Can I Still Use Read2Go to Read Bookshare Books?

Benetech launched the Read2Go app in 2011 to offer members a free tool for reading Bookshare books on iOS devices. Since then, several app developers have introduced excellent apps that integrate directly with Bookshare and offer a superior reading experience to what Read2Go offers. As a result, we have decided not to make any further updates to the Read2Go app, and we are encouraging members to transition to one of these apps:

Read2Go is still available in the Apple App store as of this writing, but it has not been updated in some time. Members who wish to continue using Read2Go are certainly welcome to do so, but as Apple continues to make more updates to iOS, the Read2Go app is likely to perform more and more poorly.

We thank you for understanding, and we believe that Bookshare members will find that any one of the alternate apps listed above offers everything Read2Go does, and much, much more.