Lifelong Learning with Bookshare

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This back to school, set up your students for a lifetime of learning with the tool that will make reading easier for the rest of their lives.


Bookshare for Life 

Bookshare makes reading and learning easier for people with learning differences. See how Bookshare is used by young children, teens, college students, adult professionals, and seniors who thought they would not have the opportunity to read and learn. Select each of these Bookshare member profiles.


What’s new with Bookshare?

Bookshare Reader on mobile, laptop, and smart speaker.

Bookshare Reader Suite

Read what you want, where you want with our newest reading tool.

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Human-Narrated Audiobooks

Bookshare members can listen to over 9,000 audiobooks read by actors, authors, and celebrities.

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Discover More

Get personalized ebook recommendations based on your reading history and trending books.


Back-to-School Resources

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Educators and parents can follow these checklists for a successful back-to-school season with Bookshare.

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Popular Reading Tools

Find out which reading tools are popular amongst educators.

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Request a Book

Can’t find a book you need? Request one.

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Learning Center

Learn about the resources and tools Bookshare has to offer.

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Need help? Contact us online or call us at 1-650-352-0198 (Hours: M-F, 9am – 5pm PST).

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Parent Resources

Share these helpful resources to parents.


Back-to-School Reading Lists 

Need help finding books to assign to your students? Start with these back-to-school Reading Lists. 


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