What is an Organizational Membership account?

Organizational Members (OM's) are qualified Bookshare users who are registered on an Organization's Bookshare account. Sponsors, generally teachers or other school staff, add students to their school's roster as Organizational Members. Other organizations such as libraries, community centers, group homes, hospitals or rehabilitation facilities can also create an Oraganizational Account. 

Organizational Members can log in to their own Bookshare account once a Sponsor creates a username and password for them. However, Organizational Members have limited access to our books as they can only download books that have been assigned to them

Organizational Memberships are free for schools and their students. For non school based organizations, there may be a cost. For more information, please visit our Subscription Fees page. 

Trying to decide what kind of account to sign up for? Review our Account Comparison chart for more information on the benefits and drawbacks of each account type.