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July, 2015

June, 2015

Become a Piece of the Solution!

Add Bookshare to Your Product & Become a Piece of the Solution!

Join the Bookshare Developer Network, and put more than 430,000 titles into the hands of your customers who have print disabilities.  When we put all of the pieces of the ecosystem "puzzle" together, we all win.

  • Create a Mashery account on
  • Once you are ready to start testing your product with the Bookshare API:
    • Contact to request demo accounts to try out all different Bookshare "roles" that will use your product:
      • Individual Member (individual member who has signed up independently)
      • Organizational Member (e.g. a student in a school)
      • Organizational Sponsor (e.g. an educator at a school or facility)
  • When you are ready for performance testing or to move into Beta:
    • Contact to request an NDA.  This NDA will allow you:
      • Access to a significantly-larger portion of the collection
      • Your own accounts with which to test the above roles
  • Finally, when your product is ready for prime-time, we will work with you to determine the level of partner program you want to join.
    • These levels are under development now, but may involve co-marketing, joint webinars, revenue referrals, conference materials, etc.

Thank you for offering the Bookshare Collection to your customers!