FAQs about Bookshare’s Updated Fee

What is the new membership fee for Individual Members? 

The Individual Membership fee has increased to $79.99. 


When will the new fee be effective? 

The new fee is effective May 10, 2023 and will be applied to new memberships, or when existing members renew their annual membership. 


Why is the fee being increased? 

The fee is being increased to help support the growing costs of running the world’s largest collection of accessible ebooks. 


What do I get with the fee increase?

Members will get continued access to the Bookshare collection, free reading tools, and world-class support. In addition, Bookshare will be increasing monthly download limits from 100 to 150 books. The monthly download limit will be added when you renew at the $79.99 membership level.

In what countries does the new fee apply? 

The fee applies to Individual Members in the United States and other upper-income countries as defined by the World Bank. This does not apply to individuals who get their membership through a library partner in the United States or another country. 


Is Bookshare still free for U.S. students with qualifying disabilities? 

Bookshare will continue to be free for U.S. students with qualifying disabilities and schools through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), US Department of Education. 


Is there a discount available to people who need financial assistance? 

Individuals who need financial assistance can request a 25% discount that brings the annual fee to $59.99. The discount is based upon approval and is for one-time use. Request a discount. 

Can I support others who need assistance paying for Bookshare? 

Yes. You can support others by making a tax deductible donation.