What kind of account should my students use?

There are three main types of student Bookshare accounts: Individual Memberships, Organizational Memberships, and Linked Accounts. Students with each kind of account have different access to the full Bookshare collection. We recommend reviewing the chart below to help decide what kind of account works best for your student.

Compare Individual Membership Organizational Membership Linked Account Description Student's personal Bookshare account Student membership account through an Organization Student's personal Individual Membership account linked with an Organizational account Benefits

  • Search for and read books independently from the full Bookshare collection
  • Account stays with them throughout school and beyond
  • Teachers manage account and can easily reset student's username/password
  • Access to NIMAC-sourced books (K-12 textbooks)*
  • Proof of Disability from school
  • Access to full collection (including NIMAC-sourced books*)
  • Teachers can assign books
  • Proof of Disability from school
  • Teachers can renew subscriptions


  • No direct access to NIMAC-sourced books
  • Parent must provide Proof of Disability
  • None

* For more information about which students have access to NIMAC-sourced books, please visit Access to NIMAC books page.

Still have questions about whether your students needs an Individual or Organizational Membership account? Visit our Help Center to read more about the Benefits of Having an Individual Membership.