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Teachers are superheroes. They work tirelessly to support students in and out of the classroom.

But even superheroes need a little help.  

Bookshare® is an essential literacy tool that helps teachers to provide the support students with learning differences need to read and learn.

Make reading easier and save time 

Bookshare is a FREE, federally-funded library of ebooks designed for students with learning differences. Students who struggle with traditional books are empowered to read in ways that work for them with specialized ebooks in audio, audio with highlighted text, large font, and braille. Paired with popular assistive reading tools, reading is easier. 

See how Bookshare works.  


Why Bookshare

More effective than other ebooks

Bookshare ebooks are designed specifically for students with learning differences, providing more ways to access text and customize their reading experience.

Make teachers’ lives easier 

Teachers save time and free up resources by finding their students’ books in one place and spending less time providing one-on-one reading instruction because students can read by themselves. 

Build reading independence  

Students can read on their own with Bookshare’s assistive reading features and build reading independence.  

Close reading gaps 

Students build reading proficiency and confidence that helps them perform better in class and accelerate their overall learning. 

FREE for U.S. students with qualifying disabilities 

To join Bookshare, students must have a qualifying disability, and membership is FREE for all U.S. students of any age and schools, including K-12 public, charter, and private schools, colleges and universities, trade schools, homeschool environments, Perkins School for the Blind, and Hadley School for the Blind.


The One Million Plus Ebook Library You Need

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Featured on We Are Teachers, read how Bookshare supports students with learning differences, including those in underserved communities, during COVID-19. 


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