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Soul Survivor (Body of Evidence #3)

by Christopher Golden

[From the back cover:] "There's nothing magical about murder. . . . "Santeria markings. Hindu magick. Druidic runes. Japanese mysticism. The latest series of murders in Somerset has everyone confused, including the local police and the Medical Examiner's office. They seem to be the work of one killer, but each murder has a completely different, ritualized, M. O. Working alongside her boss, Dr. Slikowski, Jenna Blake is back on the research trail, trying to discover the identity of the killer. Unfortunately, Jenna is still grieving over the murder of her friend Melody, and is becoming distracted by her growing feelings for Somerset detective Danny Mariano. Jenna needs to do some serious soul-searching. Her mind isn't on the job. But if she doesn't start paying attention on and find the connection between these ritual murders, Jenna may not survive her first semester."

The Sound and the Furry

by Spencer Quinn

Chet and Bernie head to Louisiana in the next installment in the New York Times bestselling mystery series featuring "a canine Sam Spade full of joie de vivre" (Stephen King) and his human private investigator companion. Out for a drive, Chet and Bernie run into a prison work crew featuring an old criminal friend they helped send to prison, Frenchie Boutette. From an old Louisiana family full of black sheep, Frenchie needs Bernie and Chet's help in locating his brother, Ralph, who has disappeared with his houseboat. But before they can head off to the bayou, Bernie is attacked by a member of a strange gang called the Queiros. And though he's tempted to take another job (with a big payday) in Alaska, Bernie and Chet set course for Louisiana. A reclusive inventor, Ralph is the sole law-abiding member of his family. Full of black sheep, the Boutette family has a long running feud with the no-good Robideaus and at first it seems as if Ralph's disappearance is connected to a dispute over a load of heisted shrimp. But when Chet uncovers a buried clue, the investigation heads in a new and dangerous direction and what was a simple disappearance gets complicated as a conspiracy involving the oil business is uncovered. The more Chet and Bernie discover about Ralph, the more dangerous the job becomes and soon they're fighting not only Big Oil, but also shadowy black ops figures, the Quieros, and Iko--a gator with an insatiable appetite. "Humorous and suspenseful" (Publishers Weekly), Spencer Quinn's mysteries have delighted readers everywhere. Top-notch suspense, humor, and insight into the ways our canine companions think and behave--all set against a rollicking new Louisiana backdrop--make this the most entertaining book in the series yet.

The Sound of Broken Glass (Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James #15)

by Deborah Crombie

In the past... A blisteringly hot August in Crystal Palace, the highest point in South London, once home of the tragically destroyed Great Exhibition...a thirteen-year-old boy becomes friends with his next door neighbor, a young teacher who is recently widowed. The boy, only child of an alcoholic mother, has had little encouragement and few friends. The teacher has begun to rebuild her life after the shockingly early death of her husband. She has a new job at a posh school, a home, and a hope of making a new start in the tight-knit community. The woman and the boy form an odd, but deep, connection. In the present... A cold January in London, two months after the events of No Mark Upon Her. Detective Inspector Gemma James has been assigned to lead a Murder Investigation Team based in Lambeth, South London. Assisting her is newly promoted Detective Sergeant Melody Talbot, who has requested the assignment. They are called to a crime scene, a seedy hotel in Crystal Palace. The victim, a well-respected barrister, is found dead in his room, naked, trussed, and apparently strangled. Auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong, or murder? In either case, he was not alone, and Gemma's team must find his companion. Meanwhile, Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid has taken leave from Scotland Yard to care for the couple's three-year-old foster daughter, Charlotte, who was orphaned by the murders of her parents. In the past... In Crystal the magical, burnished summer draws to a close, the boy receives a precious gift from his friend--and then inadvertently betrays her in a way that causes her to lose everything she has worked so hard to regain... It is a shattering of trust and innocence that will change both their lives forever. In the present... Gemma and Melody discover that on the night of his murder, the barrister had visited his local pub in Crystal Palace. Interviewing the staff, they learn the barrister had an altercation with the guitarist from the band that played that night. When Melody interviews the guitarist, Andy Monahan, she is instantly, and recklessly, smitten, much to Detective Sergeant Doug Cullen's dismay. Then, when a second victim, a junior barrister, is found murdered in the same way as the judge, Gemma and Melody fear they have a serial killer at work. While they try to find some connection between the two men, a third victim is discovered. Duncan, his own career up in the air, tethered to the house and children, has been following the investigation with increasing concern and with Doug Cullen's help. Duncan realizes he has a personal connection with guitarist Andy Monahan and his manager. When he confronts Andy, Andy denies any knowledge of the first victim, but finally admits recognizing the second victim, a childhood friend. Duncan and Gemma are now certain the killings are not random, that Andy may be the link between the victims, and that he is not telling the whole truth. Could he be the killer--or is he the next victim? And has Melody jeopardized her life as well as her career by her relationship with Andy? As an ice storm traps detectives and suspects in the steep streets of Crystal Palace, another life is at risk. Only the revelation of the past can stop the killer, and only Andy holds the key. Will he face the truth in time?

The Sound of Midnight (Oxrun Station #2)

by Charles L. Grant

They came to the toy shop in the tiny New England village in a steady stream - children somehow older than their years, money clutched in their little hands, buying a bizarre and unsettling selection of games, then vanishing to play with them in a world that no adult could enter. Still, there seemed nothing to worry about. After all, children would be children. Then the townspeople began to discover what else children could be - as the grown-ups themselves became the children's playthings...

The Sound of Murder

by Rex Stout

Industrial espionage explodes into a serious case of slaughter!

The Sound of Secrets, Secrets of Stonely series, Book 4, Love Inspired Suspense

by Irene B. Brand

When Rissa comes home to Blanchard Manor to help Portia plan her wedding, she is told of an altercation between her father and a woman. Rissa then hears a shot during a storm. When she enters the library to investigate, she finds her mother's body, and a masked figure, who points a gun at Rissa. As Rissa struggles with the horrors that await her, she uses her faith in God to help her. Also of help is a police officer, Drew Lancaster, and the two of them fall in love.

The Sour Lemon Score: A Parker Novel

by Richard Stark

The four-way split following a job leaves too small a take for George Uhl, who begins to pick off his fellow hoisters, one by one. The first mistake? That he doesn't begin things by putting a bullet in Parker. That means he won't get the chance to make a second.

Sour Puss (Mrs. Murphy Mystery #14)

by Rita Mae Brown Sneaky Pie Brown

In this latest whodunit, Rita Mae Brown and her feline partner-in-crime-detection, Sneaky Pie Brown, return to the scene of their bestselling crimes--picturesque Crozet, Virginia. Love is in the air as spring comes to the small town, but no sooner has Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen remarried than she is rudely interrupted--by murder. And no sooner does the trouble start than curious cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, along with corgi Tee Tucker, sink their claws into the case. ... After an unexpected rekindling of their romance, Harry and her veterinarian ex-husband, Fair Haristeen, have happily remarried. But the excitement of their nuptials is quickly overshadowed by the murder of Professor Vincent Forland, a world-famous grape and fungal expert who was in town visiting the local vineyards. Within days of giving a lecture on how distilled fungus and cattle diseases are the current basis of chemical warfare, Forland's decapitated body is discovered. After their initial fright, the residents of Crozet believe that this was a political murder and settle back into their routines-until a local is also found dead, killed in the same gruesome manner as Professor Forland. Now residents can't help wondering, is this really the work of an outsider--or one of their own? No longer working in the post office, Harry had just planted a quarter acre of grapes, which fuels her natural curiosity over just what the two murder victims knew and had in common. Once the warmth of spring arrives, the grapevines blossom and Harry's furry entourage discovers the first critical clue. But how can they show the humans what they've learned? And how can they--or anyone--stop the killing? From the Hardcover edition.

South by Southeast (Diamond Brothers #3)

by Anthony Horowitz

Fourteen-year-old Nick and his bumbling detective brother Tim Diamond investigate a mystery involving international spies and assassins.

South of Shiloh

by Chuck Logan

A nameless sniper is targeting participants in popular Civil War battle reenactments, and Minnesota re-enactor Paul Edin is killed at the mock Battle of Kirby Creek, near Corinth, Mississippi. His death is ruled an accident, but Paul's widow, Jenny, discovers that the sniper's bullet was meant for the man standing next to Paul, a cop named Kenny Beeman. To penetrate the Mississippi smokescreen, Jenny enlists the aid of her former lover, news photographer John Rane. Appealing to be covering a story, Rane pokes into the Tennessee-Mississippi border country and teams up with Beeman. With demons nipping at his heels, Rane picks a Sharps rifle and live ammunition and heads off to the Shiloh Battlefield--and a showdown with a killer. South of Shiloh is a pulse-pounding thriller from a master of the genre-a story that uses a popular national pastime as the springboard for a page-turning read.

Southern Comfort

by Fern Michaels

Special agent Kate Rush is investigating a fortress that may be related to a human trafficking ring. In the process she meets Tick Kelly who is running away from his past. Soon the two develop feelings for one another.

Southern Fried (Avery Andrews #1)

by Cathy Pickens

Southern legal thriller with female lawyer in a solo practice.

Southern Ghost (Death on Demand #8)

by Carolyn G. Hart

The first author to win all three major mystery awards--the Agatha, the Anthony, and the MacAvity--offers her latest Annie and Max Darling mystery. Southern Ghost is a delicious Southern Gothic full of humor, electric suspense, and a beloved cast of characters.

Southern Storm (Cape Refuge, Book 2)

by Terri Blackstock

First a dead stranger. Now a missing Police Chief. The body in the morgue had no ID. No one knew who he was or where he came from when he walked out in front of Cade's car. And when Cade learns he had a gunshot wound before he was struck, finding his identity becomes even more urgent. Then Cade vanishes. Authorities discover the victim's name, and the woman Cade was last seen with turns out to have been the dead man's wife. Speculation abounds about Cade's relationship to the woman and his part in the victim's death. His disappearance makes him look even more suspicious. - But Blair Owens doesn't believe the rumors. Something has happened to Cade, and she's determined to find him. Saving Cade's life will take faith in a Cod whom Blair has always doubted-but he may be her only hope.

The Southpaw's Secret (Mel Martin Baseball Stories)

by John R. Cooper

While baseball is Mel's major interest, somehow mystery and danger seem to follow him and the Wright twins. "Pop" Korn, coach at Westwood High, buys the camp at Lake Dunbar and enters his team in the County Summer Camp League. Will Mel and his buddies work around everything and everyone who gets in their way to win the championship?

Southtown (Tres Navarre Mystery #5)

by Rick Riordan

For Tres Navarre, English professor turned private investigator, business has lately taken a drastic turn south. But if chasing down bail jumpers, adulterous spouses, and workmen's comp cases seemed like the dregs of the PI game, it was at least a living. Not as much could be said for tracking down a man like Will the Ghost Stirman. The stone-cold killer has just staged a bloody escape from the Floresville State Penitentiary with a gang of violent cons as spooked by Stirman as those on the outside who helped put him behind bars. And no one seems more worried than Navarre's boss and mentor, Erainya Manos. It was her husband along with rival PI Sam Barrera who built the case that sent Stirman away. But Erainya's husband is dead and she's certain Stirman won't let that stand in the way of his taking revenge against her and her adopted son. All of Navarre's instincts are screaming that there's more to this case than meets the eye. But Erainya won't tell him and Sam Barrera seems to be escaping into a strange twilight from a truth too terrible to remember. That leaves Tres to dig into a twisted mystery of greed, vigilantism, and murder, where lives are bought and sold and the line between guilt and innocence is razor-thin. Meanwhile, Stirman and his gang are coming, leaving behind them a trail of brutal, unforgiving violence that will end in an area of San Antonio known as Southtown but that may soon just as well be called hell on earth. From the Hardcover edition.

Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake #3)

by C. J. Sansom

Book 3 in the highly acclaimed Matthew Shardlake mystery series, now available from Vintage Canada. Autumn, 1541. King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Progress to the North to attend an extravagant submission by his rebellious subjects in York. Already in the city are lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his assistant, Jack Barak. As well as legal work processing local petitions to the King, Shardlake has reluctantly undertaken a special mission for Archbishop Cranmer--to ensure the welfare of an important but dangerous conspirator who is to be returned to London for interrogation. But the murder of a York glazier involves Shardlake in deeper mysteries, connected not only to the prisoner in York Castle but to the royal family itself. And when Shardlake and Barak stumble upon a cache of secret documents which could threaten the Tudor throne, a chain of events unfolds that will lead to Shardlake facing the most terrifying fate of the age...

The Space Between Trees

by Katie Williams

Not your everyday coming-of-age novelThis story was supposed to be about Evie how she hasn't made a friend in years, how she tends to stretch the truth (especially about her so-called relationship with college drop-out Jonah Luks), and how she finally comes into her own once she learns to just be herself but it isn't. Because when her classmate Elizabeth "Zabet" McCabe's murdered body is found in the woods, everything changes and Evie's life is never the same again.

Space Case (Nancy Drew Notebooks #61)

by Carolyn Keene

McCormick's grocery store is holding a contest--guess the number of jelly beans in a jar and win a trip to space camp. But the jelly bean jar soon goes missing, and it looks like no one will get the chance to blast off to camp. Can Nancy find out what happened? Picture descriptions included.

The Space Eagle - Operation Doomsday

by Jack Pearl

Military and space fiction.

Spade & Archer: The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon

by Joe Gores

When Sam Spade gets drawn into the Maltese Falcon case, we know what to expect: straight talk, hard questions, no favours, and no way for anyone to get underneath the protective shell he wears like a second skin. We know that his late partner, Miles Archer, was a son of a bitch; that Spade is sleeping with Archer's wife. What we don't know is how Spade became who he is. Now SPADE & ARCHER completes the picture. 1921: Spade sets up his own agency in San Francisco and clients quickly start coming through the door. The next seven years will see him dealing with booze runners, water-front thugs, stowaways, banking swindlers, gold smugglers, bumbling cops, and the illegitimate daughter of Sun Yat-sen; with murder, other men's mistresses, and long-missing money. He'll bring in Archer as a partner, though it was Archer who stole his girl while he was fighting in World War I. He'll tangle with a villain who never loses his desire to make Spade pay big for ruining what should've been the perfect crime. And he'll fall in love - though it won't turn out for the best. It never does with dames ... SPADE & ARCHER is a gritty, pitch-perfect, hard-boiled novel - the work of a master mystery writer - destined to become a classic in its own right.

The Spaghetti Detectives

by Andreas Steinhöfel Chantal Wright

1 String of Spaghetti + 2 Friends = A Noodle-Cooking, Crime-solving Caper! Sometimes Rico acts a bit odd--his mom calls him a "proddity"--but he's genius at noticing little things nobody else does. Like a string of spaghetti stuck to the sidewalk. Or the big buckteeth of that boy in the blue motorcycle helmet. Or the strange behavior of the neighbors in his apartment building. Oscar is a true prodigy, with a high IQ and high anxieties to match. He's the one who wears the blue helmet--to protect his precious brain! Oscar may have a lot of book smarts, but he needs Rico's help to face his biggest fears. And when other kids mysteriously start going missing, it's up to the two friends to use their noodles, keep track of the clues, and crack the case!

The Spandau Phoenix (World War II #1)

by Greg Iles

Rudolph Hess is prisoner number 7 and after he dies in 1987 Spandau prison, Western Germany is destroyed - but first a secret diary written by number seven is found by a German policeman. Many are interested in the diary and especially the investigation into Hess's flight to England in 1941. Did he have contacts there? Did he go alone? Did he have a double who was captured there? Many questions that many different bodies wish to find the answers to.

Spanish Dagger (China Bayles #15)

by Susan Wittig Albert

a China Bayles Mystery.

Spare Change (A Sunny Randall Novel, #6)

by Robert B. Parker

When a serial murderer dubbed "The Spare Change Killer" by the Boston press surfaces after three decades in hiding, the police immediately seek out the cop, now retired, who headed the original task force: Phil Randall. As a sharp-eyed investigator and a doting parent ("You're smart. You're tough. You, too, are a paradigm of law enforcement perfection, and you're my kid"), Phil calls on his daughter, Sunny, to help catch the criminal who eluded him so many years before. Sunny is certain that she's found her man after interviewing just a handful of suspects. Though she has no evidence against Bob Johnson, she trusts her intuition. And she knows the power she has over him-she can feel the skittishness and sexual tension that he radiates when he's around her--but persuading her father and the rest of the task force is a different story. When the killer strikes a second and third time, the murders take a macabre turn, as the victims each eerily resemble Sunny. While her father pressures her to drop the case, Sunny's need to create a trap to nab her killer grows. In a compelling game of cat-and-mouse, Sunny uses all her skills to draw out her prey, realizing too late that she's setting herself up to become the next victim.

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