How Do I Request a Book?

Requesting a Book

You will need to be logged into your Bookshare account. 

We appreciate when you search the collection before making a request. Here are some tips for best search practices.

Request a book using the book request form.  Title and/or ISBN are required; it is helpful if you have author, publisher and copyright year as well.  If we need additional information to fulfill your request, we'll contact you promptly.

How Do I Search the Bookshare Library?

How Do I Search the Bookshare Library?

You can choose to use the standard search box, which looks for your word or phrase in both the catalog record and in the text of the book itself.

You can also use the Advanced Search page to search within specific fields: title, author, publisher and synopsis, and narrow your results by language, category or grade level.

You can browse by category, author, special collection and other grouping.

Member Stories

Understand Bookshare through Our Members

This will be a section featuring member stories. There will be copy introducing these stories here. These stories may be represented as videos, MP3s, text, or something else. 

Our Leadership

Meet Our Leadership

Founded in 1989 by Jim Fruchterman, a  recipient of the Miguel Medal—the highest honor in the blindness field—from the American Foundation for the Blind, Bookshare® is led by a highly motivated team of engineers and professionals, all committed to working collaboratively to bring critically important technology to social applications. Bookshare's leaders have strong Silicon Valley experience and close connections with technology leaders who share the enthusiasm for the mission of using technology to better serve humanity.

Our Partners

We're Better Together

Partners play a critical role in helping Bookshare achieve its mission of increasing timely access to accessible materials for all individuals with print disabilities. Working together, Bookshare and its partners offer programs that better serve current and prospective Bookshare Members, as well as the family, friends and teachers who assist them.

The Bookshare Partner Program offers a number of ways to collaborate, such as:


1. [Headline/Subhead touting the benefits of training. I.e. "Become a Bookshare Pro. Whether you're a student, teacher, AT specialist or parent, learn how to enhance your experience through training."]

2. [Main feature area with main image. This could tout an upcoming training session, webinar, or similar timely content item related to training.]

3. [Training resources organized by topic. These could include content items 3.81, 3.4.7, 3.3.5, 3.2.5, 3.5.10, 3.6.5, etc.]