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Resources for Returning Veterans

Description: A special collection for veterans returning from military service and adjusting to civilian life.

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Iraq, Afghanistan What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It Trish Wood and Bobby Muller 05/25/2017
Iraq, Afghanistan Fixing Hell: An Army Psychologist Confronts Abu Ghraib Gregory A. Freeman and Larry C. James 05/25/2017
Military Equipment & Hardware Silent Voices: Stories and Recognition for War Dogs of Vietnam and Canine Soldiers Today Alan Blain Cunningham 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History War Dogs: Canines in Combat Michael G. Lemish 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII William W. Putney 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History No Buddy Left Behind: Bringing U. S. Troop's Dogs and Cats Safely Home from the Combat Zone Terri Crisp and C. J. Hurn 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of America's Canine Heroes Maria Goodavage 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior And The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him Bret Witter and Luis Carlos Montalván 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History The Dogs of War: The Courage, Love, and Loyalty of Military Working Dogs Lisa Rogak 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Navy Seal Dogs: My Tale Of Training Canines For Combat Michael Ritland 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy Seal Canines Gary Brozek and Michael Ritland 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History From Baghdad, with Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava Jay Kopelman and Melinda Roth 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History Sergeant Rex Damien Lewis and Mike Dowling 05/25/2017
Military Strategy & History None Came Home: The War Dogs Of Vietnam John E. O'Donnell 05/25/2017
Returning Resources The Job Developer's Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment Cary Griffin and David Hammis and Tammara Geary 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Down Range: A Transitioning Veteran's Career Guide to Life's Next Phase James D. Murphy and William M. Duke 05/25/2017
Returning Resources The Strategic Student Veteran: Successfully Transitioning From The Military To College Academics David Cass 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Courage After Fire: Coping Strategies for Troops Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and Their Families Suzanne Best and Paula Domenici and Keith Armstrong 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in Your Workplace Ron Zemke and Claire Raines and Bob Filipczak 05/25/2017
Returning Resources How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military: Armed Forces Locator Directory Richard Johnson 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Down Range: To Iraq and Back Bridget C. Cantrell and Chuck Dean 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Career Counseling for People with Disabilities: A Practical Guide to Finding Employment Karen E. Wolffe 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Flashback: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, and the Lessons of War Penny Coleman 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel and Their Dependents 2006-2008 R. David Weber and Gail Ann Schlachter 05/25/2017
Returning Resources Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families 2006-2008 R. David Weber and Gail Ann Schlachter 05/25/2017

Showing 26 through 50 of 84 results