Free Ebooks for Struggling Readers

little boy watching video on tablet

Need books for back to school?

Do you struggle with reading printed text? Are you looking for books in alternative formats like audio, braille, or large print?

Bookshare is a library of ebooks that let students read in ways that work for them. 

The collective has over 560,000 ebooks, including over 16,000 textbooks, that qualified U.S. students can read for free through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), US Department of Education.

What do you get with a Bookshare membership?

  • Unlimited access to the entire Bookshare collection
  • Read in ways that work for you:
    • Listen in audio
    • Follow along with highlighted text
    • Read in braille or large fonts, and more
  • Great sounding voices that you can control
  • Read practically anywhere on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or favorite compatible device

Don't wait. School is about to start. Get the books you need for back to school by signing up for a free Bookshare membership today!

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You must be a current U.S. Student with a disability that prevents you from reading text to qualify for Bookshare.