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To protect publishers' interests under the terms of the copyright act, each book file downloaded is digitally fingerprinted with the information about the one student who will be receiving the book. With these fingerprints, Bookshare can detect illegal sharing and... more
Video Tutorial: Sign Up as an Individual × There are three steps to becoming a Bookshare member:1.    Register online.  Click “Sign Up Today”Click Sign Up... more
Video: How to Provide Proof of Disability × There are several methods for providing Proof of Disability when completing an Individual Membership for Bookshare.   Students of... more
There are three ways that a Sponsor can allow members to access Bookshare at home:The first way is to sign a student up for an individual membership.  For more information see "How do I create an Individual Membership for my student?"The second way is to have a Sponsor... more
Primary Contacts on Organizational Accounts (schools, community centers, rehab facilities etc) submit a signed Organizational Agreement Form by FAX, email attachment or U.S. mail.  or for private schools, you can send this information to Bookshare electronically by... more
Video Tutorial: Sign Up as an Organization × There are three basic steps to sign up your school and becoming a Bookshare organizational member:1.    Register online.  Click “... more
Yes! Students can read books on their own by logging in with the username and password provided by their teacher and/or if they have an Individual Membership.
A person with a qualified print disability, such as visual impairment, certain physical disabilities and severe learning disabilities would qualify for Bookshare.  Learn more about qualifications.
Parents can either upgrade their child's school (Organizational) account to include an Individual Membership, ask the teacher to initiate the Individual Membership, or create a new account with Bookshare if their child is not on an Organizational Account.All... more
Video Tutorial: Add Individual Membership to Student Accounts × If a student is on the roster of an existing Organizational Membership:A sponsor can set a limited access... more
Please see our general information at What does it Cost?
OSEP funding does not cover teachers’ personal use.Teachers with qualifying print disabilities can sign up for their own memberships (for which they or their school will need to pay the subscription fee).Note: If the teacher is also a U.S. student and enrolled in... more
Any staff member named as a "Sponsor" by an organization can download books for all of the students registered under the organizational account. To download a book, a staff member selects the student from the student list that the download is intended for.  All... more
To meet its obligations under the Copyright Act, Bookshare must collect certain personal information about its users, including its student users. Bookshare uses the information it collects to confirm that students have a qualifying print disability and that their use... more
If you pay for a membership and decide you don't like it for any reason, you can cancel for a full refund within the first 45 days. After 45 days, your membership fee will not be refunded.