Step 2: Scan a Book

Scan a Book

Here are the basics. For more information and to answer questions visit the Tips for Scanning and Proofreading section, which has more detailed information about the above steps, as well as other issues, such as footnotes, endnotes, graphics, etc.

  • Choose scanner settings (refer to the manufacturer's instructions, as brands/models vary)
    • Retain page breaks
    • Include page numbers (do not use headers or footers) unless your book is under 35 pages
    • Remove images (you may need to go back and remove these manually)
    • Save in rich text format (RTF)
  • Scan all pages, including blank pages
  • Do a post-scan check – review for the following:
    • All copyright information and a separate title page are included
    • Page breaks, page numbers and paragraph breaks that match the original book (do not use headers or footers) are included
    • Images have been removed. For image description instructions see Image Description Guidelines
    • No accidental bolding or italics have occurred
    • Especially check that no word has some letters bolded/italicized/underscored/struck through and normal, as that will separate the altered letters and the normal ones into two words
    • Minimal scan errors (scannos)