How to Use Bookshare Reader in Browser


Welcome to the Bookshare Reader for web! Read books quickly and easily in a browser.  

Find a Book! 

1. Go to and log into your Bookshare account with your username and password. 

log in link

2. Search for books using the author, title or ISBN number in the search box. You can also use the advanced search or browse links. 

search bar

3. Once you find the book you want to read, select the blue Read Now button. This will launch the Bookshare Reader. You are ready to begin reading. 

read now button

Get Reading! 

1. Select the play button to hear the book read aloud with text to speech. You can change the voice to your preference. All available voices are based on your browser. 

play button

2. Select the gear icon to change various settings such as reading speed, voice, and color contrast. 

settings button

3. Select the table of contents icon to navigate the book by chapter or page. 

book navigation button

 4. Create bookmarks to easily find your place where you left off, or to go back to a specific place in the text. 

 bookmark icon

We hope you enjoy using the new Bookshare Reader!