What is an Activation ID?

If you were originally registered for Bookshare as an Organizational Member (e.g. a student at a school), your Bookshare Sponsor can provide you an Activation ID that will link your new Individual Membership to the Organization. With this Activation ID your Organization has verified you Proof of Disability, and if you are over 18 your account would be immediately active. Members who are under 18 will still need to submit an Individual Agreement form to complete registration.

Please enter the Activation ID exactly as it was given to you (Activation IDs are case-sensitive and have no spaces). If your Activation ID is invalid or is unable to match against your birthdate, please ask the Sponsor who provided you with the ID whether he/she has your correct birth date on the account. If the birth date needs to be corrected, your Sponsor will give you a new Activation ID for you to use. If you still are unable to use the Activation ID, you may sign-up without it, but then please ask the sponsor to link your account to the organization.

Enter an Activation ID

If you need to sign up with an Activation ID, enter it here.