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The Panther Mystery (Boxcar Children #66)

by Gertrude Chandler Warner Charles Tang

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar. Now they have a home with their grandfather, and they are going to visit Florida. The Aldens travel to Everglades National Park to help find one of Grandfather's friends. Andrew Beldon, a park ranger, has been missing for several days. Yet, everyone the Aldens question seems angry and secretive instead of worried. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are determined to solve this mystery, even if it means following Andrew's trail deep into the spooky Everglades.

Panther on the Prowl

by Nancy Morse

Rennie Hollander ran from her loveless engagement-straight into the heart of darkness. Under storm-filled skies, her plane went down and she awoke temporarily blinded-and in the arms of a mysterious stranger....From the moment John Panther took the wounded beauty into his home to heal, he knew his heart was in danger. Rennie needed him like no other, fueling his desire to protect-and to love. The rugged Native American loner knew the stakes were high, for his sorrow stalked him like the powerful panther that had once killed his bride. Now the only thing that kept John from Rennie's loving arms was the desire to avenge the past. And only time would tell if love would heal him-or destroy him forever....


by Laura Lam

R.H. Ragona's Circus of Magic is the greatest circus of Ellada. Nestled among the glowing blue Penglass - remnants of a mysterious civilisation long gone - are wonders beyond the wildest imagination. It's a place where anything seems possible, where if you close your eyes you can believe that the magic and knowledge of the vanished Chimeras is still there. It's a place where anyone can hide.Iphigenia Laurus, or Gene, the daughter of a noble family, is uncomfortable in corsets and crinoline, and prefers climbing trees to debutante balls. Micah Grey, a runaway living on the streets, joins the circus as an aerialist's apprentice and soon becomes the circus's rising star. But Gene and Micah have balancing acts of their own to perform, and a secret in their blood that could unlock the mysteries of Ellada.

The Pantry Cookbook: How To Cook Nutritious Meals From Scratch, On A Budget, When Time Is Short

by Michelle Clay

The Pantry Cookbook: how to cook nutritious meals from scratch, on a budget, when time is short. The American diet is all too often a mishmash of pre-made, mass-produced foods which are expensive, high in calories, and low in nutrients. The popular alternative, gourmet cooking, makes all home cooking appear to take long, and involve expensive, intimidating ingredients. But home cooking doesn't have to be this way. In the Pantry Cookbook, you will learn fundamental recipes and cooking techniques that allow you to whip up nutritious, cheap meals, from scratch, in a minimum of time. This is a user-friendly textbook for beginning cooks, a reference for those who wish to rely less on canned soup and instant side-dishes, and a resource for those who already know how to cook a few things but wish to have a more solid foundation of cooking skills. The Pantry Cookbook has over 130 recipes, including basics like hard-boiled eggs, baked chicken, boiled beans, boiled grain, and sautéed vegetables; classics like beef stew, borscht, and pulled pork; and "Quick Recipes" that can be put together in thirty minutes on a weeknight using ingredients prepared on a weekend. Additional features include shopping lists and menus for a week's worth of meals, an extensive list of substitutions, boxed lunch suggestions, kitchen safety information, money-saving tips, spice mix recipes, ideas for feeding toddlers and other picky eaters, and a complete Thanksgiving menu. The Pantry Cookbook is also a fund raising tool! Instead of a standard copyright, the Pantry Cookbook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribute which allows non-profit organizations to publish, sell, and collect royalties on the book, so long as the profits are used to support programs that address hunger or nutrition issues.

The Pants Project

by Cat Clarke

"My name is Liv (Not Olivia)... I'm not technically a girl.I'm Transgender. Which is a bit like being a transformer. Only not quite as cool because I probably won't get to save the world one day."Liv knows he was always meant to be a boy, but with his new school's terrible dress code, he can't even wear pants. Only skirts.Operation: Pants Project begins! The only way for Liv to get what he wants is to go after it himself. But to Liv, this isn't just a mission to change the policy—it's a mission to change his life. And that's a pretty big deal.

Panyasathi Dahi Disha

by Baba Bhand

There was no proper rain for three years. The situation in the village was worst. There was very less water and the villagers were facing a lot of problems without water. The rainfall had reduced and there was a famine like situation.

Panzer Divisions 1944-45

by Pier Battistelli

The period 1944-45 was one of change for the Panzer Divisions. In summer 1944 the new-type Panzer Division was introduced with a reduction in the number of tanks, a change that was mainly seen in North-West Europe. On the Eastern Front, where the bulk of the Panzer Divisions were still employed, the organizational changes were introduced only slowly, mainly during periods of rest and refit. In 1945 the division was again reorganized with a reduced strength to reflect the deteriorating German manufacturing capability and to incorporate news weapons such as the Panther (Mark V).This volume provides a detailed examination on the late-war changes to the German Army Panzer forces and the formation of new units, from the collapse on the Eastern Front, through operations on the Western Front in Normandy and the Ardennes, to the final battle for Berlin in 1945. The major organizational changes that took place in this intensive period are examined, together with the adaptation of German armored doctrine, tactics, and the command system. Details of unit histories and operations, illustrated in color maps, are also provided in this packed treatment.

Panzer Divisions: The Blitzkrieg Years 1939-40

by Pier Battistelli

At the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, Germany's armored forces - the Panzerwaffe - were still in their infancy. The restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles meant that German tank development had to be conducted in secret. Initial armor campaigns in Poland were not completely successful and changes were needed before the invasion of France.This book examines the organizational changes, developments in doctrine and tactics, and improved command and control that provided the basis for the spectacular success of the Panzer divisions in 1940. Although the Panzerwaffe was still largely inferior to its enemies in terms of both tank numbers and quality, it effectively adapted and developed those doctrines and principles of warfare that had shaped German fighting since the 19th century. Achieving tactical and operational surprise, the Panzer divisions succeeded in breaking through enemy defences in the Ardennes and enveloping a large number of hostile forces at Dunkirk. The legend of the Blitzkrieg was born.

Panzer Divisions: The Eastern Front 1941-43

by Pier Battistelli

On June 22, 1941 when Germany attacked the Soviet Union, her Panzer divisions were to play a major role in this titanic struggle. At its peak, 19 out of the 21 existing Panzer Divisions were deployed against the Soviets. Although overwhelmed by Soviet numbers, the superior skill and capability of the German Panzer divisions meant that in three months the Germans, with the Panzers as their spearhead had advanced deep into Soviet territory, inflicting terrible losses on the Soviets. However, after these initial successes the German offensive began to falter, culminating in the disastrous defeat at Kursk.In this book, the organizational history of the Panzer divisions is covered, from the early successes of 1941 through to the dramatic re-organization of the Panzer Divisions and the introduction of revised Blitzkrieg tactics as the war began to turn and the Panzer divisions experienced their first taste of defeat. Pier Paolo Battistellii examines the impact of the introduction of the Panther tank shortly before the final failure at Kursk, and goes on to explain the evolution of German armored doctrine, tactics and the command system, providing a detailed overview of the major combat actions of the Panzer Divisions on the Eastern Front.

Panzer II vs 7TP

by Richard Chasemore David Higgins

Hitler's lightning invasion of Poland in 1939 was the real beginning of World War II in Europe. This was the period when armored warfare inscribed itself into global consciousness as the Poles desperately sought to stave off the Blitzkrieg. At the heart of the fighting on the ground, large numbers of Nazi Germany's PzKpfw II battled against Poland's better-armed but much less numerous 7TP tank. The two types both possessed unique strengths and weaknesses - the PzKpfw II was blessed with radio which the 7TP was not, which proved critical for command and control purposes in the heat of combat. But the German tank was blighted by thin armor, which could not withstand Polish gunfire at combat ranges. This fully illustrated, detailed work evaluates these strengths and weaknesses, comparing opponents and exploring the clashes between these armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) in the context of the invasion of Poland.

Panzer Operations: The Eastern Front Memoir of General Raus, 1941-1945

by Erhard Raus

German general Erhard Raus was one of the most talented commanders to fight on the Eastern Front in Russia, where he was eventually appointed to army group command in early 1945.<P><P> By the time the war ended, Raus had established a reputation as one of the German army's foremost tacticians of armored warfare, which made him a prized capture by U. S. Army intelligence. In American captivity, Raus wrote a detailed memoir of his service in Russia. His battlefield experience and keen tactical eye makes his memoir especially valuable. The Raus memoir-now translated, compiled, and edited by prominent World War II historian Steven H. Newton-covers the Russian campaign from the first day of the war to his being relieved of his command at Hitler's order in the spring of 1945. It includes a detailed examination of Raus's 6th Panzer Division's drive to Leningrad, his experiences in the Soviet winter counteroffensive around Moscow, the unsuccessful attempt to relieve Stalingrad and the final desperate battles inside Germany at the end of the war.

Papa Francisco

by The Wall Street Journal

Em 13 de março, os cardeais da Igreja Católica, reunidos para eleger um sucessor de um Papa ainda vivo pela primeira vez em 600 anos, anunciaram uma mudança dramática. Ao eleger o cardeal Jorge Mario Bergoglio da Argentina como Papa Francisco 266°, os cardeais nomeavam o primeiro Papa do emergente Novo Mundo em toda história, para assumir a liderança da Igreja em um momento crucial. Esta foi uma mudança impressionante feita por uma instituição de 2000 anos de idade que tem imensa influência -- com 1.2 bilhões de seguidores em todo mundo -- e enormes problemas, incluindo um escândalo de abuso sexual que perdura por uma década e abalou a fé na instituição, escassez de padres e tendências seculares, que fizeram a Igreja perder membros e colocaram à prova sua relevância em um mundo em transformação. Desde a surpreendente decisão do Papa Bento XVI de se aposentar, até a apresentação do Papa Francisco, das tranquilas ruas de bairro de Buenos Aires até a primeira fila da praça de São Pedro, os repórteres do Wall Street Journal registraram essas dramáticas semanas na vida da mais antiga instituição do mundo. Agora, em um novo e-book, os repórteres do Journal irão apresentar uma biografia detalhada, original e oportuna do novo Papa Francisco, bem como novas visões das negociações e do drama que cercaram sua acensão. Papa Francisco irá apresentar a história completa e aprofundada da mudança de direção da Igreja e do homem encarregado de liderá-la, e analisar como o Papa Francisco poderá lidar com anos de escândalo e deficiência, enquanto lidera os católicos de todo o mundo em direção a uma fé mais profunda. The Wall Street Journal é o maior jornal dos Estados Unidos, considerando a circulação média total, com quase 2.3 milhões de assinantes e 36 milhões de visitantes digitais de todo o mundo por mês. Nos últimos anos, o Journal expandiu o seu conteúdo central para incluir a cobertura de arte, cultura, estilo de vida, esportes e saúde, tendo como base sua tradição como fonte principal de notícias financeiras e de negócios. Como uma das maiores operações de captação de notícias do mundo com 2.000 jornalistas em mais de 50 países, a franquia Journal abrange atualmente oito edições em 11 línguas, envolvendo leitores através de jornais, websites, revistas, mídia social e vídeos. O Journal detém 34 prêmios Pulitzer pela sua excelência em jornalismo.

Papa John: The Autobiography Of John Phillips

by John Phillips Jim Jerome

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n ' roll. It was the anthem of the sixties. The psychedelic code by which many lived --and died. And John Phillips, legendary founder and songwriter of the Mamas and the Papas, experienced it all. Now Phillips takes us on a dizzying roller-coaster ride from stardom in L.A. to drug busts in the Big Apple. In an intimate, gritty, all- too-true self-portrait, he offers a startling, reflective look at the turbulent sixties and beyond.

Papá, mamá, ¡dejadme tiempo para mi!

by Etty Buzyn

En la actualidad, los niños están sometidos a una estimulación intensa, un exceso de información y una avalancha de actividades extraescolares. Esta sobrecarga, que tiene por objetivo convertirlos en adultos extremadamente capaces, se traduce en una falta de iniciativa para soñar e inventar. Sin embargo, es esencial que los niños disfruten de momentos de ocio, pues estos les ayudan a expresar sus deseos y estimulan su creatividad. * ¿Por qué es tan necesario el juego? * ¿En qué sentido es constructiva la inactividad? * ¿Cómo benefician al niño los momentos de «aburrimiento»? * ¿Qué lugar deben ocupar la televisión y los videojuegos en su tiempo libre? * ¿Hasta qué punto deben tener libertad para elegir sus aficiones? Etty Buzyn, psicóloga clínica y psicoterapeuta, expone las razones por las que el exceso de actividad merma la riqueza de la imaginación, que es determinante para «la creatividad y, por lo tanto, para la adaptación y la innovación». Por ello, los niños deben disponer de tiempo libre para soñar y, así, el día de mañana no verse tentados a quedarse al margen de la sociedad ni convertirse en adultos que se sientan atados por las normas.

The Papa Prayer

by Larry Crabb

Something new and exciting happened when Dr. Larry Crabb began practicing the four steps of what the calls the PAPA prayer--a revolutionary conversational approach to talking with and enjoying God. In this book, Crabb shares his experience and encourages readers to be drawn into their own journey of prayer.

Paparazzi Princess (Secrets of My Hollywood Life #4)

by Jen Calonita

As the last season of Family Affair comes to a close, primetime teen star Kaitlin Burke is no closer to deciding what's next after the show ends, even with cast of opinionated family members and staff who all think they know what's best for her. What's a starlet to do when she has the world at her French-pedicured feet and can't decide her next move? Struggling with career choices and despondent over a ridiculous catfight with her BFF Liz, Kaitlin falls in with two of Hollywood's biggest party fiends when one of them asks her "Don't you ever do what you want to do?" But being at the center of the Tinsel town nightlife circuit might just be the downfall of Kaitlin's reputation, relationships with friends and family... and her career.


by Marcela Paz

Papelucho es un niño curioso que tiene ideas geniales para no aburrirse. Sus ocurrencias -preparar un sándwich para un ratón goloso, adiestrar moscas mensajeras, montar un criadero de jaibas o crear la revista Chistelandia, entre muchas otras- son a veces incomprendidas por los adultos. Este diario es el primero de la exitosa serie creada por Marcela Paz, y nos introduce en la asombrosa imaginación y el corazón bondadoso de este niño de ocho años.

Papelucho casi huérfano

by Marcela Paz

«No había escrito mi diario de la rabia que tengo y de la pena. Resulta que mi papá y mi mamá se fueron a Estados Unidos y a mí me dejaron con la tía Rosarito en el campo. Así que ahora soy casi huérfano.» Papelucho vuelve a escribir su diario porque se siente solo y molesto, mientras espera el regreso de su familia primero en el campo y luego en la parroquia con el señor cura. Pero eso no le impide entretenerse ni que se le ocurran un montón de buenas ideas, como conseguir dinero para comprar regalos de Navidad a los trabajadores del fundo y encontrar un novio para su maestra, la señorita Mafalda.

Papelucho detective

by Marcela Paz

Tras estar detenido "por pura fatalidad", Papelucho decide ser detective. En una extensa carta a su mamá relata sus aventuras junto a su amigo Chirigüe: una pelea que termina en un supuesto asesinato, su secuestro por parte de unos delincuentes y una guagua llorona a la que tiene que consolar. Marcela Paz nos sorprende nuevamente con el diario de Papelucho, este niño dueño de una gran capacidad para expresar sus sentimientos e intenciones solidarias.

Papelucho en la clínica

by Marcela Paz

Mientras su mamá y su hermanita recién nacida duermen en la clínica, a Papelucho le ocurren una serie de aventuras: se hace amigo de un niño enfermo, juegan a intercambiarse las identidades y al pobre Papelucho lo confunden con él y operan por error. También se hace amigo de un anciano, quien lo quiere como a un nieto y le dará una gran sorpresa. Y además, Papelucho se transforma en un héroe, al salvar a su hermanita en un terremoto.

Papelucho en vacaciones

by Marcela Paz

Las vacaciones en familia pueden llegar a ser toda una aventura. Así le ocurre a Papelucho cuando al acampar en el sur de Chile comienza a seguir unas luces pensando que son los focos de un auto. Para su sorpresa se hallará con los ojos brillantes de una "culebra". Este animalito se convertirá en un nuevo amigo con el que visitará, entre otros lugares, un cementerio de ciervos, el castillo de la isla Mancera y la ruca de una familia mapuche.

Papelucho historiador

by Marcela Paz

Papelucho decide escribir su propia versión de la historia de Chile, en la que él es su protagonista. Para aprender la historia de Chile, desde el descubrimiento de América hasta la batalla de Maipú, Papelucho se propone escribirla él mismo. Mientras lo hace, imagina y sueña que viaja en las carabelas junto a Colón, monta el caballo blanco del toqui Lautaro, se baña en el río Mapocho con Pedro de Valdivia y recorre las plazas acompañando a los patriotas. Papelucho se asombra de la valentía de los héroes de la Independencia, valora los pueblos indígenas y recorre la herencia que hemos recibido de ellos.

Papelucho. Mi hermana Ji

by Marcela Paz

"Yo quería una hermana menor, para poder mandarla. Pero ahora que la tengo, me arrepiento. Es completamente fatal?Tengo que llevarme todo el día haciéndola aparecer. Porque mi hermana Ji es lo más desaparecida que hay, y también es creída." Papelucho se ha trasformado en el guardián de su hermanita. Es el único que, cada vez que la Ji desaparece o juega a ser otra persona, puede descubrir adónde se ha ido. Entonces, analiza las pistas que los demás ignoran y logra dar con ella entre las flores del jardín, en el techo de la casa o en la fuente de la plaza buscando sapos. Papelucho nació hace 60 años. Su madre, Marcela Paz, sintió la imperiosa necesidad de crear un personaje que representara a un niño, o niña, con el que otros niños pudieran identificarse y reconocer en él sus propias experiencias e intereses. Al mismo tiempo, quiso dar vida a un personaje a través del cual los padres pudieran comprender cómo sus hijos e hijas se cuestionan y explican el mundo. Papelucho tiene 9 años, es curioso, tiene una exquisita frescura para ver y entender el mundo, es inquieto, imaginativo, soñador, ingenioso y muy crítico para interpretar y explicarse las reacciones de los adultos.

Papelucho. Mi hermano hippie

by Marcela Paz

El hermano mayor de Papelucho volvió de vacaciones vestido de hippie y en la casa nadie parece aceptarlo: el papá se tira las mechas, la mamá se desmaya, la Domi se queda «putrefacta» y la Ji no para de reír. Ante la sorpresa de su familia, el hermano se escapa y Papelucho decide seguirle los pasos. Con ingenio y buen humor, Papelucho vivirá increíbles aventuras para dar con el paradero de su hermano hippie.

Papelucho misionero

by Marcela Paz

Luego de apagar un incendio con el colchón de la Domi, Papelucho ha descubierto cuál es su vocación en la vida: ser bombero. Sin embargo, sus planes cambian inesperadamente cuando viaja junto a su familia a África, donde además de maravillarse con un paisaje exótico, decide ser misionero y convertir a sus habitantes al cristianismo. Acompañado de un nuevo amigo y de un pequeño gorila, Papelucho se aventura en la selva donde conocerá a una tribu de caníbales y a unos contrabandistas de diamantes que harán lo imposible para mantener en secreto sus malévolos planes.

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