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Integrated Time-Based Signal Processing Circuits for Harsh Radiation Environments (Synthesis Lectures on Engineering, Science, and Technology)

by Arijit Karmakar Valentijn De Smedt Paul Leroux

This book covers the most recent, advanced methods for designing mixed-signal integrated circuits, for radiation-hardened sensor readouts (capacitive) and frequency synthesizers (quadrature, digitally controlled oscillators and all-digital PLL etc.). The authors discuss the ionizing radiation sources, complex failure mechanisms as well as several mitigation strategies for avoiding such failures. Readers will benefit from an introduction to the essential theory and fundamentals of ionizing radiation and time-based signal processing, with the details of the implementation of several radiation-hardened IC prototypes. The radiation-hardening methods and solutions described are supported by theory and experimental data with, underlying tradeoffs.Discusses the basics of time-based signal processing and its effectiveness in mitigating ionizing radiationProvides mitigation strategies and recommendations for reducing radiation induced effects in Integrated CircuitsIncludes coverage of devices used in measuring radiation, focusing on semiconductor-based radiation sensors

Temperature- and Supply Voltage-Independent Time References for Wireless Sensor Networks

by Valentijn De Smedt Georges Gielen Wim Dehaene

This book investigates the possible circuit solutions to overcome the temperature and supply voltage-sensitivity of fully-integrated time references for ultra-low-power communication in wireless sensor networks. The authors provide an elaborate theoretical introduction and literature study to enable full understanding of the design challenges and shortcomings of current oscillator implementations. Furthermore, a closer look to the short-term as well as the long-term frequency stability of integrated oscillators is taken. Next, a design strategy is developed and applied to 5 different oscillator topologies and 1 sensor interface. All 6 implementations are subject to an elaborate study of frequency stability, phase noise and power consumption. In the final chapter all blocks are compared to the state of the art.

The Valentine's Day Mystery

by Marion M. Markham

The twins, Mickey who wants to be a detective, and Kate who wants to be a scientist, are invited to their neighbor's Valentine's party. The guest of honor, a visiting musician can't give his mother's beautiful pin to Miss Wink for Valentine's Day because it has been stolen. The girls help the police solve the puzzle. This is an intelligent first mystery book rich in language and ideas. In six short chapters, young readers can read by themselves or read with adults who can help them understand motive, opportunity, gathering clues and interviewing suspects. Look for Mickey and Kate in The St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Mystery also available from Bookshare.

A Valentine's Day Fantasy

by Carolyn Haywood

A tale of how Valentine's Day came into existence and of how the heart became its symbol.

Fifth Valentine's Day

by Casper Graham

Matthew Singer loves his two boyfriends very much, he truly does. But he's uncomfortable with all the extravagant gifts he receives on their fifth Valentine's Day/anniversary together. Nothing he says or does seems to discourage them. The gifts, sweet as they may be, are getting more obnoxious every year. Then he comes up with the sweetest punishment to dole out to his stubborn lovers.Aiden Eastwood simply wants his boyfriends to feel loved. Since he has the money, he can spoil them both to his heart's content. Ironically, Edward Langston is an emotionally stunted psychiatrist, so to show his appreciation to his boyfriends, he buys them the most ridiculous gifts that he can think of.Will Matthew's punishment discourage his lovers from buying more insane gifts in the future? Or will it backfire on him spectacularly?

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!

by Laura Joffe Numeroff Felicia Bond

Join Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as he celebrates Valentine's Day with all the friends he loves. Picture descriptions added.

The Valentine's Day Disaster

by Brandi Dougherty

[from the back cover] "There's one thing Maddy loves: SOCCER. And there's one thing Maddy doesn't love: VALENTINE'S DAY. So what happens when the two collide? DISASTER, THAT'S WHAT! When Maddy's soccer league fund-raiser is cancelled so the student council can throw a Valentine's Day Dance, Maddy is furious. She's ready to boycott the dance! Maddy soon realizes, though, that everyone wants to go to the dance, including her BFF Sarah and her super-popular (and super-annoying) older sister Monica. It's one hilarious disaster after another as Maddy tries to save the soccer fundraiser and her friendship (and, by the way, why is Maddy's cute friend Josh acting so weird around her?)!"

Always Valentine's Day

by Kristin Hardy

Had his ship finally come in?For Christopher Trask, it was beginning to look that way. Though his professional life might be a shambles, his Valentine's Day family reunion on the high seas was looking most promising-especially once he met fellow passenger Larkin Hayes. The beautiful "it" girl was there to keep an eye on her often remarried father. But Christopher couldn't keep his eyes offher. ...Larkin was suspicious of Christopher from the start-and her father falling for his aunt was certainly complicating matters! Still, a cruise ship wasn't real life...and Christopher could kiss her senseless. So what was the harm in a little holiday fun? Surely her common sense would return once she was back on dry land....

Hating Valentine's Day

by Allison Rushby

Roses are redViolets are blueI hate Valentine's Day...Just like you.One of the top wedding photographers in town, Liv Hetherington, steadfastly single, hates Valentine's Day. This year she's putting her foot down and has vowed there'll be no dinner party set-ups, speed-dating frenzies or any other form of accidental dating organized by her father, flatmate or best friend.Liv's ecstatic, to say the least. Now she can concentrate on more important things like setting up her own studio and polishing off her Dickens collection. But are relationships really not for her? Drew, the new man in Liv's life, would beg to differ. As would Cupid, who's had enough of Liv being stubbornly single...Valentine's Day...bah, humbug. Or is that about to change?

Valentine's Day Gift

by Erick Carballo

A company calls all its employees to a Valentine's Day gift exchange contest in which it awards first place with a trip to Venice. Find out through this story who the first place winners will be.

The Valentine's Day Resolution

by Ava Hayden

Huxley carries invisible scars from a near-fatal car accident. He sleepwalks through a job at his father’s company, marking time until he can quit and pursue his own dreams. Everything changes the moment he makes eye contact with a stranger while riding to work. It’s as if he’s been shaken out of his stupor, and Huxley vows to find the man. Thanks to a thieving ex-lover, Paul’s florist shop is on the brink of closing down. He needs to milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth—and the irony that a day dedicated to love might help undo the damage of a failed relationship is not lost on him. When Huxley finds Paul at his shop, both men feel an instant attraction. Before long, they’re falling hard, but Huxley holds back. If Paul knew all the baggage he’s carrying, he might run. Paul’s gut tells him Huxley is hiding something. Huxley looks like a keeper, but Paul can’t go through another disastrous romance. When Valentine’s Day arrives, will they have anything to celebrate?

Valentine's Day Treats

by Tara Knudson

Author Tara Knudson and illustrator Pauline Siewert—the team behind Christmas Cookie Day and Easter Egg Day—offer these sweet rhymes, illustrations, and a cherry on top … a recipe to make your very own heart-shaped cereal treats with your little one!From sparkly cards to heart-shaped cakes to a party with friends, Valentine&’s Day Treats captures the joy and fun of holiday traditions. The fun, read-aloud rhymes and bright, adorable illustrations are perfect for evoking favorite holiday memories and—with the included recipe to make your very own heart-shaped cereal treats—creating new ones!Valentine's Day Treats:Front cover sparkles with glitterBack cover includes instructions on how to make your very own heart-shaped cereal treatsIs a perfect Valentine&’s Day reading tradition for kids ages 0 to 4Will find a home in preschool, kindergarten, Sunday school and daycare, with its hands-on. Kid-friendly baking activityStencils, stamps, For designs-Let's create, Valentines!Trace and paint, Sparkly heart, Cut and glue, Works of art!

The Valentine's Day Disaster

by Lori Wilde

A Twilight, Texas Novella Valentine's Day can be a real disaster ... even in a town like Twilight, Texas!These days, event planner Sesty Snow is no fan of hearts, flowers, or goo-goo eyes over dinner. She's learned to be in control of her life and her emotions. Still, running Twilight's annual Valentine's Day bachelor auction is right up her alley--until her high school sweetheart zooms back into town. He's still heart-stoppingly handsome, but it's clear he hasn't changed the daredevil ways that put the brakes on their first love.Injured NASCAR driver Josh Langtree isn't up for being anyone's sweetheart these days either. He's just looking for a place to lick his wounds ... until a misunderstanding lands him doing community service in Sesty's auction. Soon he finds himself standing in front of hundreds of screaming women--wearing a tux and a smile. And then there's Sesty--looking as tempting as ever.He says he's changed, and the sparks between them are flying fast and furious, but can Sesty trust Josh to take the wheel and drive her into the future she never dreamed possible?

Valentine's Day Can Be Murder

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

This Valentine's Day has disaster written all over it when Roger accidentally puts a mushy poem in Marsha's valentine box. It was meant for the pretty new girl, but now Marsha is claiming she's got a secret admirer. How can Roger explain himself?

The Story of Valentine's Day

by Clyde Robert Bulla

This easy-to-read book provides a brief history of the origins and customs surrounding Valentine's Day. Also included: directions for making a Victorian Valentine and a recipe for sugar cookies. This would be a fine book for a book report. This book should make an excellent embossed braille copy.

A Red Hot Valentine's Day

by Jackie Kessler Jess Michaels Lacy Danes Megan Hart

Cupid is hot to trot! One fateful weekend at a country estate, a beautiful, well-bred widow is caught between a rock and a very hard place when she must choose between two deliciously irresistible Lacy Danes's seductive tale of courtship À la mode, Torn Desires. Long-distance lovers Edie and Ty are counting the hours until their scorching Valentine's Day reunion, each titillating the other with steamy letters describing their erotic journeys. And getting there is definitely half the fun in Megan Hart's wickedly wild Get There. Eternal damnation has its perks-especially for a voluptuous succubus who is about to receive a very special, very hot Valentine's Day "gift" from her demon Jackie Kessler's ode to paranormal passion, Hell Is Where the Heart Is. London's most irresistible rake has one week to prevent the woman he loves from marrying another. And he plans to do so by adeptly employing his most well-practiced arts-seduction...sensation...and erotic love-in Jess Michaels's sumptuous feast of juicy Regency romance, By Valentine's Day.

It's Valentine's Day, Chloe Zoe!

by Jane Smith

Chloe Zoe's class is having a valentine exchange! Chloe Zoe made valentines for all her classmates, including an extra-special red-robot-cherry-lollipop valentine for her extra-special friend George. But when it comes time to hand them out, the special valentine for George is missing! Can Chloe Zoe and her friends work together to find the missing valentine?

A Horse for Valentine's Day

by Lauren St John

From the bestselling author of THE ONE DOLLAR HORSE trilogy and THE GLORY comes an exclusive ebook short story, perfect for Valentine's Day.Sixteen-year-old Ellie loves horses. But since her younger sister died three years ago, Ellie's mum and dad won't let her do anything on her own - let alone something as exciting as learning to ride.When the family goes on holiday to Devon, Ellie thinks she's going to be stuck indoors listening to her parents argue all day. But then a chance encounter with the handsome but mysterious Logan and his beautiful bay horse, Savannah Gold, offers a chance of adventure. Maybe this year Ellie's Valentine's Day won't be so bad after all...

A Horse for Valentine's Day

by Lauren St John

From the bestselling author of The One Dollar short story, perfect for Valentine's Day. Sixteen-year-old Ellie loves horses. But since her younger sister died three years ago, Ellie's mum and dad won't let her do anything on her own - let alone something as exciting as learning to ride. When the family goes on holiday to Devon, Ellie thinks she's going to be stuck indoors listening to her parents argue all day. But then a chance encounter with the handsome but mysterious Logan and his beautiful bay horse, Savannah Gold, offers a chance of adventure. Maybe this year Ellie's Valentine's Day won't be so bad after all...

My Baby Loves Valentine's Day

by Jabari Asim

The perfect Valentine's gift for your baby or toddler! In My Baby Loves Valentine's Day, celebrate all the lovely things that Baby discovers about Valentine's Day:Baby loves hearts made of paper and lace. Baby loves kisses and a loving embrace.Baby loves pretty red roses...Celebrate all the lovely things Baby discovers about Valentine's Day!This board book, the perfect gift for a new baby, features rhythmic poetry from Jabari Asim and adorable art from Tara Nicole Whitaker.

It Happened One Valentine's Day: An Avon Romance Valentine's Day Sampler

by Eloisa James

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Avon Books and an enchanting free e-book sampler, It Happened One Valentine's Day. With excerpts from fourteen new, upcoming, and fan favorite Avon and Avon Impulse novels and novellas, including an introduction from Eloisa James. It Happened One Valentine's Day: An Avon Romance Valentine's Day Sampler includes excerpts from: The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson Once Upon a Tower by Eloisa James Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost Bride by Moonlight by Liz Carlyle "V is for Vampwoman" (from Vampires Gone Wild) by Kerrelyn Sparks "A Forever Love" (from Vampires Gone Wild) by Pamela Palmer True Love at Silver Creek Ranch by Emma Cane "Love Me Tender" (from Kiss Me: An Avon Books Valentine Day Anthology) by Cheryl Harper Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan The Earl in My Bed by Sophie Jordan What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston Destiny's Embrace by Beverly Jenkins The Maclean Groom by Kathleen Harrington

The Night Before Valentine's Day

by Natasha Wing

All the kids are getting ready for the sweetest holiday of the year. Join in on the card-making fun and then come along to school the next morning for a day of parties and games!

Paxton's Excellent Valentine's Day Adventure

by Lori C. Hawkins

It's nearly Valentine's Day and tightly wound museum curator Paxton Thorvaldsen is working up the courage to give a box of chocolates to the hot new guy in the office when an urgent message arrives in his email. A lost earring belonging to the daughter of the last Czar of Russia has been recovered, and Paxton must raise three million dollars to reunite the piece with the matching earring already in the museum's collection. Flying across the country to convince a potential donor to fund the acquisition, Paxton catches the fancy of charming millionaire slacker Ozzie van Outen, who's determined to help Paxton achieve his goal. Unfortunately, Ozzie's efforts to help turns into a comedy of errors that seems destined to leave both Paxton's fundraising venture and his love life a wreck.

Cupig: The Valentine's Day Pig

by Claire Tattersfield

A comically mismatched Valentine’s Day picture book with a clever and hilarious take on Cupid. Introducing Cupig the Valentine’s Day pig! <p><p> Cupig absolutely loves Valentine’s Day. Every year she enjoys spreading love and cheer to every creature, far and near. But when a storm blows through and sends her arrows off course, Cupig accidentally puts arrows in hearts that don’t need to be mended. Peanut Butter has stopped loving Jelly! Salt and Pepper have broken up! Needle and Thread are falling apart at the seams! <p><p> Will Cupig ever fix her mistakes and get these classic pairs back together again? <p><p> With clever rhyming text and comically expressive art, Cupig is sure to be a Valentine’s Day classic for years to come! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift and for fans of Little Blue Truck’s Valentine, How to Catch a Loveosaurus, and Love from the Crayons! <p> <b>New York Times Bestseller</b>

The Trouble With Valentine's Day

by Rachel Gibson

New York Times extended bestselling and RITA award winning author Rachel Gibson's smart, sassy contemporary romances are making her one of the genre's fastest rising stars. When everything about her life in Las Vegas just seems to be going wrong, Kate Hamilton leaves her job as a PI and points her car toward Gospel, Idaho. Gospel is the kind of town where a girl can take it easy and just be herself, or so she hopes. But when she gets there, people get the impression that she's a bit of a ball-buster. And she is, at first. But Gospel has a way of softening people up. One of those ways is Rob Sutter. He's a spectacular-looking former hockey player with a wild past of his own, who now lives a quiet (albeit slightly macho) life running his sporting goods store and fly-fishing. Kate and Rob are so wrong for each other that there must be something right. If only they can start seeing each other for who they really are...