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Where Do Bookshare Members Live?There are Bookshare members in over 70 countries around the world!ArgentinaAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBermudaBrazilCanadaChileChinaColombiaCosta RicaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkEcuadorFederated States of ... more
How Many Books Are Available To Me?Bookshare is able to provide books to users outside the U.S. because publishers donate their books to Bookshare and give us permission to share those books with Bookshare members.When you are logged into your account, searching and... more
Bookshare Subscription FeesMembership fees support the operation of Bookshare.   In the United States, the annual fee for members is $79.99 annually starting in early May 2023. Students with qualifying disabilities in the US can join for free through funding from the... more