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Double Victory: A Multicultural History of America In World War II

by Ronald T. Takaki

It is no small irony, historian Ronald Takaki observes, that the armed struggle for democracy abroad "was accompanied by a disregard for our nation's declaration that 'all men are created equal' in the form of institutional racism of many kinds, from the segregation of African American units to the imprisonment of Japanese Americans and the refusal to grant asylum to Jewish refugees. In "Double Victory", Takaki examines the many contributions of America's minorities to the war effort, celebrating the work of Mexican farm laborers and Anglo women welders, of Navajo code talkers and Filipino foot soldiers, who proclaimed themselves to be "men, not houseboys", of Chinese American combat nurses and Asian Indian gunners. These men and women, Takaki writes, made extraordinary sacrifices in their battle against enemies without and enemies within. Although their efforts were not always appreciated at the time, they helped set in motion the struggle for civil rights that would explode two decades later.

The Doublecross Program

by Chris Bunch

M'chel Riss and the Star Risk team are enjoying a little well-deserved R&R . . . until funds get a bit low. Then it's time to swing back into action. The next thing they know, they're in the middle of the weirdest gig they've had yet: a staged bank robbery that involves putting the money back. Oh, yes - and a full-fledged war over a new addictive consumer product. Things are always interesting in the high-flying world of corporate intrigue and espionage. Just the place for the Star Risk, Ltd., team.

The Doublecross Program

by Chris Bunch

M'chel Riss and the Star Risk, Ltd. team find themselves in the middle of a strange assignment: a staged bank robbery that involves putting money back. But the job soon takes an even stranger turn when they get caught up in a full-fledged war over an addictive new consumer product. The roguish mercenaries will need to rely on every resource possible to make a buck and make it out alive - in this fast-paced tale of hard-hitting action and a double-cross or three . . .

Douglas Haig

by Gary Sheffield John Bourne

There's a commonly held view that Douglas Haig was a bone-headed, callous butcher, who through his incompetence as commander of the British Army in WWI, killed a generation of young men on the Somme and at Passchendaele. On the other hand, there are those who view Haig as a man who successfully struggled with appalling difficulties to produce an army which took the lead in defeating Germany in 1918.Haig's diaries, hitherto only previously available in bowdlerised form, give the C-in-C's view of Asquith and his successor Lloyd George, of whom he was highly critical. The diaries show him intriguing with the King vs. Lloyd George. Additional are his day-by-day accounts of the key battles of the war, not least the Somme campaign of 1916.

Dove Song

by Kristine L. Franklin

When eleven-year-old Bobbie Lynn's father is reported missing in action in Vietnam, she and her thirteen-year-old brother must learn to cope with their own despair, as well as their mother's breakdown.

Down in My Heart, Second Edition

by William Stafford

(From the back cover) "Down in My Heart has an autobiographical dimension, a shy but brave sense of quest, of inner evolution, of maturation and growth from eager idealism at the beginning to ironic wariness verging on disillusionment at the close, that was so telling a measure for all of us who shared the CO experience. But. Stafford registers a feeling of absolute integrity within a situation of social alienation that is extraordinary, the more so because it is unconscious, emerging as the subsumed virtue of the work. In the quiet immediacy of his prose the future poet is alive and breathing. All in all, a perceptive glimpse into a most painful interval of our national life." --William Everson From 1940 to 1944, William Stafford was interned in the camps for conscientious objectors in the United States. As a pacifist, he worked for the Civilian Public Service on forest and soil conservation projects in Arkansas, California, and Illinois. As a writer, he recorded the life he found there; the fellowship within the camps and the antagonism outside them. Down in My Heart is an account of the relationships among the people in the camps, their day-to-day activities: fighting forest fires, building roads, terracing eroded lands, and their earnest pursuit of a social morality rooted in religious and secular pacifist ideals. Since then, William Stafford has published several collections of poetry, and he has published his views on the writer's vocation. He has been the Poetry Consultant for the Library of Congress, and received the highest praise as a poet and an educator. His awards include the National Book Award, the Shelley Memorial Award, and the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award in Literature.

Down Range: Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism

by Dick Couch

In America's battle against al-Qaeda and their allies, the goal of the Navy SEALs is to be the best guns in the fight--stealthy, effective, professional, and lethal. Here for the first time is a SEAL insider's battle history of these Special Operations warriors in the war on terrorism. "Down range" is what SEALs in Afghanistan and Iraq call their area of operations. In this new mode of warfare, "down range" can refer to anything from tracking roving bands of al-Qaeda on a remote mountain trail in Afghanistan to taking down an armed compound in Tikrit and rousting holdouts from Saddam Hussein's regime. It could mean interdicting insurgents smuggling car-bomb explosives over the Iraqi-Syrian border or silently boarding a freighter on the high seas at night to enforce an embargo. In other words, "down range" could be anywhere, anytime, under any conditions. In Down Range, author Dick Couch, himself a former Navy SEAL and CIA case officer, uses his unprecedented access to bring the reader firsthand accounts from the warriors in combat during key missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Couch creates a pulse-pounding, detailed narrative of the definitive engagements of this war, while painting an unusually intimate portrait of these warriors in the field. The performance of the SEALs in difficult, changing environments--in the heat of the Afghan desert, in the snow-packed Hindu Kush, on the high seas, and in the urban chaos of Baghdad--has been nothing short of extraordinary. The SEALs, coordinating with other American forces, the CIA, and foreign special operations units like the Polish GROM, have once more shown their genius for improvisation and capacity for courageous action in leading the fight against this new and vicious enemy. The first battle history of its kind, Down Range is a riveting close-up of some of America's finest warriors in action against a deadly foe. Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

Down Range: To Iraq and Back

by Bridget C. Cantrell Chuck Dean

As soldiers, we have spent countless years learning to survive the actual battle. Endless days on the firing range; countless hours in battle drills; months in combat learning the "ropes"; physical fitness training every day...all of these were dedicated to ensuring your survival and victory at the moment of truth. Now, it is time to dedicate some time to surviving when it is over. PTSD is sometimes called "The gift that keeps on giving." If you die, that is not contagious--but if you live, and come out of the experience with a load of mental baggage, then your loved ones will most likely share in your struggles as well. Reading this book ahead of time can be a form of inoculation, giving you insight that will help keep your combat reactions in perspective, and help you understand what is happening to your mind and body after wartime experiences. Just as we can equip ourselves to physically survive combat, we can also prepare to mentally survive the aftermath. This book is yet another tool in that equipping process.

Down Range: A Transitioning Veteran's Career Guide to Life's Next Phase

by James D. Murphy William M. Duke

Military veterans prepare for the next mission in their careers Written by veterans who have successfully made the transition, Down Range offers career planning guidance to U.S. military veterans coming off active duty. This is NOT simply a guide to transitioning from the military to the civilian world. This is NOT a guide to getting a job. This book IS a guide to developing a post-military career, not just for the first few days, weeks, or months after active duty, but for the rest of your employed life. This simple and effective planning process has been taught to more than 1 million business executives in companies all over the world. Explains how to build an adaptable long-range career plan called a Career High Definition Destination (HDD), across a spectrum of seven key areas Shows how business differs from military service, how to identify the resources needed to achieve the Career HDD, and how to develop strategic and tactical courses of action that drive you to executing towards your Career HDD on a consistent basis Author James Murphy is founder of Afterburner Inc. and is currently working with the U.S. Army at the highest levels to develop a transition program for the estimated 1.5 million veterans who will transition from active duty service to civilian careers by the year 2020 This book challenges veterans to change their mind-set and understand just how different the "wilderness" of civilian employment is from military experience. Down Range provides an appreciation for what's important to a business, helping you to become a valuable asset throughout your career.

Down South: One Tour in Vietnam

by William H. Hardwick

"I was always happy to see first light. By first light it was over ... for a while." -from Down South. There were a lot of ways to get killed in Vietnam. You could get "zapped," "dinged," "burned," "popped," "smoked," or "wasted." Marine 2nd Lt. William H. Hardwick was familiar with all of them because, unlike most USMC artillery officers--who waged their war from bunkers inside protected compounds--Hardwick as a forward observer fought alongside rifle companies and lived like a grunt for most of his thirteen-month tour. In Okinawa, Vietnam was referred to as "Down South," and in 1968, "Down South" was a bad place to be. Hardwick did it all--walking point, springing ambushes, capturing prisoners, and spending months in the bush surrounded by crack NVA troops. At times the attacking enemy was so close, Hardwick had to call in air strikes almost on top of the Marines themselves just so they could survive. William Hardwick volunteered to fight as one of the few, the proud, the Marines.

Down To Earth (Colonization #2)

by Harry Turtledove

In 1942 Hitler led the world's most savage military machine. Stalin ruled Russia, while America was just beginning to show its strength in World War II. Then, in Harry Turtledove's brilliantly imagined Worldwar saga, an alien invasion changed everything: alliances, technology, commerce, and--most of all--the nature of life and death. Nuclear destruction engulfed some of Earth's great cities, and the invaders claimed half the planet before an uneasy peace could be achieved. Colonization takes us into the tumultuous 1960s, as the reptilian Race ponders its uneasy future on the planet it calls Tosev 3. The United States has prospered since the war, and has sent a manned spaceship deep into space. On the other side of the globe, the German Reich remains bloodied but unbowed, brandishing a frightening new weapon and always poised for war. China strains under alien occupation, and from Poland to Jerusalem, Jews must choose between aiding the Race or the Reich. Now, the invaders have been joined by their colonization fleet--millions of newcomers who seek to incorporate our world into their far-flung empire. A violent black market erupts around ginger--the one substance that deprives the alien colonists of their ability to reason--and a new war threatens, one even deadlier than the last. The clamoring, bellicose tribes of Earth form new alliances and play dangerous games of diplomacy, but the ultimate power broker will be the Race itself. For the colonists have one option no human can ignore. With a vast, ancient empire already in place, the Race has the power to annihilate every living being on Tosev 3... In Colonization: Down to Earth, Harry Turtledove continues the breathtaking tale that has established him as one of alternate history's leading practitioners. Populated by a cast that includes the famous, from Khomeni to Himmler, and the unknown--drug smugglers, soldiers, and lovers--this novel continues the excitement of Colonization: Second Contact, and weaves a spectacular tale of tyranny and freedom, destruction and hope.

Down to Earth Strafing Aces of the Eighth Air Force

by Chris Davey William Hess

'Like The Long Reach, Down to Earth is a message from the battle at its height, told in their own words by the men who fight' - this is how Brig-Gen Francis Griswold, VIII Fighter Command, ends his introduction to this book. His official endorsement reveals just how important a document Down to Earth was to the teaching of tyro fighter pilots heading for action in the ETO. More leading aces were lost to flak whilst ground strafing than to German fighters. In this book William Hess has included biographies of all the pilots that originally contributed to this work back in 1943-44.

Down to the Sea

by Bruce Henderson

This epic story opens at the hour the Greatest Generation went to war on December 7, 1941, and follows four U.S. Navy ships and their crews in the Pacific until their day of reckoning three years later with a far different enemy: a deadly typhoon. In December 1944, while supporting General MacArthur's invasion of the Philippines, Admiral William "Bull" Halsey neglected the Law of Storms, placing the mighty U.S. Third Fleet in harm's way. Drawing on extensive interviews with nearly every living survivor and rescuer, as well as many families of lost sailors, transcripts and other records from naval courts of inquiry, ships' logs, personal letters, and diaries, Bruce Henderson finds some of the story's truest heroes exhibiting selflessness, courage, and even defiance.

Down to the Sea: An Epic Story of Naval Disaster and Heroism in World War II

by Bruce Henderson

This epic story opens at the hour the Greatest Generation went to war on December 7, 1941, and follows four U.S. Navy ships and their crews in the Pacific until their day of reckoning three years later with a far different enemy: a deadly typhoon.

Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire

by Richard B. Frank

End of World War II in the East.

Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination: The Case Reopened

by John Paul Jones

(book flaps) On June 30, 1865, Samuel A. Mudd was convicted of conspiring with John Wilkes Booth and others to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on an island off the coast of Florida. Dr. Mudd was pardoned in 1869 by President Andrew Johnson, based on his assistance in a yellow fever epidemic rather than on the merits of his case, leaving unresolved until the present day the question of his ultimate guilt or innocence. On February 12, 1993, the University of Richmond School of Law convened a distinguished group of jurists and Civil War historians to thoroughly present both sides of the case of Samuel Mudd and the broader Lincoln Conspiracy before a panel of judges in an actual courtroom. Dr. Mudd was represented by F. Lee Bailey, Attorney at Law and former Marine fighter pilot and legal officer; and Candida Ewing Staempfli Steel, Attorney at Law and greatgreat-granddaughter of General Thomas Ewing, Dr. Mudd's original counsel. The government was represented by John Jay Douglass, Dean of the National College of District Attorneys and former Commandant of the Judge Advocate General's School; and Admiral John S. Jenkins, Associate Dean and Lecturer at the George Washington University National Law Center, and former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy. The attorneys presented their arguments with all the detail and color of a modern legal case. Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination is the complete record of the proceedings, with added commentary by distinguished historians. Some scholars argue that Mudd was completely innocent, while others cite eyewitness reports of seeing Mudd in the company of John Wilkes Booth in Washington prior to the assassination. In Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination the legality of the military tribunal that tried Mudd is both defended and attacked in fascinating detail. This volume combines the drama of the Civil War with the suspense of a modern trial and contains a wealth of detail on the Lincoln Conspiracy, much of it unknown to the general public. Dr. Mudd contains the complete text of recent decisions by the U.S. Court of Military Appeals and other bodies in the matter of Samuel Mudd, a case still pending in U.S. courts. The main text is backed up by extensive references for further reading, few of which normally appear in Civil War books.

Dr. Seuss Goes to War

by Dr Seuss Richard H. Minear

For decades, readers throughout the world have enjoyed the marvelous stories and illustrations of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. But few know the work Geisel did as a political cartoonist during World War II, for the New York daily newspaper PM. In these extraordinarily trenchant cartoons, Geisel presents "a provocative history of wartime politics" (Entertainment Weekly). Dr. Seuss Goes to War features handsome, large-format reproductions of more than two hundred of Geisel's cartoons, alongside "insightful" (Booklist) commentary by the historian Richard H. Minear that places them in the context of the national climate they reflect.Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman's introduction places Seuss firmly in the pantheon of the leading political cartoonists of our time.

Dragon Key

by Don Pendleton

DRAGON'S LAIRWhen an American operative is jailed, Mack Bolan must finish the agent's mission to smuggle a Chinese activist and his family out of the country. But getting the dissident away alive becomes a logistical nightmare for Bolan and the two inexperienced CIA agents assisting him. Not only are the Chinese authorities on their tail, but the activist insists on retrieving a stolen flash drive in Shanghai.The memory key contains sensitive information belonging to a renegade general. As determined to recover the data as the dissident is, the general has hired a legendary assassin famous for eliminating anyone who gets in his way. In a battle where only one champion can survive, Bolan may have met his match. But the Executioner is used to fighting against overwhelming odds and has something much more important on his side-justice.

Dragon Mountain

by Daniel Reid

Captain Jack Robertson faces an impossible choice: Can he learn to love his violent, drug-fueled jungle prison-or will he die trying to escape?While spying on the Burmese drug-traffic for the CIA, Jack Robertson, a senior pilot for Air America, is kidnapped by a disgraced comrade with an unhealthy addition to drugs, sex, money and power.Dragon Mountain is the thrilling story of Captain Jack Robertson's struggle to stay alive long enough to choose between forging a new life in his captor's jungle fortress, or taking bloody revenge. Will Jack make a doomed break for freedom? Or will the violent forces around him spiral out of control.This action-packed adventure features unforgettable characters-renegade mercenaries, bloodthirsty bandits and corrupt officials-in an exotic Asian setting. Murder, kidnapping, drug deals-and the dark secrets behind covert American operations in Asia-make this a non-stop thriller!

Dragon Season

by Michael Cassutt

Air Force lieutenant Rick Walsh has just gotten off a twelve-hour flight from Guam at the Tucson Airport. All he wants right now is too see his girlfriend Maia and maybe have a short rest before reassignment. What Lieutenant Walsh finds instead is a month-old infant and a mystery that spans two universes.Maia has disappeared, leaving behind her newborn, Gus, a baby with Walsh's eyes. It seems that a disturbing number of Tucson residents have gone missing as well and the authorities don't have a clue. As Walsh races to track down Maia and her possible kidnappers, a conspiracy unfolds as the search leads him deep into the desert and then on to someplace...else. What awaits Walsh in this other land proves sinister and dangerous--and it seems to have its eye on our world.In DRAGON SEASON, author Michael Cassutt weaves classic suspense and modern fantasy into a wild ride that readers won't soon forget.

Dragon Seed

by Pearl S. Buck

A Nobel laureate's gripping historical novel about the Japanese invasion of Nanking Farmer Liang Tan knows only a quiet, traditional life in his remote Chinese farming community. When news filters in that Japanese forces are invading the country, he and his fellow villagers believe that if they behave decently to the Japanese soldiers, the civilians might remain undisturbed. They're in for a shock, as the attackers lay waste to the country and install a puppet government designed to systematically carry out Japanese interests. In response, the Chinese farmers and their families form a resistance--which not only carries grave risk, but also breaks their vow of nonviolence, leading them to wonder if they're any different than their enemy. Later adapted into a film featuring Katharine Hepburn, Dragon Seed is a brilliant and unflinching look at the horrors of war. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author's estate.

The Dragon Throne

by Michael Cadnum

Edmund and Herbert, newly made knights, return to England expecting to revel in the pleasure of being home. Instead, scheming Prince John has a new task for the weary Crusaders; they are to escort two young women on a pilgrimage to Rome, a journey that will take them through the perilous Alps, controlled by bands of brigands. And once in Rome, even greater hazards await. Suspenseful, exciting, and filled with colorful details of 12th century Europe, this final volume of the trilogy that began with The Book of the Lion will thrill readers.

The Dragon Throne

by Michael Cadnum

Edmund and Herbert, newly made knights, return to England expecting to revel in the pleasure of being home. Instead, scheming Prince John has a new task for the weary Crusaders; they are to escort two young women on a pilgrimage to Rome, a journey that will take them through the perilous Alps, controlled by bands of brigands. And once in Rome, even greater hazards await. Suspenseful, exciting, and filled with colorful details of 12th century Europe, this final volume of the trilogy that began with The Book of the Lion will thrill readers.

The Dragonfly Pool

by Eva Ibbotson

At first Tally doesn't want to go to the boarding school called Delderton. But soon she discovers that it's a wonderful place, where freedom and self-expression are valued.

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