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District List: NYC Summer in the City Reading List

Description: A list of books from New York City's summer reading for #kids

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Category Title Author Date Added Action
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Abe Lincoln's Dream Lane Smith 07/07/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) The Matchbox Diary Paul Fleischman and Bagram Ibatoulline 06/23/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Everything Pets Virginia Morell and James Spears 06/07/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Planting the Trees of Kenya Claire A. Nivola 06/06/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Pablo Neruda Monica Brown 06/06/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Butterfly Boy Virginia Kroll 06/06/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Bobby the Brave Lisa Yee and Dan Santat 06/02/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Testing the Ice Sharon Robinson 06/02/2017
Blue Bunk (Grades 4-5) Because of Winn-Dixie Kate DiCamillo 06/02/2017
Bronze Bunk (Grades 6-7) The Yellow Star Carmen Agra Deedy and Henri Sorensen 06/22/2017
Bronze Bunk (Grades 6-7) Ninth Ward Jewell Parker Rhodes 06/22/2017
Bronze Bunk (Grades 6-7) Helen's Big World Doreen Rappaport and Matt Tavares 06/22/2017
Bronze Bunk (Grades 6-7) Anything But Typical Nora Raleigh Baskin 06/22/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) When The Beat Was Born Theodore Taylor and Laban Carrick Hill 06/29/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) Just Write Walter Dean Myers 06/22/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick 06/22/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) Heroes of the Environment Harriet Rohmer and Julie Mclaughlin 06/22/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) Esperanza Rising (Scholastic Gold) Pam Muñoz Ryan 06/22/2017
Gold Bunk (Grades 8-9) Bearwalker Joseph Bruchac and Sally Wern Comport 06/22/2017
Grade 1 Do the Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 2 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 3 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 4 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Grade 5 Do The Math Marilyn Burns 06/02/2017
Green Bunk (Grades 3-4) Sonia Sotomayor Jonah Winter 07/06/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 116 results