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Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Purple System Grade 5

Description: Leveled Literacy Intervention Purple System for Grade 5 by Fountas & Pinnell #kids #teachers

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Level W, Nonfiction: Expository Dangerous Jobs Jean Lawler 09/04/2019
Level U, Nonfiction: Expository Mystery in the Desert Judith Lechner 03/13/2019
Level S Nonfiction: Expository/Procedural Big Problems Mia Lewis 08/14/2019
Level U, Non-Fiction: Narrative Dreamfields Mia Lewis 08/28/2019
Level S, Nonfiction: Expository/Persuasive Farming in the City Mia Lewis 08/28/2019
Level V, Fiction: Novel Study Gossamer Lois Lowry 12/12/2018
Level U, Nonfiction: Narrative The Dead Can Speak Marcia Lusted 03/11/2019
Level P, Fiction: Realistic Fire in the Belly Sid Lustig 03/13/2019
Level S, Nonfiction: Expository Locked Horns / Mortal Combat: Moose and Their Antlers Sid Lustig 02/20/2019
Level P, Nonfiction: Expository Eating to Win Callie McCafferty 03/22/2019
Level V, Fiction: Myth Persephone's Return Anna McCart 03/13/2019
Level S, Fiction: Folktale Rich Man, Poor Man / The Miserly Baker Susan McCloskey 03/13/2019
Level P, Fiction: Folktale Three Strong Women Susan McCloskey 02/15/2019
Level Q, Fiction: Fantasy Wonder Ride Katie McLaughlin 02/15/2019
Level P, Fiction: Folktale Sweet Rain Byrd Mills 03/13/2019
Level U, Nonfiction: Expository Two of a Kind Allen Mogol 08/29/2019
Level P, Nonfiction: Expository The Not-So-Cuddly Cassowary Carmen Morais 08/13/2019
Level S Nonfiction: Expository The Sweet History of Cake Carmen Morais 08/14/2019
Level P, Nonfiction: Narrative Texting Superstar Carmen Morais 02/19/2019
Level P, Nonfiction: Biography Traffic in the Sky Carmen Morais 02/20/2019
Level T, Nonfiction: Persuasive Black Gold: Oil in the Arctic / Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Keeping It Wild Stephen Morris 02/20/2019
Level W, Fiction: Realistic Swim Free Anne O'Brien 03/13/2019
Level R, Fiction: Realistic/Play The Open Doors Jane O'Reilly 03/13/2019
Level U, Nonfiction: Expository Hats Off Joseph Owens 03/13/2019
Level Q, Fiction: Novel Study Archer's Quest Linda Park 12/12/2018

Showing 76 through 100 of 154 results