How do I renew my account?

If you are a US teacher or a sponsor you may renew your students' accounts from your roster.

To continue as a US student, please update your school information:

  1. Log into Bookshare 
  2. Select the Update link at the top of the My Bookshare or My Account page
  3. Update your school information and submit.

To renew as a non-US student:

If you joined Bookshare through a partner organization, please contact the organization about renewing your account. (For members in Australia, Denmark, Finland, India, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.)

If you live in a low or middle-income country (as designated by the World Bank), you can pay a discounted rate. Please Contact Us to arrange for the discount.

All other members: You can renew online in 5 easy steps:

  1. Log into Bookshare 
  2. Select the My Account link 
  3. Select the Subscription link 
  4. Choose the renew option below your subscription information 
  5. Select the Preview Order button, then the Submit button from the next page.   

Contributing To the Success of Bookshare

If you truly enjoy Bookshare and would like to assist others in accessing this great tool, please visit our Gift Membership information or our general Donation information.