Add Sponsors and Members to an Organizational Account

Sponsors (the term Bookshare uses to refer to educators on an account) are the people who can add students (members) and get books for them. Sponsors can also add additional educators as Sponsors. An account can have as many Sponsors and Members as desired.

Sponsors and members can be added one by one or in a group using a downloadable spreadsheet.

Add Sponsors and Members One by One


1) Select the "Sponsors" link on the "My Bookshare" page.

Screenshot of a Sponsors My Bookshare Page with sponsors link circled

2) Select “Add a Sponsor”.

Screnshot of the Sponsors Page with the add sponsor button circled.

3) Enter the information and select "Save." The new Sponsor will get an email prompting him/her to create a password.

Screenshot of add new sponsor pop up box where new sponsor information is entered.


4) Select “Members” from the “My Bookshare” page.

Screenshot of the My Bookshare page with the members link circled

5) Select “Add a Member”.

Manage members page with add member button circled

6) Enter information and select “Save”.

Add new member window with the account details form circled

Add a Group of Sponsors and Members

1) On the "Sponsors" or "Members" page, select the cloud icon to access the “Upload Roster” page.

Members page with cloud icon circled

2) Download the “New Member Roster Template”.

My bookshare page with new member/sponsor roster template link circled

3) The Template has three tabs: “Members”, “Sponsors”, and a “Help” tab. Select “Members” and “Sponsors” and enter names and information.

Bookshare spreadsheet template

4) Save and upload the file. Members and Sponsors will be added to your roster in 2-4 business days.

My Bookshare page with upload button circled