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The new Bookshare Reader for web is a free tool that is compatible with these web browsers: Google Chrome version 33+Safari version 6.1+Chromebooks version 14+  The New Microsoft EdgeIt has exciting new features such as: Bookmarking for easy reference Multiple... more
Listen with DAISY AudioFollow the instructions on the Smart Speaker Page or the step by step How to Guide: Read with Smart Speaker to access books from the human-narrated audio list.
To transfer Human Narrated Audio books to your Victor Stream, you’ll need to use an SD card reader or connect the Victor Reader to the computer using the supplied USB cable. You cannot directly download Human Narrated Books to your stream via the internet at this time.... more
Listen with DAISY AudioSet your download preferences on your Bookshare account to DAISY audio.Download your desired book in “audio” format.Locate the book you have downloaded in your “downloads” folder on your computer.Right click on the folder (or press Shift plus F10... more
Listen to books in MP3 or DAISY format in the default media playerNote: The Chromebook must have enough internal storage to save the book.Log into on your Chromebook.Find the book you wish to listen to and download it in “audio” format.Locate the book... more
Listen to books in MP3 or DAISY format with Voice Dream ReaderSet your download preference on your Bookshare account to MP3 or DAISY audio.Use your mobile browser on your phone/iPad to log into and download your desired book in “audio” format. The book... more
Browse our collection human-narrated titles:Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Kids Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Teens Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Adults All Human-Narrated Audiobooks
Listen to books in MP3 format with iTunes/Apple MusicSet your download preference to MP3 audio.Download a book from our human-narrated audio reading list in “audio” format.Audiobooks take a bit longer to prepare to download, so if the status of the book indicates “In... more
Bookshare has over 5,000 human-narrated audiobooks. You can listen to them in either MP3 or DAISY Audio formats on a variety of devices. The following steps will help you find and read on recommended devices and apps. There may be more compatible reading tools, and we... more
Welcome to the Bookshare Reader for Amazon Alexa beta!We ask that you make note of your experience: what worked well and what didn't, what you enjoyed and what we could improve. You will receive a regular survey soliciting feedback throughout the beta period. Thank you... more
Bookshare’s content, which includes books, newspapers, and magazines, is provided in several accessible formats, including DAISY, EPUB, and Word. (Learn more about Bookshare’s formats.)You can create a PDF version of any Bookshare book by downloading it in the Word... more
Benetech launched the Read2Go app in 2011 to offer members a free tool for reading Bookshare books on iOS devices. Since then, several app developers have introduced excellent apps that integrate directly with Bookshare and offer a superior reading experience to what... more
Through a partnership with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and via its Newsline service, we are able to provide access to dozens of newspapers and magazines through Bookshare.However, the NFB does not have the rights to distribute these publications outside... more
After you sign up for a Bookshare Individual Membership, regardless of your age, you’ll need to provide a Proof of Disability form signed by a Qualifying Professional, someone with experience in your area of disability. Typically, we would ask the Qualifying... more
All organizations must complete our Organizational Agreement Form before they can start downloading books for their members.Sponsors can download this form following the steps below:download the Organizational Agreement formOnce the Organizational Agreement form... more