How can I read more books?

Your student access account with Bookshare allows you to access any book shared with you on a Reading List or downloaded for you by a sponsor or teacher.  If you would like full access to download Bookshare you can sign up for a full Bookshare account. For members who are under 18 this process must be completed by a parent or guardian.  

The first step will be to go to our sign up page and enter all required information.  This includes:

  • The member's full name
  • The member's date of birth
  • An email address as that will replace the current user name for logging into Bookshare.  
  • If the member is under 18, their parent or guardian's name and contact information.

The school or organization information and your activation ID will automatically be included in the form.  

If you receive any error messages please contact a sponsor on the organization to verify that your information on their account is all accurate.