How do I install and use Capti Voice Mobile App?

To install Capti Voice: 

  1. Open the App Store. 
  2. In the search field, enter “Capti Voice.”

    Capti Voice displayed in the App Store.

  3. Select the Install button. 
  4. Although Capti is a free app, you may need to sign in to your Apple account to download it.
  5. Once Capti is installed, select the Open button in the App Store or select the app icon from your home screen.
  6. Swipe from right to left to move through the install screen. If you’re using VoiceOver, navigate to the “Page 1 of 4, adjustable value” field on the bottom of the screen and swipe up with one finger until you hear “Page 4 of 4.”
  7. If you haven’t created a free Capti account yet, select the Sign Up button and enter in your name, email, and a password. After creating your account, check your email to finish activating your Capti account.
  8. If you already have a Capti account, select the Log In button. Enter in your Capti email and password.
  9. Once you sign in to Capti, follow the on-screen prompts to customize your app settings, or select the Next button in the bottom right corner of the screen to adjust these settings later.

To download books using Capti Narrator: 

  1. Select the Capti Menu button – the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app. 
  2. Select Bookshare from the list of menu items.

    The open Capti Menu sidebar, highlighting the Bookshare button.

  3. Select the Log In link, then enter in your Bookshare email address and password. Select the Log In button to sign in to your account.
  4. Select the search field to begin searching for a book. 
  5. Within the search results, select the Add button (the “plus” icon) to download the book to your device.
  6. Select the Capti Menu button. 
  7. Select the Playlist button. 
  8. Select the name of the book to begin listening to the Text to Speech. Tap on the blue arrow to the right of the book’s timestamp to access the book’s text.

    The Capti Playlist screen with the load content button highlighted.

  9. Select the Play button on the bottom of the app to begin reading.

    An open book in Capti, highlighting the play button on the bottom of the screen.