Back-to-School Guide for Teachers

Back to School Made Easy with image collage of students walking and student in wheelchair with teacher

Get the Books Your Students Need

Back to school is a breeze with Bookshare. Get all the books your students need in acccessible formats.

Assign Books with Ease

Getting books for students is quick and easy. In one fell swoop, teachers can add students and set them up to read with the newly updated “Assign and Read” feature:

  • Add students to rosters
  • Give them a Student Login (so they can access Bookshare independently)
  • Add books directly to Reading Lists

That’s all teachers need to do! Students can access Bookshare on their own (with their handy Student Login).

Read our step-by-step instructions!

Time Saving Tips

Share Reading Lists with other teachers

Share your Reading Lists with other teachers on your account and make it easier for them to assign books to students. Learn how.

Add books directly from Reading Lists

Save time by creating class Reading Lists and adding books. Just select "Add Books" and assign books from the new pop-up window.

Build Independence with Student Logins

Save time and build independence with Student Logins. Let your students log in indendently and read assigned books with ease. Get started.