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Bookshare has accessible materials for readers of all ages. Below are a few curated lists in our special collection for emergent and beginning readers:Early Childhood Books - This collection is a sampler of early childhood books including books for emergent readers to... more
What is the new membership fee for Individual Members? The Individual Membership fee has increased to $79.99.  When will the new fee be effective? The new fee is effective May 10, 2023 and will be applied to new memberships, or when existing members renew their annual... more
Currently sponsors are unable to assign books to students in the Bookshare Reader app. The app is indended to be used by Bookshare members. However, students can access their previously assigned books in the app through the “Assigned Books” tab. Find out more... more
A Bookshare sponsor is typically an educator who is helping an eligible student obtain accessible books through Bookshare. Sponsors are a designation on Organizational Accounts only. A sponsor can be a general or special education teacher, Assistive Technology... more
A primary contact, or PC, is the person designated to be the administrator on a Bookshare Organizational Account. An Organizational Account can be used for a district, school building, or other organization. Roles and Responsibilities: The PC is responsible for:... more
Due to the constraints of copyright law, only Bookshare members who have a qualifying disability can access and open Bookshare materials that are under current copyright. However, Bookshare has three reading lists containing hundreds of freely available titles that... more
What mobile devices support the Bookshare Reader app?Bookshare Reader is available on iOS smartphones and Android smartphones. Where is the Bookshare Reader app available? Bookshare Reader is currently available in the US. It will be available globally later this year.... more
Personal recommendations are titles suggested for you based on books you have previously read. To see your recommendations, log in to Bookshare and view them on the My Bookshare page and the Discover page. To manage recommendation preferences, follow these steps.How do... more
Sponsors can download Bookshare books in the EPUB format and place in a student’s Google Drive to be read with the Read&Write Chrome Extension, premium version. Learn more about Read&Write for Google Chrome.On the Bookshare Website:Log in to your  account and... more
Currently, only Individual Members can use Bookshare Reader for Alexa smart speakers. It is not available to students on school accounts. Getting students a full Individual Membership is easy and has many benefits. Learn how to give your student an Individual... more
You can select voices available through your device by going to Settings > Audio in Bookshare Reader.   To get new voices, you can acquire them through your device’s speech or audio settings (outside of Bookshare Reader). Once you add the new voice to your device... more
Bookshare’s Reader offers voice options that are available through your device. Voice options are not available through the app itself. You can view voice options through your device system settings. They are also displayed in Bookshare Reader in Settings > Audio. 
Bookshare Reader can be used with compatible web browsers on smartphones and tablets. However, for the best user experience, we recommend using the official Bookshare Reader apps for iOS and Android. Learn more about Bookshare Reader for Mobile! Learn what's new in... more
Members can use Bookshare Reader with the following shortcutsWindows Computers and LaptopsOpen Table of Contents: Alt + C Open List of Bookmarks: Alt + Shift + B Bookmark: Alt + B Back to My Bookshare page: Alt + Back arrow Where am I: Alt + W Go to page: Alt + P Open... more
The new Bookshare Reader does have the ability to create bookmarks.  The Bookmarks icon allows you to insert a bookmark to remember where you left off. You visually see an orange bookmark indicator appear.You can utilize multiple bookmarks on a page, by selected the “... more