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Bookshare offers nearly 10,000 public domain books that anyone, including non-members, can read with Bookshare Web Reader and other compatible tools. Learn how to find and read freely available Bookshare books. Check out these hand-curated lists of recommended freely available titles:

Online Libraries & Resources


  • VitalSource - free etext access for non-profit institutions through May 25
  • RedShelf - free, convenient access to online learning materials
  • Cengage - information on free online platforms during COVID-19
  • Pearson - resources for learning during pandemic
  • McGraw-Hillfree access and training for their online platforms
  • Macmillan Learning - free access to online resources for those with print copies
  • Harper Collins - resources for K12 and college students
  • Simon & Schuster - changes in online reading guidelines
  • Scholastic - day-to-day projects to keep children reading, learning, and growing
  • Taylor & Francis - free access to scholarly journals and content related to coronavirus
  • Wiley - information on free access during COVID-19
  • American Association of Publishers - even more info on trade, academic, and scholarly publisher offerings