Listen to human-narrated audiobooks on the Victor Reader

To transfer Human Narrated Audio books to your Victor Stream, you’ll need to use an SD card reader or connect the Victor Reader to the computer using the supplied USB cable. You cannot directly download Human Narrated Books to your stream via the internet at this time.

  1. Set your download preferences on your Bookshare account to DAISY audio.
  2. Download your desired book in “audio” format.
  3. Locate the downloaded book in your downloads folder on your computer and then right-click (or press Shift plus F10) to open the context sensitive menu, then select Extract All.
  4. This will open the "Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders" dialog box. Please make sure the Show Extracted Files When Complete checkbox is unchecked.
  5. To save the extracted book in a folder within the current location, select the Extract button.
  6. Select the unzipped folder for your book and press Ctrl + C to copy it.
  7. If your Victor Reader is connected to your computer via the USB cable, then you can open the appropriate folder on your stream now and press Ctrl + V to paste the book.
  8. If you are using the SD card to transfer the files, then insert the SD card to your computer and open it. The SD card will contain several folders each beginning with "$vr". There are three folders that relate to our content. DAISY content belongs in the $vrdtb folder. Each DAISY book should be saved in its own sub folder. Each sub folder appears as a separate book on the Digital Talking Book bookshelf. Our MP3 audio books should be transferred to the $VROtherbooks folder.
  9. Once you have pasted the book into the appropriate folder either directly on your Victor Reader, or on the SD card which can then be inserted into your Victor Reader, you can play the book on your Victor Reader.