Account Status

Individual Membership account status information:

Individual membership includes an account status window on the My Bookshare page which describes any and all incomplete items within an account that must be resolved prior to the account being approved for downloading.  It will also include links to the necessary forms if applicable.  

As an example, here is an incomplete account that requires a Subscription Renewal (by selecting the 'Renew' link) and for the member to agree to the Bookshare Terms of Use (by selecting the 'Complete Agreement Online' link):

Account status banner showing the account has expired, and needs to agree to the Bookshare terms of use

Common resolutions for inactive accounts include:

Organizational Account status information:

Each Sponsor must verify their own account status by visiting the My Bookshare page and confirming that the Organizational Agreement has been processed. 

Organizational Account Status

Common resolutions to inactive accounts can be found here.