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How can students upgrade their school account to include an Individual Membership?

Students who are 18 and over, or parents/guardians of students under 18 years old, can log into Bookshare and add an Individual Membership to their school account. There is no proof of disability form required for this process, as the student has already been verified on their school account. An Individual Membership allows them to access the full Bookshare collection in addition to the books assigned by their teachers. Note: A parent or legal guardian must initiate this process for students under 18.

  1. Log in to student’s Bookshare school account with the username and password assigned by a teacher
  2. Select the Sign Up link. You will see the student’s name and information pre populated on the form.
  3. Complete the requested information, including an email address, and digitally sign the online form.
  4. Select the “Create Account” button.

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