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Culture Smart! Chile

by Caterina Perrone

After an initial description of its varied and dramatic geography, Culture Smart! Chile focuses on the people, whose ancestors include warlike Indians, ambitious conquistadors, and desperate migrants. It describes the core values of Chilean society, in particular the key roles of family, class, and solidarity. It discusses how Chileans relate to each other and establish friendships, explores their attitude toward foreigners, and provides useful tips to help you make the best of your stay. For those visiting on business, there are vital insights into business practices and negotiating style. Finally, it reveals two striking aspects of Chilean culture: the pleasures of Chilean food and the daunting originality of Chilean Spanish. Culture Smart! Chile will introduce you to the often surprising charms of a multifaceted and fascinating society.

Culture Smart! Cuba

by Mandy Macdonald

Cuba is a great deal more than its controversial system of government. It is physically beautiful and seductive, and it has a rich and ever-evolving culture that existed long before the revolution of 1959 and will certainly long outlive it. The Cuban people are tough, resilient, egalitarian, and pathologically sociable. At the same time they can be opinionated, self-dramatizing, and sometimes infuriating or exhausting to be with. But they are always generous-spirited and invigorating. In Culture Smart! Cuba, we aim to help you get to know them better.

Culture Smart! Denmark

by Mark Salmon

Culture Smart! Denmark provides priceless nuggets of cultural information on Denmark not found in a standard guidebook. Whether you are looking to secure a business deal, enrich your travels, or simply better understand Denmark, its people and customs, Culture Smart! provides the information in a clear and highly readable guide. Rather than get bogged down with where to stay, where to eat, and where to go; provide yourself with the knowledge of what makes the country tick and experience Denmark as a local.

Culture Smart! Finland

by Terttu Leney

Avoid being offended, or worse offending Finland locals, instead familiarise yourself with local customs and cultures by reading Culture Smart! Finland. This handy, pocket-sized book will help you to ease your way into a different culture and will assist you in making sure you don't develop incorrect stereotypes. Good preparation can go a long way in readying yourself for your journey. Whether you are setting off to Finland in order to travel, learn, work or relocate, Culture Smart! will provide you with a wealth of information on everything from climate, population, doing business, nightlife and so much more. Culture Smart! Finland offers an in-depth insight to the customs and cultures of Finland, an area where many other guidebooks only scratch the surface.

Culture Smart! India

by Nicki Grihault

Culture Smart! provides priceless nuggets of cultural information on India not found in a standard guidebook. Whether you are looking to secure a business deal, enrich your travels, or simply better understand India, its people and customs, Culture Smart! provides the information in a clear and highly readable guide. Rather than get bogged down with where to stay, where to eat, and where to go; provide yourself with the knowledge of what makes the country tick and experience India as a local.

Culture Smart! Indonesia

by Graham Saunders

Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit, whether on business or for pleasure, into a memorable and enriching experience.

Culture Smart! Iran

by Stuart Williams

This book aims to show how life in Iran really is and how visitors can feel comfortable in its society. It explains the basic culture of a country full of surprises. Despite Iran's deep commitment to Islam, the pre-Islamic Zoroastrian past is still part of everyday life. Its language, Farsi, shares the same linguistic roots as English or French. It is a country where one of the more genuine democracies in the Middle East is overlaid by an unelected theocracy. And where "no thank you" really does sometimes mean "yes please."

Culture Smart! Kenya

by Jane Barsby

Culture Smart Kenya! is not intended as a travel guide. It won't tell you how to climb Mount Kenya or where to spot lions; but it will tell you how to make the most of your visit by interacting fully with the people. It describes many different aspects of Kenyan life, both private and public, from traditional African customs to modern business practices. By offering insights into people's behavior, values, and attitudes, it will prepare you for cultural differences and help you to respond with respect and understanding.

Culture Smart! Malaysia

by Victor T. King

In many respects Malaysia is a modern nation-state, and from a predominantly rural society in the immediate postwar years it has become an increasingly urbanized one. Nevertheless, elements of the traditional past remain. To help foreign visitors and residents navigate this rich and complex cultural mix, Culture Smart! Malaysia provides a succinct and straightforward introduction to Malaysian history and society. It explains the deeper core values of the different ethnic groups, and guides you through Malaysian etiquette and behavior so that you might be inclined to do the right rather than the wrong things. "Human intelligence" is key to successful relationships. But nothing is guaranteed in a globalized world. We all take our chances and hope that we are sufficiently sensitive to be able to survive those awkward cross-cultural moments.

Culture Smart! Morocco

by Jillian York

The Moroccans are warm, hospitable, and open-minded, but for the uninitiated, there can be plenty of snares and snags along the road to acceptance. Culture Smart! Morocco aims to start you on the path to understanding this sometimes frustrating, yet rich and fascinating culture. The brief historical overview provides an insight into the way the past has helped shape modern Moroccan values and attitudes. There are chapters on customs and traditions, and on the complexities of modern Moroccan life, with advice on what to expect and how to behave appropriately in different situations. For the business traveler there is practical guidance on how to get things done, and how to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

Culture Smart! Portugal

by Sandy Gueded De Queiroz

Travel book on Portugal. All the essential culture and etiquette points are covered, making you confident in a variety of situations. You'll learn how to behave in specific social and business situations. Essential attitudes and values are clearly explained. You'll find the concise writing style makes each topic a quick, easy read.

Culture Smart! Singapore

by Angela Milligan

The small island state of Singapore is unique in the region. Not only is it a very young country- independence came in 1965- but it is a land of immigrants, in which people from three distinct backgrounds, Chinese, Malay, and Indian, live side by side in harmony. Culture Smart! Singapore introduces the Western visitor to the rich and varied cultures and customs of Singapore's communities. It shows what motivates people, how they interact with each other and with outsiders, and tells you what to expect and how to behave in unfamiliar situations. In doing so, it offers you a fuller, more rounded experience of this fascinating society.

Culture Smart! Sweden

by Charlotte J. De Witt

If you are visiting Sweden for more than a few days, you will get much more out of your trip if you have a good background in the beliefs that make up the foundation of the Swedish way of life. Culture Smart! Sweden can help you get beyond the polite phase, so that you have a greater understanding of what is important to the Swedes and why they act the way they do. It considers the influence of Sweden's geography and history in shaping the national character. In addition to detailed information on deep-rooted Swedish values and attitudes, it gives a comprehensive overview of doing business in Sweden--essential information for anyone who needs to understand the unique way that Swedish businesses operate. As for socializing, you will get an insider's perspective on visiting a Swedish home, as well as the qualities that Swedes most appreciate in a guest. With detailed chapters on the customs and traditions that form the cornerstones of life in Sweden, and information on how and where to meet and communicate with Swedes, this book is an indispensable guide to the "real" Sweden.

Culture Smart! USA

by Gina Teague

Culture Smart! USA aims to provide you with a cultural "road map" to explain the human dimension of American society. The author takes you on a tour of the core influences and unique ideals that have shaped American society. These deeply held values drive the behavior and attitudes you will encounter on Main Street and in the workplace. We take the pulse of America today. Ever a work in progress, America bears the challenge of upholding its constitutional principles at home, and the responsibility of being the world's only superpower overseas. On a lighter note, we look at the Americans at work, at home, and at play.

The Culture Struggle

by Michael Parenti

One of America's most astute and engaging political analysts, Michael Parenti shows us that culture is a changing process and the product of a dynamic interplay between a wide range of social and political interests. Drawing from cultures around the world, Parenti shows that beliefs and practices are readily subjected to political manipulation, and that many parts of culture are being commodified, separated from their group or communal origins, to be packaged and sold to those who can pay for them. Folk culture is giving way to a corporate market culture. Art, science, medicine, and psychiatry can be used as instruments of cultural control, and even marriage, the "foundation of society," has been misused by heterosexuals across the centuries.Using vivid examples and riveting arguments throughout, ranging from the everyday to the esoteric, and penned with eloquence and irony, The Culture Struggle presents a collection of snapshots of our time.

Culture & Truth

by Renato Rosaldo

Culture and Truth argues for a new approach to thinking and writing about culture. Exposing the inadequacies of old conceptions of static, monolithic cultures, and of detached, objective observers, Renato Rosaldo argues that new ethnographic writing must come to terms with the dynamic nature of social reality - with history, spontaneity, and human emotions. To move forward, anthropologists and other observers of culture must describe human lives in their rich variety, as ever-changing, mysterious and unpredictable rather than rigid and fixed. In remaking social analysis, their work must therefore acknowledge and celebrate diversity, narrative, emotion, and the unavoidability of subjectivity. Rosaldo's vision of social analysis concentrates on borders - the lines along which different groups work and live with divergent understandings. Drawing upon his own background as a Chicano as well as upon the works of three Chicano writers, Rosaldo claims that cultures by their very nature are heterogenous and always working in the realm of borders.

Culture Warrior

by Bill Oreilly

With three straight #1 bestsellers and more than 4 million copies of his books in print, the most powerful traditional force in the American media now takes off his gloves in the ongoing struggle for America's heart and soul. Bill O'Reilly is the very embodiment of the idea of a Culture Warrior--and in this book he lives up to the title brilliantly, with all the brashness and forthrightness at his command. He sees that America is in the midst of a fierce culture war between those who embrace traditiona...

The Cultured Handmaiden: A Novel

by Catherine Cookson

Jinny Brownlow was labelled by her exboyfriend as 'a cultured handmaiden'- someone so agreeable, so polite, so eager to please, she let people wipe their boots on her. Working with a marked lack of job satisfaction in the typing pool of a large Tyneside engineering firm, Jenny's only outside interest was amateur dramatics. The label was appropriate until the day she was suddenly called upon to stand hi as secretary for the firm's formidable boss, and later the same day the leading light from the Fellburn Players invited her to Sunday lunch. Both these older men had demands to make of her, and each would prove a catalyst in the reshaping of Jinny's future pattern of life.

Cultures and Globalization: Conflicts and Tensions: Vol. 1

by Helmut K. Anheier Yudhishthir Raj Isar

The world's cultures and their forms of creation, presentation, and preservation are deeply affected by globalization in ways that are inadequately documented and understood. The Cultures and Globalization Series is designed to fill this void in our knowledge.<P> Analyzing the relationship between globalization and cultures is the aim of the Series. In each volume, leading experts as well as young scholars will track cultural trends connected to globalization throughout the world, covering issues ranging from the role of cultural difference in politics and governance to the evolution of the cultural economy and the changing patterns of creativity and artistic expression. Each volume will also include an innovative presentation of newly developed 'indicator suites' on cultures and globalization that will be presented in a user-friendly form with a high graphics content to facilitate accessibility and understanding.<P> The inaugural theme is 'Conflicts and Tensions': the cultural dimensions of conflict and the conflictual dimensions of culture. Like so many phenomena linked to globalization, conflicts over and within the cultural realms crystallize great anxieties and illusions, through misplaced assumptions, inadequate concepts, unwarranted simplifications and instrumental readings. The aim here is to marshal evidence from different disciplines and perspectives about the culture, conflict and globalization relationships in conceptually sensitive ways. Thus, in a broad and genuine sense, the Cultures and Globalization Series means not only to promote better understanding of contemporary cultural change but also to serve the cause of peace and security through informed, open and diversified debate.

Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions, and Organizations Across Nations

by Geert Hofstede

Hofstede's classical book offers five dimentions on which culture across countries can be examined.

Cultures in Contact: Studies in Cross-cultural interaction

by Stephen Bochner

Although dated, this text presents research regarding cross-cultural interaction.

Cultures Merging

by Eric L. Jones

"Economists agree about many things--contrary to popular opinion--but the majority agree about culture only in the sense that they no longer give it much thought." So begins the first chapter of Cultures Merging, in which Eric Jones--one of the world's leading economic historians--takes an eloquent, pointed, and personal look at the question of whether culture determines economics or is instead determined by it. Bringing immense learning and originality to the issue of cultural change over the long-term course of global economic history, Jones questions cultural explanations of much social behavior in Europe, East Asia, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. He also examines contemporary globalization, arguing that while centuries of economic competition have resulted in the merging of cultures into fewer and larger units, these changes have led to exciting new syntheses. Culture matters to economic outcomes, Jones argues, but cultures in turn never stop responding to market forces, even if some elements of culture stubbornly persist beyond the time when they can be explained by current economic pressures. In the longer run, however, cultures show a fluidity that will astonish some cultural determinists. Jones concludes that culture's "ghostly transit through history" is much less powerful than noneconomists often claim, yet it has a greater influence than economists usually admit. The product of a lifetime of reading and thinking on culture and economics, a work of history and an analysis of the contemporary world, Cultures Merging will be essential reading for anyone concerned about the interaction of cultures and markets around the world.

Cultures of Power in Post-Communist Russia

by Michael Urban

In Russian politics reliable information is scarce, formal relations are of relatively little significance, and things are seldom what they seem. Applying an original theory of political language to narratives taken from interviews with 34 of Russia's leading political figures, Michael Urban explores the ways in which political actors construct themselves with words. By tracing individual narratives back to the discourses available to speakers, he identifies what can and cannot be intelligibly said within the bounds of the country's political culture, and then documents how elites rely on the personal elements of political discourse at the expense of those addressed to the political community. Urban shows that this discursive orientation is congruent with social relations prevailing in Russia and helps to account for the fact that, despite two revolutions proclaiming democracy in the last century, Russia remains an authoritarian state.

Cultures of Representation: Disability in World Cinema Contexts

by Benjamin Fraser

Cultures of Representation is the first book to explore the cinematic portrayal of disability in films from across the globe. Contributors explore classic and recent works from Belgium, France, Germany, India, Italy, Iran, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Senegal, and Spain, along with a pair of globally resonant Anglophone films. Anchored by David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder's coauthored essay on global disability-film festivals, the volume's content spans from 1950 to today, addressing socially disabling forces rendered visible in the representation of physical, developmental, cognitive, and psychiatric disabilities. Essays emphasize well-known global figures, directors, and industries - from Temple Grandin to Pedro Almodóvar, from Akira Kurosawa to Bollywood - while also shining a light on films from less frequently studied cultural locations such as those portrayed in the Iranian and Korean New Waves. Whether covering postwar Italy, postcolonial Senegal, or twenty-first century Russia, the essays in this volume will appeal to scholars, undergraduates, and general readers alike.

Cultures of Servitude

by Raka Ray Seemin Qayum

Focusing on the Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in West Bengal, Ray (India studies and sociology, U. of California-Berkeley) and historical anthropologist Qayum examine the characteristics of domestic servitude historically and culturally, and the constitution of the classes on both side of the employer-servant relationship. Their perspectives include colonial legacies and spatial transformations, between family retainer and freelancer, the failure of patriarchy, the cultivation and cleavage of distinction, and traveling cultures of servitude. Annotation c2010 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

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