you?," Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Swing," many more. Printed in large, easy-to-read type. Includes 2 selections from the Common Core State Standards Initiative: "The Owl and the Pussycat" and "Who Has Seen the Wind?"

Favorite Poems: William Wordsworth

by William Wordsworth Stanley Applebaum

This Dover edition is a selection of 39 poems by William Wordsworth.

Favorite Russian Fairy Tales

by Arthur Ransome

Russian folk culture is filled with magical stories for children; tales of witches and wizardry, perilous journeys, wise animals, frightful giants, and beautiful princesses. This choice collection presents six of the most popular tales. Some bear a resemblance to the folktales of western Europe, while others introduce exotic creatures and situations unique to the Russian imagination. Among the fanciful characters young readers will encounter in these stories are the legendary Fire-bird; the dulcimer-playing Sadko, whose music could make the Tzar of the Sea dance; the iron-toothed witch Baba Yaga, and many more.British author Arthur Ransome (1884-1967) gathered these authentic tales from peasant storytellers on his journeys to Russia early in the twentieth century. He then retold them in English. This volume reproduces the English versions, reset in large, easy-to-read type, and illustrated with six handsome new drawings.

Favorite Socks

by Ann Budd

Portable, quick to knit, and universally wearable, new knitters have recently been discovering socks in droves, while Interweave Knits magazine has been providing original, beautiful patterns for a decade. Featuring 25 beautiful and timeless sock patterns for every occasion in a range of techniques, traditions, and designs, many of these patterns have become unavailable as original issues of Interweave Knits went out of print, but are available once again in this inspired collection. Highlights include a tutorial for knitting socks on two circular needles, instructions for making resoleable socks, and six completely new designs for those avid knitters who may have every issue of Interweave Knits magazine.

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