Read on an eBook Reader

Read on an Ebook Reader

Bookshare can be accessed on some ebook readers directly through a compatible app. If a compatible app is unavailable, books may need to be converted or side loaded onto the device.

Nook and other ebook readers with compatible apps

If your device has access to compatible apps on the Google Play store, such as the Nook, check out Bookshare's options on Android. These include Go Read and Dolphin Easy Reader


Compatible Bookshare apps are not available on Kindle; however, you can still read Bookshare books. Kindle comes in two variations, paper screens and the Android based Kindle Fire.

For the Kindle Fire, you can access Bookshare via the Silk browser and read with Bookshare Web Reader.

For the paper screen Kindles, Bookshare books must be converted to text and side loaded onto the device.

To convert a Bookshare book to text:

  1. Download the book in the DAISY Text format
  2. Unzip the book archive and open the .XML file with a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer.
  3. Select all the text in the file, including boilerplate language. To do this quickly from the keyboard, use Control+A. 
  4. Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard (Control+C). 
  5. Open a text editor or word processor and paste the text (Control+V). 
  6. Save the file with .TXT extension.

Is your ebook reader compatible with ePub?

Some modern ebook readers read the free and open source ePub file format. Go to the Bookshare website via a browser and download a Bookshare book in ePub onto the device to see if it opens.