Listen to human-narrated audio books on iOS mobile devices

Listen to books in MP3 or DAISY format with Voice Dream Reader

  1. Set your download preference on your Bookshare account to MP3 or DAISY audio.
  2. Use your mobile browser on your phone/iPad to log into and download your desired book in “audio” format. The book will be saved to the downloads folder on your phone.
  3. Open Voice Dream Reader and click on the “add” button. Choose “file browser” from the “add document” window.
  4. Select the zipped file for the audio book that you already downloaded. The book will be added to your Voice Dream Reader Library.
  5. Other options to import files into Voice Dream Reader can be found on their FAQ page.

Listen to books in MP3 format with iTunes/Apple Music via a Mac Computer

  1. Set your download preference on your Bookshare account to MP3 audio.
  2. Download your desired book from the Bookshare website in “audio” format.
  3. When you select the zipped file for your book in your downloads folder, it will unzip automatically and create a folder containing all the audio files for your book.
  4. You can drag the unzipped folder to the iTunes/Apple Music icon, or use “ctrl + click” to open options for the unzipped folder and then “open with” and iTunes/Apple Music to save them in that program.
  5. Sync your mobile device to your computer to listen to the book.