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The Quincunx

by Charles Palliser

Charles Palliser burst onto the literary scene with this long novel set in Regency England with a whole range of characters from virtually all the classes in England. It is written in the style lovers of Dickens have come to know and revere. This is an enthralling read for afficionados of either historical fiction or mysteries.

Quinn (Eve, Quinn and Bonnie #2)

by Iris Johansen

Johansen delivers her thrilling and revelatory follow-up to the "New York Times" bestseller "Eve," which delves deep into the life and psyche of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan's lover and soul mate, Joe Quinn. As a ruthless killer closes in, long-held secrets are gradually and shockingly revealed.

R Is For Ricochet

by Sue Grafton

Reba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege, the only child of an adoring father. Nord Lafferty was already in his fifties when Reba was born, and he could deny her nothing. Over the years, he quietly settled her many scrapes with the law, but he wasn't there for her when she was convicted of embezzlement and sent to the California Institution for Women. Now, at thirty-two, she is about to be paroled, having served twenty-two months of a four-year sentence. Nord Lafferty wants to be sure she stays straight, stays at home and away from the drugs, the booze, the gamblers." "It seems a straightforward assignment for Kinsey: babysit Reba until she settles in, make sure she follows all the rules of her parole. Maybe all of a week's work. Nothing untoward - the woman seems remorseful and friendly. And the money is good." But life is never that simple, and Reba is out of prison less than twenty-four hours when one of her old crowd comes circling round.

Rabbit Race (Animal Ark Pets #3)

by Ben M. Baglio

Jack is a new boy who moves in to Welford. He's pretty sad because he misses his dog. But Mandy thinks that a new pet rabbit is just what he needs. Then at a picnic, the rabbit is in danger! Can they save the rabbit in time?

Rabid Growth

by James Moore

People change all the time. But Chris Corin is noticing some pretty extreme changes in the people around him. His best friend is suffering from a strange Fever, and is Chris being stalked?

The Race: A Novel

by Richard North Patterson

TOBEY GRACE-A HANDSOME AND CHARISMATIC senator from Ohio-is plunged by an act of "terrorism into a fierce presidential primary battle with the favorite of the party establishment and a magnetic leader of the Christian right. A decorated Gulf War pilot, Grace insists on voting his own conscience rather than the party line, and this stubborn independence-together with his growing romance with Lexie Hart, an African-American movie star-has earned him a reputation as an unpredictable iconoclast. But Grace is still haunted by a tragic mistake buried deep in his past, and now his integrity will be put to the test in this most brutal of political contests, in which nothing in his past or present life is off-limits. A vivid and sometimes frightening depiction of contemporary power politics, The Race also takes on the most incendiary issues in American culture: racism, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, gay rights, and the rise of media monopolies with their own agendas and lust for power. As the pressure of the campaign intensifies, Grace encounters betrayal, excruciating moral choices, and secrets that can destroy lives. Ultimately, the race leads to a deadlocked party convention where Grace must resolve the conflict between his feelings for Lexie and his presidential ambitions-and decide just who and what he is willing to sacrifice. As compelling as it is timely, The Race is the best political novel in years.

Race Against Time (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #66)

by Carolyn Keene

In this modern day Nancy Drew Mystery, Nancy is asked to recover Shooting Star, a valuable race horse that has been stolen from Rainbow Ranch. But why is Tina, the owner's granddaughter, so afraid? Can Nancy balance acting in a horror spoof along an exciting opportunity to star in a series of commercials while solving a couple of mysteries? Follow Nancy as she sorts, sifts, notices and investigates with Bess and Ned to get to the bottom of local thefts and the missing racing stallion.

Race for the Park Street Treasure (Accidental Detectives #2)

by Sigmund Brouwer

"GOLD SHALL BE THE REWARD TO THE ONE WHO SEARCHES DEEP AND HARD . . . " Accidental DETECTIVES The discovery of a treasure map in an old book appears to promise untold riches to RICKY KIDD and the Accidental Detectives. But when other people in town stumble on the map, Ricky and his friends know they must move quickly in order to find Moth-Wallet Bugsby's gold. Decoding the clues to the treasure, however, is more challenging than they expected. Old Mr. Bugsby may have made a map to the treasure, but it seems he had a hidden agenda, too. The search for the gold takes the Accidental Detectives to some unexpected places . . . and into unexpected dangers! WHAT SECRETS DOES THE BLIND MUSICIAN HOLD? DO THE CLUES IN THE TREASURE MAP REALLY LEAD TO GOLD, OR IS IT ALL A PRACTICAL JOKE? IS THE PROMISE OF UNTOLD RICHES WORTH THE COST?

The Race (Isaac Bell #4)

by Clive Cussler

Detective Isaac Bell returns, in the remarkable new adventure from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author.<P> It is 1910, the age of flying machines is still in its infancy, and newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway is offering $50,000 for the first daring aviator to cross America in less than fifty days. He is even sponsoring one of the prime candidates-an intrepid woman named Josephine Frost-and that's where Bell, chief investigator for the Van Dorn Detective Agency, comes in.<P> Frost's violent-tempered husband has just killed her lover and tried to kill her, and he is bound to make another attempt. Bell has tangled with Harry Frost before; he knows that the man has made his millions leading gangs of thieves, murderers, and thugs in every city across the country. He also knows that Frost won't be only after his wife, but after Whiteway as well. And if Bell takes the case... Frost will be after him, too.

Race to Disaster (Frightmares)

by Peg Kehret

When a nursing home resident witnesses a murder and is abducted by the killer, Care Club members Rosie and Kayo set out to rescue the old man.

Race to Wallaby Bay (Adventures Down Under #5)

by Robert Elmer

A desperate letter from his grandfather prompts Patrick McWaid and his family to return to Boomerang Bend, where the Lady Elisabeth still rests on the bottom of the river. But they arrive to find the Old Man crushed by many setbacks. Not only has his entire crew left him, but the money meant for repairs has disappeared!

Racehorse in the Rain (Animal Ark #39)

by Ben M. Baglio

Did the rain really frighten Sparky at the race -- or was it something worse?

Racing to Disaster (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #126)

by Franklin W. Dixon

America's top mountain bikers have come to Southern California for the annual Wolf Mountain Annihilator competition, and Joe Hardy has just made the cut. But he and Frank quickly learn that the rivalries in the race are cutthroat. Someone is determined to come out on top -- no matter who gets annihilated along the way!

Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness

by Dan Lloyd

Gold Award Winner for Philosophy in the 2003 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards Professor Grue is dead (or is he?). When graduate student/sleuth Miranda Sharpe discovers him slumped over his keyboard, she does the sensible thing--she grabs her dissertation and runs. Little does she suspect that soon she will be probing the heart of two mysteries, trying to discover what happened to Max Grue, and trying to solve the profound neurophilosophical problem of consciousness. Radiant Cool may be the first novel of ideas that actually breaks new theoretical ground, as Dan Lloyd uses a neo-noir (neuro-noir?), hard-boiled framework to propose a new theory of consciousness. In the course of her sleuthing, Miranda encounters characters who share her urgency to get to the bottom of the mystery of consciousness, although not always with the most innocent motives. Who holds the key to Max Grue's ultimate vision? Is it the computer-inspired pop psychologist talk-show host? The video-gaming geek with a passion for artificial neural networks? The Russian multi-dimensional data detective, or the sophisticated neuroscientist with the big book contract? Ultimately Miranda teams up with the author's fictional alter ego, "Dan Lloyd," and together they build on the phenomenological theories of philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) to construct testable hypotheses about the implementation of consciousness in the brain. Will the clues of phenomenology and neuroscience converge in time to avert a catastrophe? (The dramatic ending cannot be revealed here.) Outside the fictional world of the novel, Dan Lloyd (the author) appends a lengthy afterword, explaining the proposed theory of consciousness in more scholarly form. Radiant Coolis a real metaphysical thriller--based in current philosophy of mind--and a genuine scientific detective story--revealing a new interpretation of functional brain imaging. With its ingenious plot and its novel theory, Radiant Cool will be enjoyed in the classroom and the study for its entertaining presentation of phenomenology, neural networks, and brain imaging; but, most importantly, it will find its place as a groundbreaking theory of consciousness.

Radical Moves (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #113)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardys are riding to danger as the local skateboard competition, the Thrashathon, spins out of control. Someone is trying to take out the star and also take his board-- but Frank and Joe are determined to beat the demon on wheels at his own game.

The Radio Mystery (Boxcar Children #97)

by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are actors in a live mystery show being broadcast on an old-fashioned AM radio station. But it's starting to look like the radio station is haunted. Why would a ghost want to sabotage a radio show?

Rafferty's Wife (Hagen #3)

by Kay Hooper

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes a classic tale of love undeniable, as two government agents posing as newlyweds learn the real meaning of "undercover." Sarah Cavell is a beautiful, brilliant cryptographer with the uncanny ability to crack any code. But her most daunting challenge may be reading the true feelings of her new "husband," Rafferty Lewis, the secretive federal agent to whom she's just been assigned. Sent on a perilous mission to a Caribbean nation teetering on the brink of revolution, the two must go undercover as husband and wife to make contact with a shadowy informant passing on cryptic messages that could trap a terrorist. Pilot, sharpshooter, and accomplished yachtsman, Rafferty prides himself on being the epitome of coolness under pressure. But in the aftermath of a marital tragedy that exposed his vulnerable core, the prospect of pantomiming intimacy with a woman of Sarah's intoxicating allure has him unnerved, to say the least--and that could prove deadly for both of them. Dodging danger at every turn even as passion's magnet draws them closer to each other, these two make-believe lovers will learn that the heart is a puzzle they can only solve together.

Rag and Bone (Billy Boyle World War II Mystery #5)

by James R. Benn

Billy Boyle is sent to London to investigate the murder of a Soviet official. Was it random or revenge for the recently uncovered mass graves of Polish officers in the Katyn Forest? Scotland Yard suspects Billy's friend Kaz, now working for the Polish Government in Exile. With a diplomatic crisis looming, Billy must find the killer and save his friend.

The Rag and Bone Shop

by Robert Cormier Review This final novel from the grand master of young-adult fiction is one last jewel in the literary crown of Robert Cormier, who died in November 2000. In it he continues to explore the themes that are so characteristic of his work: guilt and forgiveness, misuse of authority, and the corruption of innocence. But a new book from Cormier is always a surprise, and here he gives us a brilliant evocation of the detective story, in a narrative that centers on the interrogation of a murder suspect. A 7-year-old girl has been battered to death, and there are no suspects, no leads. The police, under political pressure to make an arrest, bring in Trent, a cold, ambitious professional interrogator who prides himself on his ability to extract confessions. His victim is 12-year-old Jason--the last person to see the girl. We know that Jason is innocent, and halfway through the interrogation Trent realizes it, too, in "a blazing moment." But like a medieval torturer, his goal is confession, not truth, and so he stifles his impulses for good and proceeds with the job, with deeply ironic consequences. The interrogation itself, which forms the centerpiece of the novel, is dazzling in its elegant thrust-and-parry, its subtle twists and turns, as Jason frantically tries to escape, like a mouse caged with a python. The point of view snaps back and forth so that we are intensely aware of the shifting emotions of both participants in the deadly game. And once again, Cormier has given us an ending that seems provocative and uncomfortable--until we remember that the center of his moral universe was always summed up by the words "if only." (Ages 12 and older)

The Rag Bone Man (Merrywell Trilogy, Part 1)

by Charlotte Lawrence

A young woman with unknown psychic powers begins a terrifying journey into the arcane to discover the identity of the mysterious stranger invading her dreams . . .

Rage (Alex Delaware #19)

by Jonathan Kellerman

In a host of consecutive bestsellers, Jonathan Kellerman has kept readers spellbound with the intense, psychologically acute adventures of Dr. Alex Delaware-and with excursions through the raw underside of L.A. and the coldest alleys of the criminal mind. Rage offers a powerful new case in point, as Delaware and LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis revisit a horrifying crime from the past that has taken on shocking and deadly new dimensions. Troy Turner and Rand Duchay were barely teenagers when they kidnapped and murdered a younger child. Troy, a remorseless sociopath, died violently behind bars. But the hulking, slow-witted Rand managed to survive his stretch. Now, at age twenty-one, he's emerged a haunted, rootless young man with a pressing need: to talk-once again-with psychologist Alex Delaware. But the young killer comes to a brutal end, that conversation never takes place. Has karma caught up with Rand? Or has someone waited for eight patient years to dine on ice-cold revenge? Both seem strong possibilities to Sturgis, but Delaware's suspicions run deeper . . . and darker. Because fear in the voice of the grownup Rand Duchay-and his eerie final words to Alex: "I'm not a bad person"-betray untold secrets. Buried revelations so horrendous, and so damning, they're worth killing for.As Delaware and Sturgis retrace their steps through a grisly murder case that devastated a community, they discover a chilling legacy of madness, suicide, and multiple killings left in its wake-and even uglier truths waiting to be unearthed. And the nearer they come to understanding an unspeakable crime, the more harrowingly close they get to unmasking a monster hiding in plain sight.Rage finds Jonathan Kellerman in phenomenal form-orchestrating a relentlessly suspenseful, devilishly unpredictable plot to a finale as stunning and thought-provoking as it is satisfying.From the Hardcover edition.

Rage of Fire (Mysteries in Our National Parks: Volcanoes)

by Gloria Skurzynski Alane Ferguson

On vacation in Hawaii, 12-year-old Jack and his sister Ashley are swept up in a mystery with Danny, a young boy from Vietnam, in Volcanoes National Park.

A Rage of Maidens (Caitlin Reece Mystery #6)

by Lauren Wright Douglas

Sixth Caitlin Reece mystery.

A Rage to Kill and Other True Cases (Ann Rule's Crime Files: Vol. 6)

by Ann Rule

Acclaimed for her "devastatingly accurate insight" (The New York Times Book Review) into the criminal mind, Ann Rule has chronicled the most fascinating cases of our time in her bestselling Crime Files series. For this sixth stunning collection, Rule has culled from her private files the most-asked-about homicide cases -- riveting accounts of seemingly normal men and women who are compelled d by a murderous rage to suddenly lash out at innocent victims. Torn from the headlines, here is the case that shocked a nation: the Seattle city bus ride that turned to mayhem and murder at the hands of a gunman. Ann Rule unmasks the forces that drove quiet, clean-cut Silas Cool to shoot the driver, causing the bus to plunge off the Aurora Bridge into an apartment building. The catastrophe left three dead -- including Cool -- and dozens injured. While the scene unfolds as in a terrifying movie, Rule finds very real answers to the haunting question "how could this happen?" -- and expertly constructs the unseen chain of events that resulted in an explosive and shattering tragedy. Included here are nine other sensational cases that illuminate Rule's unique and authoritative view of the human psyche gone temporarily berserk. No one can match Rule's meticulous research, or reveal the motives to murder in such explicit and chilling detail. You may think you know who is safe and who is dangerous; in A Rage to Kill, Ann Rule frighteningly shows that none of us are truly protected from the flashes of irrational violence that can erupt from the killers among us.

Raging Heat (Nikki Heat #6)

by Richard Castle

In New York Times Bestselling author Richard Castle's newest novel, an illegal immigrant falls from the sky and NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat's investigation into his death quickly captures the imagination of her boyfriend the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Jameson Rook. When he decides to work the case with Heat as his next big story, Nikki is at first happy to have him ride along. Yes, she must endure Rook's usual wild conspiracy speculations and adolescent wisecracks, but after reuniting following his recent assignment abroad, she's glad for the entertainment, the chance to bounce ideas, and just to be close to him again and feel the old spark rekindle. But when Rook's inquiry concludes that Detective Heat has arrested the wrong man for the murder, everything changes. <P> Balancing her high stakes job with a complicated romance has been a challenge ever since Nikki fell for the famous reporter. Now, her relationship lurches from mere complexity into sharp conflict over the most high-risk case of her career. Set against the raging force of Hurricane Sandy as it pounds New York, Heat battles an ambitious powerbroker, fights a platoon of urban mercenaries, and clashes with the man she loves. Detective Heat knows her job is to solve murders. She just worries that solving this one will be the death of her relationship.

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