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YES, USE ASTERISKS!To show a break in the text, such as a doodad or a bullet point or large blank space. Replace whatever was there with an asterisk. Keep in mind that not every blank lines shows a break in the text. This will be an extra large blank space or symbol,... more
FOOTNOTES are located at the bottom of a page, with a corresponding indicator like an asterisk, dagger, or number present in the text.Separate the text of the page from that of the footnotes on the bottom by adding a line with three asterisks on it after the text and... more
It's very important to keep all blank pages and note that they are blank by writing "blank page" in square brackets. If you remove them you'll throw off the page numbering. Writing "blank page" lets the reader know that the page is supposed to be blank, and information... more
The converter will delete tabs, so in a table of contents replace any tabs with spaces. Also, if the doc automatically adds an indent at the top of the page, indents all the text, or indents some of the paragraphs, don’t worry because the converter will delete the... more
Make sure there are no partially bolded or italicized words. Words should have each letter either all bolded, all italicized, or all normal. Random bolding and italicizing happens when a scanner presses too hard on the book when scanning it and the scanner misreads the... more
Bullets will be lost during conversion unless they are changed to asterisks; please change them!      *   (this is an asterisk) (this is a bullet)
Sometimes the scanner will translate dust or stains on the book pages to strings of gibberish at the beginnings or ends of page. These should be deleted.Here's an example:*CultureCulture is the way a group of people lives. For example, having a Thanksgiving dinner is... more
TITLE: 20 point and boldSECTIONS, BOOKS or PARTS: 18 point and boldCHAPTERS: 16 point and boldSUBCHAPTERS or SUBSECTIONS: 14 point and boldBODY TEXT: 12 point (not bold)
When scanning, make sure to retain page breaks. This is a scanner setting. Do NOT retain line breaks.When proofreading, make sure that the page breaks are hard page breaks, which appear either as a dotted or solid blue line with the words "Page Break" in the middle of... more
When volunteerinng as a scanner, make sure to scan the title page. When proofreading, make sure the title page is present. If the book has no title page, the book must be rejected.Here's an example of info you might find on a title page:*Dear Mrs. LaRueLetters from... more
The copyright page is typically found at the front of a book before the text. It includes copyright date, copyright holder, etc.Here's an example of some info you might find on a copyright page:*For Tracy Mack, Brilliant Editor;David Saylor, Impeccable Designer; and... more
No! Please remove all images before you submit your scanned book. You may include image descriptions. They must be written in complete sentences and placed in square brackets. Check out the instructions here.Proofreaders should also make sure they've deleted out all... more
No! If you have checked out a book and no longer want to proofread it (because the subject matter doesn't interest you, because it's not what you expected, or for whatever reason), feel free to release it back to the Checkout Queue for someone else to proofread. To... more
Yes! Bookshare is a project of Benetech, which is a nonprofit organization. We are able to provide letters and sign paperwork confirming community service as needed, provided you follow our procedures.We can provide proof of your volunteer hours if you do the following... more
Proofreaders have two weeks to proofread their book. At the end of two weeks you will receive an email stating that you have had the book for 2 weeks and you must either check the book in if you're finished proofing it, or renew it for more time to finish proofing it.... more