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Welcome to the Bookshare Reader for Amazon Alexa beta! Note that the Bookshare Reader skill is not yet generally available in the Apple or Google Play stores. If you have an Alexa-enabled device and a Bookshare account, and would like to help us improve this skill... more
Voice Dream Reader supports books with images on iPhone 5S and later, iPad Fourth Generation and later, and iPod Sixth Generation. If you're using one of these newer devices, please check the following setting before downloading books:Open Voice Dream Reader, then... more
Select Audio Settings, then Add Voices.Select the Buy button next to the voice you wish to purchase, then confirm your purchase.After purchasing your voice, while your book is open:Select Audio Settings.Tap on the name of your current voice, which will take you into... more
Bookshare’s content, which includes books, newspapers, and magazines, is provided in several accessible formats, including DAISY, EPUB, and Word. (Learn more about Bookshare’s formats.)You can create a PDF version of any Bookshare book by downloading it in the Word... more
Benetech launched the Read2Go app in 2011 to offer members a free tool for reading Bookshare books on iOS devices. Since then, several app developers have introduced excellent apps that integrate directly with Bookshare and offer a superior reading experience to what... more
Through a partnership with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and via its Newsline service, we are able to provide access to dozens of newspapers and magazines through Bookshare.However, the NFB does not have the rights to distribute these publications outside... more
Private schools and other organizations that are not U.S. public schools must add Members and Sponsors to their Bookshare organizational accounts using the Group Proof of Disability form.We understand that at this time, printing, signing, scanning, and emailing this... more
Add Members to Private School or Other Types of Organizational Accounts: Private school educators must submit a Group Proof of Disability form to add Members and Sponsors to their organizational accounts. NOTE: At this time, we are offering an alternative process for... more
After you sign up for a Bookshare Individual Membership, you’ll need to provide a Proof of Disability form signed by a Qualifying Professional, someone with experience in your area of disability. Typically, we would ask the Qualifying Professional to sign the completed... more
After creating a new organizational Bookshare account online, typically the person who created the account (whom we call the Primary Contact) would be required to print, sign, scan and return an Organization Agreement form. However, in recognition of the extraordinary... more
What happens when I submit a book request?If you can’t find the book you’re looking for in Bookshare, you can submit a request to have it added to the collection. If your request is on behalf of a U.S. student, it gets added to the Student Request queue, which is... more
You can add other teachers who are Sponsors on the same organizational account to any Reading List you have created or copied or to which you have subscribed. Follow these simple steps:Log in to your organizational account, then select “My Bookshare.”Select “My Reading... more
Currently, Bookshare is working on making math content more accessible.We are aware that there are some problems in the way our current setup interprets mathematical equations and related subjects.  We are in the process of creating a new program called MathShare which... more
Video Tutorial: What to Expect in the Organizational Sign Up Process × Signing up for Bookshare is fast and easy. Here is what to expect when signing up for an Organizational... more
Video Tutorial: Learning Ally as Proof of Disability × There are several methods for providing Proof of Disability when completing an Individual Membership for Bookshare.   ... more