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Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There

by Melody Defields Mcmillian

Addison Addley hates math. He hates public speaking too. Actually, he hates anything that involves work, but he only has a couple of weeks to write and memorize his grade five speech. The problem is, he can't think of a single topic. When he finally comes up with an excellent idea for a speech, it almost writes itself, but it's his poor math skills that make speech day unforgettable.

Best Hikes with Children in San Francisco's South Bay

by Bill Mcmillon Kevin Mcmillon

Guides to day hikes and overnighters for families. Tips on hiking with kids, safety, and fostering a wilderness ethic.

God Bless the Crimson Tide

by Ed Mcminn

Nothing In America Is More Exciting Than College Sports! Each weekend, stadiums and gymnasiums across America are fi lled with the sound of the band, the smell of nachos and hot dogs, and the roar of the fans. Sports have become an integral part of American life, and college fans are among the loudest and most faithful. These fans lead the cheers, speak the language, and know the history. They attend as many games as possible and want to know all they can about "their" team. 'Bama fans are no exception: just take a look at their T-shirts, pillows, bumper stickers, banners, screen savers, coffee mugs, blankets, license plates, and ringtones -- all designed to declare their loyalty and cheer on their team. This exciting collection of stories from the many sports played at the University of Alabama is perfect for the Crimson Tide fan who is also a fan of God. Each story, while giving accurate information concerning a sporting event, will also lead you into a moment of refl ection about God and his greatness. Alabama fans will have the best of both worlds. This is the ideal book for the faith-fi lled and faithful Alabama Crimson Tide fan!

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

by Mark R. Mcminn

This book points counselors to ways they can integrate biblical principles into their counseling techniques.

The Beast Within

by Suzanne Mcminn

The thing he feared most lived inside him...PAX superagent Kieran Holt never wanted to leave his wife, Paige, but when a lab explosion turned him from scientist to experiment, he hid himself on a secret island to effect a reversal. Believing Kieran a traitor, Paige had spent the past two years searching for him--but now she wasn't the only one who'd found him. Pursued by a government agency, Kieran and Paige had one last chance to uncover the truth and save their marriage...But only if they could tame the beast within.

Chickens in the Road

by Suzanne Mcminn

"It was a cold late autumn day when I brought my children to live in rural West Virginia. The farmhouse was one hundred years old, there was already snow on the ground, and the heat was sparse--as was the insulation. The floors weren't even, either. My then-twelve-year-old son walked in the door and said, 'You've brought us to this slanted little house to die. '" Thus begins former romance writer Suzanne McMinn's wild ride into self-sustainable living halfway up a hill on one of the most remote dirt roads in West Virginia, with a cast including her children, an enigmatic partner, the "rural neighborhood" of quirky characters, and a whole slew of ridiculous and uncooperative farm animals. An unlikely adventurer, the suburban-born-and-bred author tackles one daunting challenge after another on her new forty-acre farm, from hatching chickens and milking a cow to herding sheep and making her own cheese. Whether she's trying to convince a goat to accept its baby or just get her ornery neighbor to move over and let her pass on the road, every page of her adventure is fraught with laughter, passion, drama, and the risk of losing it all before she figures out why she's doing it in the first place. And when she does lose it all, she discovers a triumph she never expected--along with the truth for which she'd been searching all along.

PAX Miniseries Bundle

by Suzanne Mcminn

The PAX League: Paranormal Allied eXperts--genetically enhanced superagents leading the world into a new era of defense. Follow three dangerously sexy PAX superagents--and the women they love--as they experience the action, drama and sensual romance of Suzanne McMinn's PAX Miniseries. The bundle includes all three books in this paranormal, suspenseful trilogy: The Beast Within, Third Sight, and Deep Blue.

Prophets: Preachers for God

by Tom Mcminn

From the author to the readers: "God used spokesmen called prophets in a special way. He wanted all people to know he loved them and would provide for them if they remained faithful to him and obeyed his laws." The writer associates each prophet with the message he told the people:" Elisha" emphasized that " God will provide for our needs"; "Amos" wanted people to "Seek good, not evil"; "Jeremiah" wanted people to "Be faithful to God and obey his laws"; "Jonah" showed that "God's love is for all people;" and "Micah" told the people that "God will provide a deliverer." In the book, McMinn writes about each prophet in terms of their unique purpose. After writing about a prophet, McMinn asks the readers a question that is designed to encourage them to explore their thoughts and feelings about each prophet. The questions also ask the readers to apply their insights to their own lives.

Physics: An Illustrated Guide to Science

by Derek Mcmonagle

Physics: An Illustrated Guide to Science is one of eight volumes in the new Science Visual Resources set. Containing five sections, a comprehensive glossary, a Web site guide, and an index, Physics is an ideal learning tool for students and teachers of science. Full-color diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps on every page illustrate the essential elements of the subject, while parallel text provides key definitions and step-by-step explanations. The five sections include: *"Forces"--provides an overview of Newton's laws of motion and gravity. It also describes the physics of simple machines and explains the distinction between the concepts of heat and work. *"Energy"--examines the concept of energy in more detail. This section covers thermal conduction, radiation, and convection, as well as describes changes in energy type. The industrial production of energy as well as possible sources of renewable energy are also described here. *"Waves, Sound, and Light"--is concerned with the wave motion of light and sound energy. The principles of superposition, interference, diffraction, polarization, and reflection are covered in this section. There is also a survey of lenses and optical instruments. *"Electricity"--details the basic concepts of electrical energy and magnetism. Subjects covered in this section include induction, electrostatics, electric current, electromotive force, electrolysis, transformers, and electric motors. *"Electronics"--is an overview of the practical issues involved in the design of devices that control the flow of electrons or other charged particles. It includes a comprehensive guide to circuit symbols, a look at microprocessors, and a thorough grounding in circuit logic.

Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

by Kristina Mcmorris

In this poignant and evocative novel by acclaimed author Kristina McMorris, a country is plunged into conflict and suspicion--forcing a young woman to find her place in a volatile world. Los Angeles, 1941. Violinist Maddie Kern's life seemed destined to unfold with the predictable elegance of a Bach concerto. Then she fell in love with Lane Moritomo. Her brother's best friend, Lane is the handsome, ambitious son of Japanese immigrants. Maddie was prepared for disapproval from their families, but when Pearl Harbor is bombed the day after she and Lane elope, the full force of their decision becomes apparent. In the eyes of a fearful nation, Lane is no longer just an outsider, but an enemy. When her husband is interned at a war relocation camp, Maddie follows, sacrificing her Juilliard ambitions. Behind barbed wire, tension simmers and the line between patriot and traitor blurs. As Maddie strives for the hard-won acceptance of her new family, Lane risks everything to prove his allegiance to America, at tremendous cost. Skillfully capturing one of the most controversial episodes in recent American history, Kristina McMorris draws readers into a novel filled with triumphs and heartbreaking loss--an authentic, moving testament to love, forgiveness, and the enduring music of the human spirit. Impeccably researched and beautifully written. --Karen White, New York Times bestselling author

The Pieces We Keep

by Kristina Mcmorris

"Gripped me from the first page and didn't let go. " --Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost WifeIn this richly emotional novel, Kristina McMorris evokes the depth of a mother's bond with her child, and the power of personal histories to echo through generations. . . Two years have done little to ease veterinarian Audra Hughes's grief over her husband's untimely death. Eager for a fresh start, Audra plans to leave Portland for a new job in Philadelphia. Her seven-year-old son, Jack, seems apprehensive about flying--but it's just the beginning of an anxiety that grows to consume him. As Jack's fears continue to surface in recurring and violent nightmares, Audra hardly recognizes the introverted boy he has become. Desperate, she traces snippets of information unearthed in Jack's dreams, leading her to Sean Malloy, a struggling US Army veteran wounded in Afghanistan. Together they unravel a mystery dating back to World War II, and uncover old family secrets that still have the strength to wound--and perhaps, at last, to heal. Intricate and beautifully written, The Pieces We Keep illuminates those moments when life asks us to reach beyond what we know and embrace what was once unthinkable. Deftly weaving together past and present, herein lies a story that is at once poignant and thought-provoking, and as unpredictable as the human heart.

As Far as I Can See: Meg's Prairie Diary, Book 1 (My America)

by Kate Mcmullan

Margaret Cora Wells, known as Meg, is a resilient young girl living in St. Louis where cholera has become an epidemic. When her mother and sister get sick, Meg wants only to tend to them. But, in an effort to protect his children, her father sends Meg and her brother, Preston, to their relatives on the Kansas prairie for the summer. After an adventurous journey, Meg and Preston arrive in Kansas where they learn about life in another part of the country, and even more about the politics of the time. Meg recounts her growing understanding of the evils of slavery, and the daring part she and her family play in sheltering a slave before the "conductors" come to place the runaway in the Underground Railroad. Meg is sweet and strong with a deep moral sense and a real sense of humor.

Class Trip to the Cave of Doom (Dragon Slayers' Academy #3)

by Kate Mcmullan

The Dragon Slayers' Academy is back-- and it's bigger and better than ever! They now feature a fun Dragon Slayers' Academy Yearbook at the end of each story, with funny profiles of the faculty, the staff, and, especially, the students of D. S. A. All the things kids want to know about their favorite characters are revealed: their silly nicknames, inner secrets, wildest dreams, and lofty plans for the future! The Dark Forest just doesn't seem like the best place for a class trip. But that's where Seetha the dragon hid her gold, so that's where Wiglaf and the other kids from D. S. A. have to go-even if it means entering the booby-trapped Cave of Doom!

Countdown to the Year 1000 (Dragon Slayers' Academy #8)

by Kate Mcmullan

It's the year 999 and the end of the world is coming--at least according to a mysterious prophecy. But then Wiglaf meets a strange boy who claims to have come from the Future, It's Zack, star of the best--selling "The Zack Files series by Dan Greenburg, and he says he's living proof that there is life after the year 1000!

Danger! Wizard at Work (Dragon Slayers' Academy #11)

by Kate Mcmullan

When Wiglaf and his pals from Dragon Slayers' Academy meet up with the wizard Zelnoc, all they ask is for is a little magic to help them get through the Dark Forest fast. But unfortunately, Zelnoc's spells always end with an "Oops! Sorry about that!" So, yes, the boys are able to travel much faster now... but that's because they have wings, can fly, and have been turned into dragons! And they become the newest students at Dragon Slackers' Academy, a school that teaches knight-slaying! This funny turnabout in which the kids from DSA suddenly see life from a dragon's point of view makes a wonderful addition to this popular series!

A Fine Start: Meg's Prairie Diary, Book 3 (My America)

by Kate Mcmullan

Nine-year-old Meg has finally been reunited with her family in Kansas Territory and life finally seems to be settling down after the pro-slavery ruffians finally were forced to leave. Her third diary is another triumph.

Fluffy and the Firefighters (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #4)

by Kate Mcmullan

After firefighters visit Ms. Day's classroom, Fluffy gets a chance to see what they do firsthand, but Fluffy really wants to be a firefighter. But how can a guinea pig fight fires?

Fluffy and the Snow Pig (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #22)

by Kate Mcmullan

The students in the classroom of Fluffy the guinea pig dress him in a snowsuit, make a snow pig, and have a snowball party.

Fluffy Goes Apple Picking (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #12)

by Kate Mcmullan

Ages 6-8, Grades 1 & 2. When Ms. Day's class takes a field trip to an apple orchard, Fluffy the guinea pig goes along, but will he ever get to eat his apple?

Fluffy Goes to School (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #5)

by Kate Mcmullan

His name may be Fluffy, but the guinea pig in Ms. Day's class is determined to prove how mighty and brave he is by captaining a stormy boat, driving a police car, and flying a spaceship.

Fluffy Goes to Washington (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #17)

by Kate Mcmullan

When Fluffy goes on a trip with Maxwell's family, he gets to see some of the sights in the nation's capital.

Fluffy Learns to Swim (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #19)

by Kate Mcmullan

At the beach with Wade's family, Fluffy the guinea pig cant seem to convince anyone that pigs don't swim, and he even has doubts himself after dreaming that he is Aqua Pig.

Fluffy Meets the Dinosaurs (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #9)

by Kate Mcmullan

Ages 6-8. Grades 1 & 2. When Fluffy the guinea pig learns that the class is visiting a dinosaur museum, he sneaks into Wade's lunch bag and joins the fun!

Fluffy Meets the Groundhog (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #13)

by Kate Mcmullan

Groundhog Day inspires the class to celebrate Groundpig Day with their guinea pig Fluffy, and Fluffy gets to help an unhappy groundhog.

Fluffy Meets the Tooth Fairy (Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig #20)

by Kate Mcmullan

When Wade loses a tooth, Fluffy embarks on a nighttime adventure to put it under Wade's pillow. Along the way, Fluffy climbs a tower and braves a big cat so that the Tooth Fairy can find Wade's tooth. Full color.

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