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Description: A collection featuring biographies, fiction and non-fiction by and about members of the deaf-blind community. For books by and about members of the deaf community, visit: https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/249852 #disability

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Biography / Autobiography And The Journey Begins Cyril Axelrod 05/25/2017
Fiction Beauty is a Verb Michael Northen and Sheila Black and Jennifer Bartlett 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Beyond the Miracle Worker Kim E. Nielsen 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Bigger than the Sky: Disabled Women on Parenting Michele Wates and Rowen Jade 05/25/2017
Fiction Bird in the Hand Paul Hostovsky 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller Georgina Kleege 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Breaking the Silence Jo Milne 05/25/2017
Can You Feel the Thunder? (First Edition) Lynn E. Mcelfresh 03/09/2018
Fiction Charmed Destinies Mercedes Lackey and Rachel Lee and Catherine Asaro 05/25/2017
Young Reader Child of the Silent Night Edith Fisher Hunter 05/25/2017
Young Reader The Cloak of Dreams: Chinese Fairy Tales Mariette Lydis and Béla Balázs and Jack Zipes 05/25/2017
Culture Crying Hands: Eugenics and Deaf People in Nazi Germany Horst Biesold and Williams Sayers 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction Deaf-Blind Infants and Children John Mcinnes and J. A. Treffry 05/25/2017
Sign Language / Training Deaf-Blind Interpreting Workbook: Student Readings and Worksheets Mary Bauer and Karen Chriest Stueland and Jackie Engler-Morris and Janie Neal and Jelica Nuccio and Cynthia Wallace 05/25/2017
Culture Deaf-Blind Reality: Living the Life Scott M. Stoffel 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography Deliverance from Jericho: Six Years in a Blind School Bruce Atchison 05/25/2017
A Dog Called Homeless Sarah Lean 03/09/2018
Biography / Autobiography The Education Of Laura Bridgman: First Deaf And Blind Person To Learn Language Ernest Freeberg 05/25/2017
Young Reader For Pete's Sake Linda Verville 05/25/2017
Non-Fiction From Homer to Helen Keller Richard Slayton French 05/25/2017
Young Reader A Girl Named Helen Keller (Hello Reader Level 3) Margo Lundell 05/25/2017
Young Reader Give Me a Sign, Helen Keller! Peter Roop and Connie Roop 05/25/2017
Biography / Autobiography God Knows His Name: The True Story of John Doe No. 24 Dave Bakke 05/25/2017
Sign Language / Training Guidelines: Practical Tips for Working and Socializing with Deaf-Blind People Theresa B. Smith 05/25/2017
Sign Language / Training Hand in Hand Elga Joffee and Jeanne Glidden Prickett and Therese Rafalowski Welch and Kathleen Mary Huebner 05/25/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 73 results