Supplement Learning with an Individual Membership

Teacher and two students doing video call.


Are your students  learning to their full potential during COVID-19? 

Whether your students struggle to stay engaged with online learning or finish classwork too quickly with nothing left to do, you can enhance their learning. 


With an Individual Membership.


An Individual Membership Benefits Learning

student on couch doing homework with tablet.

Fill in learning gaps.

Students can download additional books to read on a topic to help fill in the learning pieces they may have missed in class.

Two students wearing face masks next to school bus.

Master subjects.

Students can access books on their own to supplement subjects they learn in the classroom.

Student and teacher wearing masks in classroom.

Develop a lifelong love of reading.

Students can read stories and topics that interest them outside of the classroom.

How to Get Your Students an Individual Membership

  • Login to Bookshare
  • Select Members on My Bookshare
  • Place check mark next to student name(s)
    • Note: Students who already have Individual Memberships will have Org + Individual next to their name
  • Select More Actions, then Individual Memberships
  • In pop-up box, enter option to send email or download form to get parent permission, then choose Submit

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