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Victorian Short Stories: Stories of Successful Marriages

by Elizabeth Gaskell

"The Manchester Marriage" by Elizabeth Gaskell; "A Mere Interlude" by Thomas Hardy; "A Faithful Heart" by George Moore; "The Solid Gold Reef Company, Limited" by Walter Besant; "The Tree Of Knowledge" by Henry James

Wives and Daughters

by Elizabeth Gaskell

Set in English society before the 1832 Reform Bill, Wives and Daughters centers on the story of youthful Molly Gibson, brought up from childhood by her father. When he remarries, a new step-sister enters Molly's quiet life - loveable, but worldly and troubling, Cynthia. The narrative traces the development of the two girls into womanhood within the gossiping and watchful society of Hollingford.

An Accursed Race

by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Classic short story. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell ( 1810 - 1865), often referred to simply as Mrs. Gaskell, was an English novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era. <P> <P> She is perhaps best known for her biography of Charlotte Brontë. Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, including the very poor, and as such are of interest to social historians as well as lovers of literature.

North and South

by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Margaret Hale is forced to resettle from her comfortable home in Hampshire to with her family to the North of England after her father leaves the Church. At first Margaret Hale is repulsed by the ugliness of the industrial town of Milton. She becomes aware aware of the poverty and suffering of the local workers and develops a sense of social justice into social concern.

Sylvia's Lovers

by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell's only historical novel, Sylvia's Lovers, is set in 1790 in the seaside town of Monkshaven (Whitby) where press-gangs wreak havoc by seizing young men for service in the Napoleonic wars. One of their victims is whaling harpooner, Charley Kinraid, whose charm and vivacity have captured the heart of Sylvia Robson. But Sylvia's devoted cousin, Philip Hepburn, hopes to marry her himself and, in order to win her, deliberately withholds crucial information - with devastating consequences. With its themes of suffering, unrequited love, and the clash between desire and duty, Sylvia's Lovers is one of the most powerfully moving of all Gaskell's novels, reputedly described by its author as 'the saddest story I ever wrote'.

Atlan (Atlan Saga, Book 3)

by Jane Gaskell

Atlan is a 290 page conventional fantasy novel written by the British author Jane Gaskell and first published in 1965. It is the third book in Gaskell's five volume series entitled the Atlan Saga. It follows The Serpent and the Dragon, and it comes before The City and Some Summer Lands. The Summary by St. Martins reads as follows: ATLAN is the third installment of Jane Gaskell's marvelous ATLAN SAGA. In the first two volumes, THE SERPENT and THE DRAGON the lusty heroine Cija is handed over as a hostage to the terrible man-serpent of darkness, Zerd. Cija struggles and plots against him to thwart his conquest of Atlan, the mysterious land of magic and sorcery beyond the earth's horizon. In ATLAN, the unthinkable has come to pass: Zerd is the Emperor of Atlan. Cija finds herself the unwilling spouse of Zerd; and hence, the unwilling Empress and defiler of a kingdom she has sought all along to preserve. She finds herself once more plunged into the perils of war and destruction as she struggles desperately to rid Atlan of the invaders. War rages across the continent of Atlan, as Zerd fights to keep what he has conquered. Once again, Jane Gaskell's fertile imagination and spellbinding storytelling skills enmesh the reader into Cija's plight. Like THE SERPENT and THE DRAGON, ATLAN will entrance fantasy fans everywhere. Jane Gaskell has confirmed her place as one of the greatest writers this genre has ever known. As Zerd's armies of men continue to battle and slay, the secret heart of the enchanted land weaves its magic But when will the moment of Ancient Atla come to awaken and purge the invader from its shores?

The Dragon (Atlan Saga, Book 2)

by Jane Gaskell

he Dragon is a 200 page conventional fantasy novel written by the British writer and journalist Jane Gaskell and first published in 1963. It is the second book in a series by Gaskell entitled the Atlan Saga. It follows The Serpent and comes before Atlan, The City, and Some Summer Lands. The summary by St. Martins reads as follows: The DRAGON is the second installment of Jane Gaskell's marvelous ATLAN series. Picking up from where volume one, THE SERPENT, leaves off, we find ourselves once more on the road with our extraordinary heroine Cija, and the great serpent-man Zerd, who leads his marauding army in the greatest and most diabolical of quests-to conquer the fabled continent of Atian. In THE DRAGON, the lovely Cija and her fellow-hostage Smahil, flee the dreadful clutches of the relentless Zerd. But the large serpent-leader is not to be thwarted easily, for, as his vast army slithers from hill to valley like a giant snake, everything comes under his scrutiny; all beings are swept along or destroyed; all cities are laid open to the plunder of his warriors. And so, there is no escape for our beloved Cija, either in the teeming warrens of the Southern City or amid the decadent splendors of the Temple-Court. But now, another fate is laid upon her. She must not flee Zerd attempting to ensure her own safety, but she must, alone, foil his plan to conquer Atlan. For fate dictates that only she can thwart Zerd's ravenous scheme of conquest, and expel his blight from the land. Zerd must be destroyed since he threatens ATLAN, a mysterious land of magic and sorcery beyond the earth's horizon. Many terrors beset Cija's flight and fight with Zerd. And this is where Jane Gaskell's skills are sharpest. Like THE SERPENT, THE DRAGON will positively entrance fantasy fans everywhere with a run of adventures so original, that they will surely win a place for Jane Gaskell as one of the greatest writers this genre has ever known. But throughout it all there is Cijo; at her heels, the half-loved, half-loathed Smahil, the terrible Zerd, and our sad realization that the pages of this wonderful fantasy novel will run out too soon.

The Serpent (Atlan Saga, Book 1)

by Jane Gaskell

The Serpent is a 320 page fantasy novel written by The British author Jane Gaskell, a former child prodigy writer, and first published in 1963. It is the first of a five book series entitled The Atlan Saga that Jane Gaskell wrote in the sixties and seventies. The order of the series is as follows: The Serpent is the first; The Dragon is the second; Atlan is the third, The City is the fourth; and Some Summer Lands is the fifth. The summary by St. Martin's Press reads as follows: In THE SERPENT, the first installment of Jane Gaskell's ATLAN saga, we meet Cija, an unlikely young princessheroine who has been imprisoned in a tower all her life. She was placed there for safe-keeping since from her birth she carries a curse and is doomed to betray her country. When her mother, the chief goddess of the land releases her, it is only as a hostage to Zerd, the half-man, half-serpent lord of a conquering army. But not before assigning her a secret task. She must seduce Zerd, and once alone with him, kill him: No small order for a maid of 17, who was, until recently, ignorant of the very existence of male humans. Cija goes off with Zerd who is on his way to attempt a greater conquest -the fabled Continent of Atlan. The journey releases upon Cija a series of adventures that are so different and startlingly original from normal fantasy fare that it is all we can do to hang on to our seats. But somehow we do, as Cija is alternately; goddess-princess-heroine of thousands, the mistress of a large bird-creature she rides along on her journey, camp follower, scullion, footman, empress, slave, cook and yes, possibly a great warrior. This thrilling tale is sure to win Jane Gaskell the accolade of being one of the finest writers of fantasy in this generation.

Good Luck

by Whitney Gaskell

Can $87 million buy happiness; Lucy Parker is about to find out! Lucy's life is a mess. She has a cheating boyfriend, a derailed career, and is in the middle of a media circus. But when she wins the lottery, Lucy begins to think her luck has finally changed. In Palm Beach, the tropical paradise of millionaires, Lucy acquires a new hair color, a new social set, and enough anonymity to put her notoriety behind her. And soon, she's being courted by two men who don't know a thing about her. Strangely enough, all that money and all her new stuff doesn't make Lucy happy. This isn't the life she'd envisioned for herself. Now she realizes that she would give up every penny to have her old life back. And just as she's ready to cash it all in, fate has one last surprise in store for Lucy -- one that will show her exactly what she's worth.

Pushing 30

by Whitney Gaskell

"The one thing you should know about me is this: I'm the consummate Good Girl. . ."Ellie Winters is dependable and loyal and has a near-phobic aversion to conflict. But as her thirtieth birthday looms ever closer, she starts to feel like she's lost the instruction manual to her life. She has just broken up with her boring boyfriend, despises her job, and is the last of her high school friends to remain single. Worse, her dysfunctional family is driving her nuts, and she's somehow become enslaved to her demanding pet pug Sally, who she suspects is the reincarnation of Pol Pot.One night, after a botched attempt to color her hair at home, Ellie rushes to the drugstore for emergency bleach, Sally in tow. Sally is accosted by a smitten canine admirer . . . but it's the dog's owner who captures Ellie's attention. Television news anchor Ted Langston is witty, intriguing, and sexy. The only catch? He's twice her age--and the only man on the planet who isn't interested in dating a younger woman. And no one, from Ellie's best friends to Ted's ex-wife, wants to see them get together.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Table for Seven

by Whitney Gaskell

A warm and witty novel about friendship, fine dining, and learning that life doesn't always turn out quite how we expect it to--perfect for fans of Barbara O'Neal and Nancy Thayer On New Year's Eve, Fran and Will Parrish host a dinner party, serving their friends a gourmet feast. The night is such a success that the group decides to form a monthly dinner party club. But what starts as an excuse to enjoy the company of fellow foodies ends up having lasting repercussions on each member of the Table for Seven Dinner Party Club. Fran and Will face the possibility that their comfortable marriage may not be as infallible as they once thought. Audrey has to figure out how to move on and start a new life after the untimely death of her young husband. Perfectionist Jaime suspects that her husband, Mark, might be having an affair. Coop, a flirtatious bachelor who never commits to a third date, is blindsided when he falls in love for the first time. Leland, a widower, is a wise counselor and firm believer that bacon makes everything taste better. Over the course of a year, against a backdrop of mouthwatering meals, relationships are forged, marriages are tested, and the members of the Table for Seven Dinner Party Club find their lives forever changed.

Testing Kate

by Whitney Gaskell

No one is better than Kate Bennett at playing by the rules-because no one has quite her knack for running into bad luck. Orphaned while in college, Kate handled her loss by graduating with honors and acquiring a secure job and a dependable boyfriend. But now, with her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Kate decides it's time to shake things up. She quits her job, breaks up with her long-term boyfriend, and U-Hauls it across the country for her first year at Tulane Law School. Too bad nothing in the Big Easy is quite so easy.... Before she knows it, Kate finds her life turned upside down by a notoriously sadistic professor, a larger-than-life new boss-and two interested men who are sure that she's The One.... But can either of the men in her life really know Kate, when she's just getting to know herself? In a year of self-discovery, the most important lesson Kate may learn is that to change your luck, sometimes you have to change your mind-including what you thought was your dream.

True Love (and Other Lies)

by Whitney Gaskell

Travel writer Claire Spencer doesn't believe in fate, much less any part of that fairy tale, happy ending, love at first sight stuff. Especially not for Amazon-sized women like her. So when Jack, the sexy man who sits next to her on a flight from New York to London, asks her out, Claire figures there has to be a catch. Is he blind? Sleazy? On the rebound? But she decides to accept, and finds herself smitten and a little frightened at how happy she is with how fast things are moving. While in London ...

When You Least Expect It: A Novel

by Whitney Gaskell

From the celebrated author of Good Luck and Mommy Tracked, a funny and touching novel about the call to motherhood, the complexities of adoption, and the promise and peril of parenthood. India and Jeremy Halloway are happily married, have creative careers, and live in a remodeled bohemian cottage in a historic West Palm Beach neighborhood. The only thing missing from their charmed life is the baby they both desperately want. After two years of failed fertility treatments, they are cash-strapped and no closer to parenthood. That's when they decide it's time to look into adoption. Lainey Walker's unexpected pregnancy threatens to derail her dream of moving to Los Angeles and becoming a reality-TV star. She also finds herself homeless and alone when her unsupportive gym-rat boyfriend kicks her out of their apartment. When the Halloways and Lainey are matched up through an adoption agency, India proposes an unorthodox solution that just might solve all their problems. But as these three are about to discover, a baby changes everything.

Between Two Worlds

by Malcolm Gaskill

In the 1600s, over 350,000 intrepid English men, women, and children migrated to America, leaving behind their homeland for an uncertain future. Whether they settled in Jamestown, Salem, or Barbados, these migrants--entrepreneurs, soldiers, and pilgrims alike--faced one incontrovertible truth: England was a very, very long way away. In Between Two Worlds, celebrated historian Malcolm Gaskill tells the sweeping story of the English experience in America during the first century of colonization. Following a large and varied cast of visionaries and heretics, merchants and warriors, and slaves and rebels, Gaskill brilliantly illuminates the often traumatic challenges the settlers faced. The first waves sought to recreate the English way of life, even to recover a society that was vanishing at home. But they were thwarted at every turn by the perils of a strange continent, unaided by monarchs who first ignored then exploited them. As these colonists strove to leave their mark on the New World, they were forced--by hardship and hunger, by illness and infighting, and by bloody and desperate battles with Indians--to innovate and adapt or perish. As later generations acclimated to the wilderness, they recognized that they had evolved into something distinct: no longer just the English in America, they were perhaps not even English at all. These men and women were among the first white Americans, and certainly the most prolific. And as Gaskill shows, in learning to live in an unforgiving world, they had begun a long and fateful journey toward rebellion and, finally, independence

The Lure of Whitehead

by Nicholas Gaskill A. J. Nocek

Once largely ignored, the speculative philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead has assumed a new prominence in contemporary theory across the humanities and social sciences. Philosophers and artists, literary critics and social theorists, anthropologists and computer scientists have all embraced Whitehead's thought, extending it through inquiries into the nature of life, the problem of consciousness, and the ontology of objects, as well as into experiments in education and digital media.The Lure of Whitehead offers readers not only a comprehensive introduction to Whitehead's philosophy but also a demonstration of how his work advances our emerging understanding of life in the posthuman epoch. Contributors: Jeffrey A. Bell, Southeastern Louisiana U; Nathan Brown, U of California, Davis; Peter Canning; Didier Debaise, Free U of Brussels; Roland Faber, Claremont Lincoln U; Michael Halewood, U of Essex; Graham Harman, American U in Cairo; Bruno Latour, Sciences Po Paris; Erin Manning, Concordia U, Montreal; Steven Meyer, Washington U; Luciana Parisi, U of London; Keith Robinson, U of Arkansas at Little Rock; Isabelle Stengers, Free U of Brussels; James Williams, U of Dundee.

Sara Dane

by Catherine Gaskin

The story of Sara Dane, sent to Australia in 1792 as a convict. Her life unfolds along with the young growing country.

Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding

by Ina May Gaskin

From the nation's leading midwife and the author of "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" comes this deeply compassionate and comprehensive guide to making breastfeeding a joyful experience for both mother and child. bw illustrations throughout.

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