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Sometimes the scanner will translate dust or stains on the book pages to strings of gibberish at the beginnings or ends of page. These should be deleted.Here's an example:*CultureCulture is the way a group of people lives. For example, having a Thanksgiving dinner is... more
TITLE: 20 point and boldSECTIONS, BOOKS or PARTS: 18 point and boldCHAPTERS: 16 point and boldSUBCHAPTERS or SUBSECTIONS: 14 point and boldBODY TEXT: 12 point (not bold)
When scanning, make sure to retain page breaks. This is a scanner setting. Do NOT retain line breaks.When proofreading, make sure that the page breaks are hard page breaks, which appear either as a dotted or solid blue line with the words "Page Break" in the middle of... more
When volunteerinng as a scanner, make sure to scan the title page. When proofreading, make sure the title page is present. If the book has no title page, the book must be rejected.Here's an example of info you might find on a title page:*Dear Mrs. LaRueLetters from... more
The copyright page is typically found at the front of a book before the text. It includes copyright date, copyright holder, etc.Here's an example of some info you might find on a copyright page:*For Tracy Mack, Brilliant Editor;David Saylor, Impeccable Designer; and... more
Tools utilizing the Bookshare API may require an update prior to the new categorization system to be reflected within the app.  For questions regarding timing of an update for the specific application please contact the developer directly.  
Please feel free to email us at feedback [at] with any comments or suggestions for the new categorization system.  
There are two ways to use categories to locate material in the Bookshare library.  The first option is to select the Browse link found under the general search bar, then select the subject category link.  This will provide links to each category where members can... more
Bookshare has added 16 new categories and added more content to our existing categories expanding Bookshare members’ abilities to browse the Bookshare collection. New categories include:Communication; Drama, Plays and Theater; Earth Sciences; Education; Foreign... more
All Bookshare Individual Memberships do expire once a year.  For our current US students with free accounts, this system is just to ensure we have the most up to date school information on record.  To renew your free subscription:Log into Bookshare Select the Renew... more
For all submitted forms please allow two business days for processing. If you do not receive email notification log in to your Bookshare account and locate the account status banner on the My Bookshare page or My Account page to verify the form has been processed.   If... more
No! Please remove all images before you submit your scanned book. You may include image descriptions. They must be written in complete sentences and placed in square brackets. Check out the instructions here.Proofreaders should also make sure they've deleted out all... more
There are two separate menus in Go Read—the Drawer menu and the More Options menu.Drawer MenuWithin the Drawer menu you can open your books and search for new titles in Bookshare’s library.To open the Drawer menu:Open Go Read.Select the Drawer Menu button on the left... more
Go Read recently received an update that may cause this error on member's devices. Please try closing and restaring the app. If this does not resolve the issue please remove the application from your device and re-install it from the Google Play store to resolve this... more
Video Tutorial: Where to find Proof of Disability for Individual Members × The Individual Proof of Disability form can be downloaded directly from your account. Log in to... more