What reading tools can I use with a switch?

Many of our reading tools are switch-compatible, including Web Reader. It has ve keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the Text to Speech. We recommend binding your switch to these keys for greater accessibility. In Web Reader, Alt + P starts and stops the TTS.

To read a book in Web Reader: 

  1. Using a computer or a Chromebook, open Google Chrome or Safari (Mac only) and log in to Bookshare.
  2. Search for a book using the search box at the top of the page. 
  3. After finding a book in the search results, select the Read Now link below the book’s title. 
  4. Once your book has opened, select the Play button (the "speaker" icon in the top right) to start listening to the book.

    We recommend switch users install Voice Dream Reader (iOS or Android) on their mobile devices.