Bolding and Italics in Volunteer Books

Make sure there are no partially bolded or italicized words. Words should have each letter either all bolded, all italicized, or all normal. Random bolding and italicizing happens when a scanner presses too hard on the book when scanning it and the scanner misreads the word as emphasized in the text. If the word is not one that you would emphasize when speaking aloud, it probably should not be italicized or bolded. If bolding or italics start partway through a sentence, they most likely should be removed. Whole pages should almost never be entirely bold or italicized. 

Here's an example:


Today it was "sit" and "roll over," all day long.


"Today it" is bolded but it doesn't make sense to bold those words. Most likely the scanner pressed a little too hard on that part of the page and the proofreader can remove the bolding. When in doubt, email the scanner.