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Add Members to Private School or Other Types of Organizational Accounts: Private school educators must submit a Group Proof of Disability form to add Members and Sponsors to their organizational accounts. NOTE: At this time, we are offering an alternative process for... more
After creating a new organizational Bookshare account online, typically the person who created the account (whom we call the Primary Contact) would be required to print, sign, scan and return an Organization Agreement form. However, in recognition of the extraordinary... more
Video Tutorial: Where to find the Organizational Agreement × All Organizations must complete our Organizational Agreement form before they can start downloading books for... more
All Sponsors of your Organization can access the entire account’s download history online. To save a report of your Organization’s download history:Log in to the Sponsor's Bookshare account.Select the My Bookshare link on the top right corner of the page.Select the... more
There are three main types of student Bookshare accounts: Individual Memberships, Organizational Memberships, and Linked Accounts. Students with each kind of account have different access to the full Bookshare collection. We recommend reviewing the chart below to help... more
Here are the reasons why an Uploaded Roster might be rejected: If there is required information missing that is needed before we can approve and upload the data onto the accountIf an error occurred and the uploaded file is left blank with 0 members and 0 sponsorsIf the... more
The teacher in question either created an account on their own, or is already on someone else's account. Please call us at 650-352-0198 and request they be removed from the account they are currently on. Once removed you will be able to add them to your account with... more
Organizational accounts will never expire.  If your organization has purchased book blocks, those blocks will be available until all downloads have been used.  
Unfortunately, currently Bookshare does require a unique email address for each person's account. If the schools you work with are all within the same school district, it may be best to create a single district wide account.However, if you work with multiple districts... more
To view your download history select the "My History" link from your task bar.Selecting the "Available" or "Downloaded" link from the status section of a book will initiate the download onto your computer.  If the status section indicates "In Progress" our servers are... more
To change your personal information such as name, password, email or address on Bookshare first log into your Bookshare account, then:Select the "My Account" link Select the "My Information" linkEnter your Bookshare email address and passwordModify the information as... more
For educators creating a new organizational account, you will be guided to the appropriate process and are required to submit the Organizational Agreement Form. For educators adding new students to an existing organizational account, you will be guided to submit Proof... more
Primary Contacts on Organizational Accounts (schools, community centers, rehab facilities etc) submit a signed Organizational Agreement Form by FAX, email attachment or U.S. mail.  or for private schools, you can send this information to Bookshare electronically by... more
Any staff member named as a "Sponsor" by an organization can assign and/or download books for all of the students registered under the organizational account. All Bookshare content must be downloaded for a specific qualified member. 
Quicklists make it easier for Sponsors to manage the members they support. Quicklist members will also appear at the top of the list of Members from whom to choose during the download process, making it easier for Sponsors to find the right member(s). Each Sponsor can... more