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Heroes with Disabilities

Description: Learn about the experiences of children with disabilities. This list is a collection of fiction and nonfiction books for children and teens. #kids #teens #disability

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Title Author Date Added Action
Susan Laughs Jeanne Willis 04/22/2021
The Push Patrick Gray 04/22/2021
My Ocean Is Blue Darren Lebeuf 04/22/2021
My Friend Suhana Shaila Abdullah 04/22/2021
Meeting Mimi Francie Dolan 04/22/2021
Mama Zooms Jane Cowen-Fletcher 04/22/2021
Hello Goodbye Dog Maria Gianferrari 04/22/2021
A Different Way of Seeing Patricia Souder 05/18/2017
Extraordinary People with Disabilities Deborah Kent and Kathryn A. Quinlan 05/18/2017
The Story of My Life Helen Keller 05/18/2017
What I Learned in America Jalil Mortazavi 05/18/2017
Disabled, Female and Proud! Harilyn Rousso and Susan Gushee O'Malley and Mary Severance 05/18/2017
Arts, Culture, and Blindness Simon Hayhoe 05/18/2017
Deaf Child Crossing Marlee Matlin 05/18/2017
The Imprisoned Guest Elisabeth Gitter 05/18/2017
Out of Darkness Russell Freedman 05/18/2017
50 Impressive Kids and Their Amazing (and True!) Stories Saundra Mitchell 05/18/2017
Freak the Mighty Rodman Philbrick 05/18/2017
Blind Man Running Michael Mcintire 05/18/2017
A Brief History of Dog Guides for the Blind Nelson Coon 05/18/2017
A Brush With Darkness Lisa Fittipaldi 05/18/2017
Helen Keller Katharine E. Wilkie 05/18/2017
I Have A Sister -- My Sister Is Deaf Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson 05/18/2017
Moving over the Edge Pamela K. Walker 05/18/2017
Seeing Beyond Sight Tony Deifell 05/18/2017

Showing 26 through 50 of 51 results