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Whether back to school takes place in the classroom, at home, or a combination of the two, Bookshare can help schools support students with reading barriers in any learning environment.

Bookshare® is a FREE online library that makes reading easier. With Bookshare, students who struggle with reading can access books in alternative formats and customize their reading experience to suit their individual learning style.  How can students read with Bookshare?

  • Listen to books in audio (and customize voices and reading speed)
  • Follow along with text and karaoke-style highlighting
  • Enlarge font sizes, change font type, color, background, and highlighting
  • Read in braille
  • Read on computers, tablets, smartphones, and assistive technology devices

Check out our step by step guide for Educators, the Bookshare ABCs!



1,277,655 Ebooks at Your Fingertips

Find virtually any book for school including textbooks, educational materials, literature, award winners, college prep, and leveled readers. Bookshare also has popular young adult, early readers, and children's books that students are reading for fun.


Assign Books Easily and Remotely

Educators can assign books, or entire reading lists, to students or groups of students remotely. Students can then access assigned books from the convenience of their home and can read independently.

Check our video for Educators - everything you need to know in 15 minutes! 


Who Qualifies for Bookshare?

To join Bookshare, students must have a qualifying disability like dyslexia, blindness, low vision, retinitis pigmentosa, and cerebral palsy. Educators can sign up all qualified students and provide unlimited access to books. Learn about qualifications.


FREE for U.S. Schools and Qualified Students

Bookshare is free for U.S. schools that support students with qualifying disabilities: K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, trade schools, Perkins School for the Blind, and Hadley School for the Blind. Qualified U.S. students can also sign up for free Individual Memberships. 



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Corey Straily, AT Specialist, trains San Diego Unified School District teachers on Bookshare

District Serves Special Education Students

San Diego Unified School District provides Bookshare access to over 1,800 students in special education. Collectively they have downloaded over 10,000 books in easy-to-read formats. Learn about their winning formula.