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Special Gifts (Cobble Street Cousins #4)

by Cynthia Rylant

The cousins spend their winter vacation learning to sew with their neighbor Mrs. White and making gifts for a special celebration with Aunt Lucy and her boyfriend Michael.

A Special Kind Of Brain: Living With Nonverbal Learning Disability

by Nancy Russell Burger

Sharing the experience of bringing up a child with nonverbal learning disability (NLD), this warm and accessible book offers advice on subjects ranging across diagnosis and therapy, children's interaction with each other, suitable activities for a child with NLD and how to discuss NLD with children. An essential guide, this book will reassure, advise and inform parents and professionals who work with children with NLD.

Special Ops (Brotherhood of War, Book 9)

by W. E. B. Griffin

November 1964, Che Fuevara enters the Congo with 200 men, intent on taking his first step toward world revolution. The Green Berets are sent in...

Special Ops Exclusive

by Elle Kennedy

A wanted man meets his matchIn the midst of revolution, about to be trampled by a rioting mob, star journalist Rebecca Parker won't give up on a story-even when a sexy military man literally sweeps her off her feet to safety. Nick Prescott is a hot number, hot copy and a bad liar. Who is he? Who needs him dead? How is he tied to a sinister government plot? By teaming up with Nick to uncover the truth, the red-haired spitfire puts her own life in danger. Ignoring his warnings to walk away, Rebecca proves she does what she wants...but does she get the love that she needs?

Special Parents, Special Children

by Joanne E. Bernstein Bryna J. Fireside

Written for children in the middle grades, this book explores what it is like to grow up with parents who have disabilities. Four families in which one or more parent has a disability are profiled. In one, both parents are deaf, and in another, both have achondroplastic dwarfism. In one family the father uses a wheelchair, and in another the father is blind. Overall, the book is upbeat and informative.

A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter

by Peter Straub

A rumination on the nature of evil, the story centers on a boy, Keith Hayward, who is drawn by his nature to an irresistible fascination with death and the taking of life. His father's brother, the good-looking, suave Uncle Till--the infamous Ladykiller, who has led a shadowy career as a local celebrity--recognizes his nephew's innermost nature and gleefully tutors him in art of doing ill without getting caught. Even a cold-blooded sociopath must learn some lessons in survival, it seems, and Uncle Till is only happy to provide a tutorial.

The Special Prisoner

by Jim Lehrer

Following the enormous success of his two bestselling previous novels, White Widow and Purple Dots, Jim Lehrer takes on a new and controversial subject in this ambitious story about an American soldier who, many years after the fact, is forced to relive his harrowing experience in the Second World War. The Special Prisoner takes its title from the designation the Japanese government gave U.S. airmen held prisoner during World War II--an indication of the severity with which these foreign devils responsible for bombing Japanese cities were to be treated. John Quincy Watson was a skilled young pilot flying B-29s over Japan when he was shot down and taken prisoner in 1945. Fifty years later, now a prominent religious figure nearing retirement, Bishop Watson believes he has long since overcome the excruciating memories of his months as a POW. But a chance sighting of the now equally elderly Japanese officer who repeatedly tortured him instantly transports the Bishop back to that unendurable time, and he finds himself overwhelmed by an uncontrollable desire for vengeance. The result for Watson is both a vivid return to the horrors of his past and the triggering of a new series of events that are also horrific--and tragic. Engaging and emotionally poignant, The Special Prisoner delves into the complicated issue of war guilt and forgiveness, starkly portrayed in the characters of an officer from a country that refuses to admit any wrongdoing and a clergyman who is committed to a belief that to forgive is divine. This is new and controversial territory for Lehrer, and he treats it with passion and respect, while writing in the highly readable, engaging style that is his trademark. This fascinating story of what's fair in war--and what's fair afterward--is a dramatic new novel from the veteran Washington author and newscaster.

A Special Providence

by Richard Yates

Robert Prentice has spent all his life attempting to escape his mother's stifling presence. His mother, Alice, for her part, struggles with her own demons as she attempts to realize her dreams of prosperity and success as a sculptor. As Robert goes off to fight in Europe, hoping to become his own man, Richard Yates portrays a soldier in the depths of war striving to live up to his heroic ideals. With haunting clarity, Yates crafts an unforgettable portrait of two people who cannot help but hope for more even as life challenges them both.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Special Providence

by Walter Russell Mead

From one of our leading experts on foreign policy, a full-scale reinterpretation of America's dealings--from its earliest days--with the rest of the world.It is Walter Russell Mead's thesis that the United States, by any standard, has had a more successful foreign policy than any of the other great powers that we have faced--and faced down. Beginning as an isolated string of settlements at the edge of the known world, this country--in two centuries--drove the French and the Spanish out of North America; forced Britain, then the world's greatest empire, to respect American interests; dominated coalitions that defeated German and Japanese bids for world power; replaced the tottering British Empire with a more flexible and dynamic global system built on American power; triumphed in the Cold War; and exported its language, culture, currency, and political values throughout the world.Yet despite, and often because of, this success, both Americans and foreigners over the decades have routinely considered American foreign policy to be amateurish and blundering, a political backwater and an intellectual wasteland.Now, in this provocative study, Mead revisits our history to counter these appraisals. He attributes this unprecedented success (as well as recurring problems) to the interplay of four schools of thought, each with deep roots in domestic politics and each characterized by a central focus or concern, that have shaped our foreign policy debates since the American Revolution--the Hamiltonian: the protection of commerce; the Jef-fersonian: the maintenance of our democratic system; the Jacksonian: populist values and military might; and the Wilsonian: moral principle. And he delineates the ways in which they have continually, and for the most part beneficially, informed the intellectual and political bases of our success as a world power. These four schools, says Mead, are as vital today as they were two hundred years ago, and they can and should guide the nation through the challenges ahead.Special Providence is a brilliant analysis, certain to influence the way America thinks about its national past, its future, and the rest of the world.

A Special Relationship

by Douglas Kennedy

About an hour after I met Tony Hobbs, he saved my life. Thirty-seven-year-old American journalist Sally Goodchild quite literally married her hero. Both foreign correspondents, both on assignment in Cairo, they quickly fell in love and settled into domestic life in London. From the outset, Sally's relationship with both Tony and his hometown was an uneasy one--as she found both to be far more unfamiliar than imagined. But her adjustment problems are soon overshadowed by a troubled pregnancy. When she goes into premature labor, there are doubts whether her child will survive unscathed. And then, out of nowhere, Sally is hit by an appalling postpartum depression--a descent into a temporary, but very personal hell, which even sees her articulating a homicidal thought against her baby. However, when she does manage to extricate herself from this desperate state, she finds herself in a fresh new nightmare, as she discovers that the man she thought knew her better than anyone--loved her more than anyone--now considers her an unfit mother and wants to bar her from ever seeing her child again.

A Special Something

by Barbara Delinsky

Romance by best-selling author

A Special Thank You: Junior Discovers Integrity

by Dave Ramsey Marshall Ramsey

Junior, Billy, Amber and Michele take off after school to go get some Brain Chillers. When Junior stands up, he sees something shiny in the grass. Money! Now what do the three kids do with it? They first head out to the toy store but then the guilt begins to set in. The question becomes do they keep the toys they bought with the found money, or do they do THE RIGHT THING? A great lesson for kids.

The Specialist

by Rhonda Nelson

When you're this good, they call you The Specialist. . . And Major Brian Payne is that good. Whether it's in battle or in the bedroom, there's nobody more detail oriented. And that's the reason he's on this wild-goose chase, to find a priceless military antique-before the competition does. He's sure he can handle it. . . until he discovers the competition is smart, saucy Emma Langsford-a woman he'd definitely like to get his hands on. . . . Emma's years in the military have taught her Brian Payne is a legend. He's also way out of her league, regardless of how many fantasies he's inspired over the years. But Emma has a job to do-and she has to pull it off. So if The Specialist gets in her way, she'll just have to distract him. . . .

Specialites de la Maison

by American Friends Of France Christine Schwartz Hartley

A certain widely-travelled New Yorker, a gourmet who sometimes prepares his own dishes, was recently asked his opinion of SpÉcialitÉs de la Maison, issued by the American Friends of France. His reply: "I enjoyed it tremendously because it is a sort of travelogue of cuisine compounded by a number of gay and intelligent people who have made their mark in the world, and who evidently have a wholesome respect for the pleasures of the table. To me it is valuable for those dread moments when the stove looks cold and uncooperative, the muse of inspiration is mute, and the guests are determined to arrive at a quarter before eight." -from SpÉcialitÉs de la Maison, 1949 edition First published in 1940, SpÉcialitÉs de la Maison presents a diverse collection of recipes by Hollywood and Broadway celebrities, renowned socialites, noteworthy writers, members of the royalty, famous couturiers, and restaurateurs. With original illustrations by Clement Hurd, Alajalov, and Jean PagÈs, and a new foreword by Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, this charming facsimile edition is an enlightening and entertaining illustration of what the wealthy and famous cooked when eating en famille. The busy host or hostess will appreciate that the recipes are easy, short, no-fuss, and truly fun to make-not to mention tasty conversation starters. Bon appÉtit!

The Specialty of the House

by Stanley Ellin

In a quaint old restaurant, a chef relies on a devilish secret ingredient In Sbirro's restaurant, there is no electric lighting, no music, and no menu. The only sound is the contented sighs of the regulars, who come every night in hopes that Sbirro will treat them to his signature dish, the famed lamb Amirstan, which comes from a beast so rare, only Sbirro knows how to obtain it. Tonight, two diners at this spectacular relic of a forgotten age will find that lamb Amirstan costs more than they are willing to pay. "The Specialty of the House" was the first story published by Stanley Ellin, who would go on to become one of the great short fiction authors of the twentieth century. From crime to horror to grim tragedy, every story in this collection is as delectable as a cut of meat prepared by Sbirro himself.


by Yvonne Navarro

A genetically-engineered being that can take any form challenges those who created it.

Spectacular Science: A Book of Poems

by Lee Bennett Hopkins

A collection of poems about science by a variety of poets, including Carl Sandburg, Valerie Worth, and David McCord.

Spectacular Spiders

by Linda Glaser

Describes, in simple text the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of the garden spider.

The Spectator Bird

by Wallace Stegner

Joe Allston is a retired literary agent. His parents and only son are dead. He passes through his life passively, feeling like a spectator. Upon reviewing old journals of a trip he took to his mother's birthplace, his outlook on life changes.

The Specter

by Joan Lowery Nixon

Chilling suspense from a three-time Edgar Award winner. Seventeen-year-old Dina has cancer and is angry at the whole world. Nothing can distract her, until Julie, a car accident survivor, becomes her hospital roommate. Julie fears someone is trying to kill her and she won't leave Dina's sight. And Dina wonders if, by befriending Julie, she's made herself a killer's target. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Specter (Seal Team Seven, #2)

by Keith Douglass

Third Platoon, SEAL Team Seven, is just recovering from a secret intelligence-gathering mission in Croatia and Bosnia that was supposed to have been a quick sneak-and-peek, but turned out to be a massive firefight from which they barely escaped with their lives, when a Greek jet, carrying a U.S. congresswoman is hijacked. After some intelligence-gathering, it is discovered that the congresswoman and her staff are being held in a medieval castle in Macedonia and Third Platoon is preparing for another mission, a hostage rescue, into the war-torn Balkans.

The Spectral Blaze (Brotherhood of the Griffon #3)

by Richard Lee Byers

Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon have succeeded in rescuing Tchazzar, the lost king of Chessenta and a formidable red dragon, and are rewarded with a contract to aid in his war with a powerful dracolich. But the more Aoth sees of the war, the more suspicious he becomes that the Brotherhood may be just a pawn in a cutthroat draconic game that puts whole kingdoms at risk--a game played for stakes of gold and blood. And the more he sees the game play out, the more he realizes that he will have to become a player in this most dangerous of games if he wants the Realms to remain free.From the Paperback edition.

The Spectral Tarsier

by Sharon L. Gursky

Part of Prentice Hall's Primate Field Studies series.The Spectral Tarier shares the results of long-term field study by Sharon L. Gursky with a broad audience.

The Spectral Tide

by Eric Mills

Now, for the first time, comes a long-overdue book that presents all of the U.S. Navy's rich cargo of paranormal phenomena. There is the great Stephen Decatur, whose mournful apparition still stalks the halls of his famous home, said to be one of the most haunted spots in Washington, D.C. USS The Sullivans, now a floating museum, is the source of much disturbing spectral activity--poltergeists opening locks, hurling objects, and turning on radar that's no longer under electrical power. Then there are the repeated sightings of the handsome USS Lexington ghost, 'polite. . .kind. . .smartly dressed in a summer white Navy uniform.' From translucent sails to phantom crews, from a flaming ghost ship to the infamous psychic anomaly at the U.S. Naval Academy to battleships where the dead still linger, this book offers no less than a haunted history of the U.S. Navy.

Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 3

by Carson-Dellosa Publishing Staff Spectrum Staff

Test with success using Spectrum Language Arts for grade 3! The four-part lessons encourage creativity and strengthen writers by focusing on sentence types, mechanics, and subject-verb agreement. The book features easy-to-understand directions and includes an answer key, a writer's handbook, and helpful writing tips. Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the skills required for school achievement and success on proficiency tests. This 176-page book aligns with state and national standards, is perfect for use at home or in school, and is favored by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

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