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Nutrition in the Middle and Later Years

by E. Feldman

A collection of papers written by authors from Medical College of Georgia. The aim of the book is to emphasize the special requirements of the middle-aged.

Nutrition of the Rabbit (2nd edition)

by Carlos De Blas Julian Wiseman

Topics covered in this authoritative volume include digestive physiology, feed formulation and product quality as well as new contributions on innovative feeding strategies, new methods for feed processing, feed management around weaning and the relationship between nutrition and intestinal health.

Nutrition Scoreboard

by Michael Jacobson

This book provides information on eating right and staying healthy by rating various foods.

Nutrition & Wellness for Life

by Dorothy F. West

Explores strategies for staying physically active through the life span,considerations when selecting various nutrition and wellness products and services and the special needs of the competitive athlete.

Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach (Fifth Edition)

by Sara Long Roth Michele Grodner Bonnie C. Walkingshaw

The 5th edition of the Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications, A Nursing Approach offers you a comprehensive, first-hand account of the ways in which nutrition affects the lives of nursing professionals and everyday people.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

by Michael Harvey

Engagingly written and filled with judicious examples, this short, practical, inexpensive handbook combines advice on writing clearly and plainly, structuring a piece of argumentative writing, and avoiding grammatical and other common mechanical errors -- including those in quoting and citing.

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette

by Nathan W. Pyle

Living in New York City for five years as a transplant from Ohio, illustrator and T-shirt designer Nathan Pyle was fascinated by the unique habits and unspoken customs New Yorkers follow to make life bearable in a city with 8 million people (and seemingly twice the number of tourists). Nathan decided to draw his favorite tips and etiquette lessons and post them on the internet, where his 12 original panels went viral immediately and became the basis for this hilarious illustrated book (check out the fully animated ebook, too!).In NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, Pyle reveals the secrets and unwritten rules for living in and visiting New York including the answers to such burning questions as, which cabs should I try to hail? What is a bodega? Which way is Uptown? Why are there so many doors in the sidewalk? How do I walk on an escalator? Do we need to be touching right now? Where should I inhale or exhale while passing sidewalk garbage? How long should I honk my horn? If New York were a game show, how would I win? What happens when I stand in the bike lane? Who should get the empty subway seats? How do I stay safe during a trash tornado? Each tip is a little story illustrated in simple black and white drawings.Visitors and newcomers to New York will love it because the advice is smart, funny, and not condescending. New Yorkers will love it for its strategic and humorous approach to mastering the daily chaos of the city.

Nystrom Atlas of Our Country's History

by Nystrom

This atlas tells the story of United States' history through maps, graphs, pictures, and words.

The Nystrom Atlas World History

by Nystrom

A collection of maps with outlines of major events in history. It helps students know where History and Geography intersect.

O Come, Let Us Worship: Corporate Worship in the Evangelical Church

by Robert G. Rayburn

The worship of God is at once the true believer's most important activity and at the same time it is one of the most tragically neglected activities in the average evangelical church today. In the preaching and teaching of the churches, in conferences and in seminars, individual Christians have been encouraged to have their own daily "quiet time," for a period of personal devotion is an important part of every Christian life.

O Come Ye Back to Ireland: Our First Year In County Claire

by Niall Williams Christine Breen

Two years ago Niall Williams and his wife, Christine Breen, abandoned their urban careers and paychecks and their many comforts to return to the rugged, rural life of their ancestral Ireland. They emigrated back to the land of their forefathers. Answering a sentimental longing to reconnect to the place of their origin, they booked one-way tickets, pooled and budgeted savings, and bundled up their worldly possessions. Niall would write, Christine would paint, and they would soon grow produce and maintain live-stock. The town they settled near was the village of Kilmihil, 12 miles from the sea, on Ireland's western coast. The place is damp, gray and utterly beautiful. The house, her great grandfather's cottage is heated only by turf which Niall must learn to cut from the nearby bogs and burn in the open fireplace. There is no telephone, no chain saw. There are no restaurants, cinemas, subways, cities or sounds other than the wind, the rain and the jackdaws. Christine sets upon the overgrown garden, salvaging the flowers from among the weeds. The garden, she realizes, was first put in by her great grandfather 200 years earlier. Though the skies rain for an entire summer, she manages to paint and even teach aerobics to the local ladies, as she also strives to earn the welcome she finally receives as Jack O'the Grove's granddaughter.Niall learns to kill a chicken, rids the house of a hoard of bees, finds the burial grounds of a mythical giant and ultimately takes a course to learn to be a farmer. Together Niall and Christine brought the farmland of Kiltumper back to life and together they have written this journal, delightfully illustrated with Christine's art. Niall and Christine first met at University College in Dublin, the city where Niall was born and raised. Christine was born in New Jersey and raised in New York. She graduated from Boston College. They have stories and poems published in Ireland in the past 2 years. Before that Christine worked in New York City at a medical journal and Niall was a copywriter at a mass market publishing house, where he also penned a romance newsletter under the name of "Sarah Reynolds."

"O" God: A Dialogue On Truth And Oprah's Spirituality

by Josh Mcdowell Dave Sterrett

"O" God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah's Spirituality provides an in-depth look at one of the greatest media influences of all time: the empire of Oprah. Between The Oprah Winfrey Show and O Magazine, millions of people are exposed to Oprah's spiritual beliefs. Christians and those of other faiths are asking tough questions and looking for answers. McDowell and Sterrett approach the spirituality of Oprah by means of a fictional narrative featuring conversation between two friends. The spiritual conversation begins when the two girls get together to discuss spiritual issues. By using stories to address the deeper issues raised in the spiritual discussions held by Oprah and her friends, McDowell and Sterrett disarm and entertain their readers while also revealing biblical truths and exposing the errant teachings and misconceptions of Oprah. Meredith Andrews explains that: "In a day and time when some people feel that truth becomes obscure and moral lines are blurry, 'O' God addresses the popular concept of tolerance, along with other controversial ideas embraced and taught by Oprah herself, in a way that is easily accessible, scripturally based, and lovingly communicated. McDowell and Sterrett do a phenomenal job of comparing and contrasting Oprah's spiritual undertakings with God's Word and helping readers to thoroughly examine the spiritual trends of the day. Completely eye-opening and a must-read." McDowell, a mega-bestselling Christian author and evangelist, teams up with Sterrett, a gifted writer and popular speaker, to broach a serious subject with a wise, balanced, easy-to-read approach. McDowell and Sterrett help readers to discern the truth about the spirituality of Oprah and her friends.

O. J.: the Last Word

by Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence Wyoming country lawyer, analyzes the issues around the O. J. Simpson case. He brings out his own reasons for the case and its consequences and he does not lay blame as most of the other books on this issue have, but rather offers reasons for our judicial system still being a great and dependable one even though a jury chose to free a man who is guilty, but not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which is a safety to all of us as American citizens.

O Strange New World: American Culture, The Formative Years

by Howard Mumford Jones

Pulitzer Award winner. Describes the discovery, the invention, the definition, and the self-realization of America, and the elusive sense of the wonder and excitement of the unveiling of a new world.

O Ye Jigs and Julips!

by Virginia Cary Hudson

Written early in the 1900s, this collection of school compositions by an 11-year-old southern girl was discovered by relatives and published in the 1960s. Virginia writes with irreverent humor about life in a small southern town, running in hilarious tangents from her official topic. She offers her unique commentary on such subjects as "Sacraments," "Etiquette in Church," and "Education." Among the characters who parade through these pieces are rich Mrs. Porter, sweet and spicy Mrs. Harris, and the formidable Bishop of the Episcopal church. Virginia is a quick-witted tomboy who closely observes the foibles of the adults around her. She begins the opening piece: "Sacraments are what you do in church. What you do at home is something else."

The Oak and the Calf: Sketches of Literary Life in the Soviet Union

by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Harry Willetts

This fragment about the author's life describes the repression of ideas in the Soviet Union during the 1960s.

Oak Tree

by Gordon Morrison

As the oak tree blossoms, robins and squirrels begin to build their nests, bees fly in and out of their hive, and the tree comes to life. Not only is the oak a living thing itself, it is also a habitat for other living creatures that depend on it for nesting, food, and shelter. Readers follow the tree and its inhabitants through seasons of flowering, leafing and fruiting, the return to a deep winter sleep, and the springtime reawakening -- completing a cycle which has gone unbroken for more than one hundred years.

Oath Betrayed: America's Torture Doctors

by Steven H. Miles

The news that the United States tortured prisoners in the war on terror has brought shame to the nation, yet little has been written about the doctors and psychologists at these prisons. In Oath Betrayed, medical ethics expert and physician Steven H. Miles tells how doctors, psychologists, and medics cleared prisoners for interrogation, advised and monitored abuse, falsified documents--including death certificates--and were largely silent as the scandal unfolded.

The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court

by Jeffrey Toobin

From the prizewinning author of The Nine, a gripping insider's account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration. From the moment John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, blundered through the Oath of Office at Barack Obama's inauguration, the relationship between the Supreme Court and the White House has been confrontational. Both men are young, brilliant, charismatic, charming, determined to change the course of the nation--and completely at odds on almost every major constitutional issue. One is radical; one essentially conservative. The surprise is that Obama is the conservative--a believer in incremental change, compromise, and pragmatism over ideology. Roberts--and his allies on the Court--seek to overturn decades of precedent: in short, to undo the ultimate victory FDR achieved in the New Deal. This ideological war will crescendo during the 2011-2012 term, in which several landmark cases are on the Court's docket--most crucially, a challenge to Obama's controversial health-care legislation. With four new justices joining the Court in just five years, including Obama's appointees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, this is a dramatically--and historically--different Supreme Court, playing for the highest of stakes. No one is better positioned to chronicle this dramatic tale than Jeffrey Toobin, whose prize-winning bestseller The Nine laid bare the inner workings and conflicts of the Court in meticulous and entertaining detail. As the nation prepares to vote for President in 2012, the future of the Supreme Court will also be on the ballot.

Oaths and the English Reformation

by Jonathan Michael Gray

The practice of swearing oaths was at the centre of the English Reformation. On the one hand, oaths were the medium through which the Henrician regime implemented its ideology and secured loyalty among the people. On the other, they were the tool by which the English people embraced, resisted and manipulated royal policy. Jonathan Michael Gray argues that since the Reformation was negotiated through oaths, their precise significance and function are central to understanding it fully. Oaths and the English Reformation sheds new light on the motivation of Henry VIII, the enforcement of and resistance to reform and the extent of popular participation and negotiation in the political process. Placing oaths at the heart of the narrative, this book argues that the English Reformation was determined as much by its method of implementation and response as it was by the theology or political theory it transmitted.

Oaxaca Journal

by Oliver Sacks

Since childhood, Oliver Sacks has been fascinated by ferns: an ancient class of plants able to survive and adapt in many climates. Along with a delightful group of fellow fern aficionados--mathematicians, poets, artists, and assorted botanists and birders--he embarks on an exploration of Southern Mexico, a region that is also rich in human history and culture. He muses on the origins of chocolate and mescal, pre-Columbian culture and hallucinogens, the vibrant sights and sounds of the marketplace, and the peculiar passions of botanists. What other species would comb ancient Zapotec ruins on their hands and knees, searching for a new type of fern? Combining Sacks's enthusiasm for natural history and the richness of humanity with his sharp and observant eye for detail, Oaxaca Journal is a rare treat.

O'Baby: The Irish Baby Name Book

by Geoffrey Johnson

With its magical legends and musical language, Ireland has captured the hearts and imaginations of the entire world. Whether you can claim the Emerald Isle as your ancestral home, or are simply drawn to the lilt of the language, this one-of-a-kind baby name book will help you select from a unique and comprehensive list of rich and beautiful Irish names. With hundreds of choices - from the ancient to the modern, from the most popular to the most rare - you can find the perfect name for your baby, one that will have lasting meaning for your child's lifetime. O'Baby: the Irish Baby Name Book contains hundreds of names organised into provocative, thematic chapters on: names for redheads, brunettes and blondes; famous Irish personages; Irish saints; magic, myth and legend; Celtic animals and plants; and historical events and literature. From Aidan and Aileen to Shay and Una, the perfect Irish name for your baby is here!

Obama (The Historic Journey)

by Bill Keller Jill Abramson

This is the remarkable story of Barack Obama's journey to the White House, as told by the greatest cultural recorders in the world, the staff of The New York Times. From the first mention of Barack Obama in its pages (when he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review), to his electrifying speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, to the days and months of the hard-fought, innovative campaign for Presidency, The New York Times has documented, recorded, and analyzed Obama in all the ways that he has irrevocably changed this country. In twelve rich chapters, filled with award-winning photos and graphics, as well as text from Nobel Prize and Pulitzer-winning columnists like Paul Krugman and Thomas Friedman, and seasoned political reporters like Adam Nagourney, The New York Times tells Obama's unlikely and incredible journey from the beginning all the way to his inauguration as President of the United States. Jill Abramson, the managing editor of the Times will provide biographical text and Bill Keller, the executive editor, will pen the introduction. Throughout, there will be profiles of important figures in Obama's life and the campaign-Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, his parents and grandparents, and Michelle Obama. Obama's own writing, from his memoirs and speeches across the country, will be included, along with what will surely be an iconic, groundbreaking speech-his Inauguration Day speech. This book will be a treasured cultural document and the pinnacle of election coverage. This is the best of the best showcasing the most extraordinary political event of recent times.

The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

by Jerome R. Corsi

In this thoroughly researched and documented book, the #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry explains why the extreme leftism of an Obama presidency would leave the United States weakened, diminished and divided, why Obama must be defeated -- and how he can be. Barack Obama stepped onto the national political stage when the then-Illinois State senator addressed the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Soon after Obama was elected to the U. S. Senate, author Jerome Corsi began researching Obama's personal and political background. Scrupulously sourced with more than 600 footnotes, The Obama Nation is the result of that research. By tracing Obama's career and influences from his early years in Hawaii and Indonesia, the beginnings of his political career in Chicago, his voting record in the Illinois legislature, his religious training and his adoption of Christianity through to his recent involvement in Kenyan politics, his political advisors and fundraising associates and his meteoric campaign for president, Jerome Corsi shows that an Obama presidency would, in his words, be "a repeat of the failed extremist politics that have characterized and plagued Democratic Party politics since the late 1960s. "In this stunning and comprehensive new book, the reader will learn about: Obama's extensive connections with Islam and radical politics, from his father and step-father's Islamic backgrounds, to his Communist and socialist mentors in Hawaii and Chicago, to his long-term and close associations with former Weather Underground heroes William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn -- associations much closer than heretofore revealed by the press. Barack and Michelle's 20-year-long religious affiliation with the black-liberation theology of former Trinity United Church of Christ Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose sermons have always been steeped in a rage first expressed by Franz Fanon , Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X, a rage that Corsi shows has deep meaning for Obama. Obama's continuing connections with Kenya, the homeland of his father, through his support for the candidacy of Raila Odinga, the radical socialist presidential contender who came to power amid Islamist violence and church burnings. Obama's involvement in the slum-landlord empire of the Chicago political fixer Tony Rezko, who helped to bankroll Obama's initial campaigns and to purchase of Barack and Michelle's dream-home property. The background and techniques of the Obama campaign's cult of personality, including the derivation of the words "hope" and change." Obama's far-left domestic policy, his controversial votes on abortion, his history of opposition to the Second Amendment, his determination to raise capital-gains taxes, his impractical plan to achieve universal health care, and his radical plan to tax Americans to fund a global-poverty-reduction program. Obama's naïve, anti-war, anti-nuclear foreign-policy, predicated on the reduction of the military, the eradication of nuclear weapons and an overconfidence in the power of his personality, as if belief in change alone could somehow transform international politics, achieve nuclear-weapons disarmament and withdrawal from Iraq without adverse consequences, for us, for the Iraqis or for Israel. Meticulously researched and documented, The Obama Nation is the definitive source for information on why and how Barack Obama must be defeated -- not by invective and general attacks, but by detailed arguments that are well-researched and fact-based.

Obama on the Couch: Inside the Mind of a President

by Justin Frank

Even though he's three years into his term as President, many Americans feel like they don't know the "real" Barack Obama. From the idealistic campaigner who seemed to share our dreams, and who promised to fulfill our lofty expectations, to pragmatic politician who has repeatedly compromised on the promises of his campaign, it indeed seems as though there are two Obamas. What to make of this? How can the electorate get a better sense of its commander-in-chief, and how can the President more effectively lead a nation in a moment of turmoil and crisis? These questions are of great interest to most Americans, but the questions - and their potential answers - are especially intriguing for a psychiatrist eager to diagnose and help cure the ills that plague our country. Here, Justin Frank, M.D. ,a practicing psychoanalyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller Bush on the Couch - brings a new patient into his office, and the results of his sessions are not only fascinating, but they provide valuable insights that will help readers in their frustrating pursuit of the President's character. Obama's transformation over the course of his brief but incredibly well-examined political career has left some supporters disillusioned and has further frustrated opponents. To explore this change in behavior, and Obama's seeming inability to manage the response to his actions, Dr. Frank delves into his past, in particular, the President's turbulent childhood, to paint a portrait of a mixed-race child who experienced identity issues early in life, further complicated by his father's abandonment. As he addresses everything from Obama's approach to health care reform, his handling of the Gulf Oil spill, to his Middle East strategies, Dr. Frank argues that the President's decisions are motivated by inner forces - in particular, he focuses on Obama's overwhelming need to establish consensus, which can occasionally undermine his personal--and his party's--objectives. By examining the President's memoirs, his speeches, and his demeanor in public, Dr. Frank identifies the basis for some of his confusing or self-defeating behavior. Most significantly, he looks at the President's upbringing and explores the ways in which it has shaped him--and what this means for our nation and its future. Obama is a complex and mysterious figure who inspires many questions and great interest from Republicans, Democrats, and from the rabid 24-hour news cycle; this book provides what everyone's been looking for: an intriguing and provocative assessment of the President's strengths, weaknesses, and even what could be called his destructive tendencies, ultimately drawing connections that will enable readers to interpret recent history in revealing new ways. As Obama's first term comes to a close, speculation about the future will only grow more intense; Obama on the Couch will give average citizens and pundits alike a way to help all of us anticipate what the President will do next--and what the future of our country might hold. Dr. Justin Frank, a highly regarded national expert on psychoanalysis, is a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at George Washington University Medical Center. He is a sought-after teacher and lecturer on psycho-political life in America. His numerous publications and media appearances range from articles in popular magazines to the New York Times-bestselling book, Bush on the Couch (HarperCollins 2004). Dr. Frank lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their two Portuguese Water Dogs, neither of which is related to Bo Obama.

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